Monday, July 28, 2008

Adding Insult to Injury.

I get sick with depression when I read this stuff about other countries.

Here we are, the United States of America.... the country that "taught" everyone the meaning of industrial revolution. The country that everyone else "cries out for" when they need protection - - but loves to kick in the face whenever they feel the need. We're the country that basically "funds" & "feeds" the world, but this all gets forgotten when the Liberal press decides we're "picking" on some third rate dictator.

I live in New Jersey. On September 11th, 2001, New Jerseyans stood on the Jersey side of the Hudson River and watched as Islamo Fascist scum flew commercial passenger jets filled with jet fuel & American civilians, into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. Since September 11th, 2001, me and millions of other "tri-state-ers" have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for a new World Trade Center to emerge from the ashes of that hallowed ground.

Now it's almost the 7th anniversary of those infamous sneak attacks on the Twin Towers of New York City - - and STILL there's nothing for us to see! BUT.......................

A Dubai skyscraper being built by the Dynamic Architecture Group not only is going to incorporate "wind powered turbines" to rotate each of the 80 floors independently, but also generate enough electricity to allow for a portion of the buildings electrical needs. And it will be ready for occupancy by 2010. If you want to "see" and "feel" more about this innovative architectural design, just click on the following website. PS: They're also building one in Moscow. (We're third or 5th on the list).

Still another depressing development............

We no longer have a "World Trade Center" thanks to the homicide bombers of al Quida. But Bahrain does. And guess what? While here in the United States of America we argue and say "no" to all types of power and Bahrain they now have the BWTC, or Bahrain's World Trade Center. And to make matters worse, while we say "it can't be done"... Bahrain has also combined wind power into the architecture, so that their WORLD TRADE CENTER can generate electricity to help supply electrical power for the building. Check out this website.

But not here....

Since the Kennedy clan doesn't want wind turbines off Hyannis, and Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to look at them from her growing wine vineyards near San Francisco, of course the liberal socialists in Congress declare wind power impractical.

We can't drill for our own incredibly abundant oil or natural gas either... because of the POTENTIAL environmental impact that MIGHT happen......maybe. (Shhhh!! Don't even mention the fact that the Alaskan pipeline has actually improved and increased the herd size and diversity of Alaskan wildlife and fauna).

Depressingly environmental whacko's and congressional socialist liberals, have hijacked the entire energy agenda of what was once the greatest industrial powerhouse in the history of the world, and in so doing have relegated us to "third rate" status.

And American's patriots still sit still, and let them do it.

DUM SPIRO SPERO!! (but it's getting harder to believe.)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ("KISS" model of education)







Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Stuck on Stupid"

"Stuck on Stupid" is a great old expression, isn't it? I chuckle every time I hear it, or use it.
It's especially important to political conversations because it fits so well... arguments from both sides, pundits on both sides, and of course - - the other guy's chosen candidate!

A couple of current examples.........

Ever need proof that the mainstream media is rooting hard for Barack Obama to win the Presidential race???
Hmmm........ George W. Bush wraps up the GOP nomination in 2004, and goes off to the middle east for two weeks to meet with our allies and his military Generals. CBS news covers the entire trip using 10 seconds of air time and 38 words.

During the last 6 years John McCain has traveled to the Afghani and Iraqi war zones 8 times. On the Network news shows there's a daily "smattering of coverage," usually followed by the latest casualty report, or Nancy Pelosi stating to the world press that, "this war is lost!" (Regardless of whether we're kicking somebody's ass!)

Barack Hussein Obama goes to the middle east for the first time after 900 some odd days of war, and immediately the 3 major networks send their Prime Time News Anchors along for the trip in addition to production teams and technical staffs. The major networks cover Barack Obama's movements around the middle east as though -- well, as though "the Messiah" has finally returned to the Holy Land! (It's like a Cecil B. DeMille production for Christ sakes!) While on the same day as "Savior Obama" is meeting with Prince Abdullah, John McCain is photoed in black & white looking very old and frowning in a golf cart with George Bush Sr.

So.....if you still maintain that the mainstream media networks (CBS, NBC, ABC), or the liberal print media is impartial concerning the upcoming election..........well, (hehehe) you're stuck on stupid.

Want another example? OK. Al Gore is still going around the world in his big private jet, pleading with anyone who will listen that Global Warming is going to kill all of us, unless we stop emitting green house gases and stop using carbon. Harry Reid is on television holding up his hands exclaiming that "oil is bad for you; coal is bad for you. It makes you sick." Meanwhile all around the world, hundreds and hundreds of scientists are categorically refuting Gore's Global Warming thesis and calling it what it truly is...a load of CRAP! To the point where every claim made by Al Gore in his "Inconvenient Truth" movie has been proven FALSE! Most recently, David Evans, the scientist who wrote Australia's carbon accounting model and spent six years making sure that Australia was in full compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, said that in 1999 evidence was "sketchy" that CO2 emissions caused global warming. But because the scientific community "had the ear" of governments, they went ahead with their sketchy disclosures. Today David Evans says, "There is no evidence to support the idea that carbon emissions cause significant global warming. None." Still believe Al Gore is a saint, and Global Warming is a boogie man we need to spend billions of dollars a year on ????

Dear Nobel Committee, Al Gore a Nobel Laureate??? Here's a phrase you should get to know...."Stuck on Stupid!" Signed, "Not a Fan."

Last example......It's often said that in an election people cast their vote "in their best interest." Meaning, that they vote for the person the they believe will do the best for the things that effect them the most. Not in this election!!! Many times if I ask someone why they favor Barack Obama, they'll say "Well, he's for change and I like that!" When you ask them to name an accomplishment of Obama's they say, as a community activist he's fought for change and given soo many people hope for the future. But they can't name anything specific...."he's for hope and change" is about the best they can do.

Well, Barack Obama has flat out stated that he's going to raise taxes on the rich. During the last month I've proven to you that if you and your spouse "are a teacher and a cop" (or any combination of titles making over $100,000 annually) Barack considers you part of the "rich" that are going to be taxed. In addition, Savior Obama has also said he's going to raise taxes on Company's. Well, we should all know by now that Company's will just raise the prices to consumers when that happens, so...we get taxed again!

From his own mouth, Barack has told you what to expect during his Presidency. Remember this quote from one of his primary speeches? "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join we me as we try to change it! " So, if we're casting our votes for a candidate who admits we are in the best country in the history of the world, but wants to change it; who admits that his ideas for this country include raising our taxes more than they are now;


Dum Spiro Spero!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why a "close race" now means Obama wins!

Using "literary license" I'm going to lift the slogan from the old time TRIX cereal commercials and "massage" it a little...

"Stupid Republicans, elections are for kids?"

All this week I've been confounded by on-air conservatives telling their radio audiences how pleased they were that John McCain was actually keeping pace with Barack Hussein Obama in a close Presidential race. Huh? Are they serious? By the end of the week I was actually screaming back at the radio, "It doesn't matter, you boobs!"

Frankly, I don't give the GOP much more than a 1 in 3 chance to beat Obama in the General Election this November. And that one chance in three is based upon Obama "steppin' on" something royally. It's certainly NOT based upon John McCain doing something wondrously Presidential!

John McCain is at best a very well qualified, but highly lackluster candidate. He is running against the political equivalent of Denzel Washington, or Usher! (No, wait a minute.... I'm pretty sure Denzel has more political experience that Baracka does...Usher, I'm not sure.) But you get the picture.

That's not the real reason I'm disheartened. As usual, Republicans are looking about 1/4 inch beyond their noses! Need a mental image? OK. Republicans getting all excited in July that McCain is neck & neck with Obama, is like the horse racing junkie who "bets the farm" on Big Brown, simply because "Big" was successfully standing in the starting gate at The Belmont! (And we all know how that turned out!)

If McCain was 25 points ahead of Obama now, I'd be impressed and breathing easier. If he had a spectacularly exciting message that was gaining exposure & acceptance, I'd be exuberant and hopeful. If he was even going after BHO "head on" with both political barrels blasting, I'd say "hot dog John's got Obama on the run!" But he's not. John McCain's campaign is like listening to Ben Stein do a Visine commercial! John McCain is "little Johnny one note!" John McCain is this morning's oatmeal, compared to Obama's filet mignon "sizzle!"

And one other thing......answer me this Republicans....what happens in late August, early September????

Need a hint? "Socialism classes" start again on every college campus across the country!!!! And I'm here to tell you, from the moment our son's and daughter's set foot on a college or university campus this fall - there's not going to be one class taught between September and Election Day in November! EVERY MOMENT on campus is going to be taken up by one great big "Elect Obama Rally" after another!

Ask yourself're on the single most liberal/Marxist/socialistic piece of real estate in the county, (any county). Day after day you're bombarded by posters, announcements, or pronouncements by student groups or faculty, that Barack Hussein Obama IS the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Almighty! Are you going to swim against the tide or are you going to get in on the "FREE STUFF!!!"

  • FREE Obama Frisbee's are passed out each day at every campus entry point! Leagues and long throw contests award CASH and/or CASES of "Obama beer."

  • Professors give out "A's" to any student who pledges to vote for Obama!

  • Big,busty, Obama Babe's become "resident" on college campuses - invited to stay until election day by College Presidents' and University Administration's.

  • At beer joints all across the nation "Obama Brew Nights" will be held - - every night! Students drink free.

  • Colleges' will hold "Barack and Michelle Look-Alike contests!" All contestant's get a new Barack cell phone.

  • There will be continuously "looped" showings of the new Spielberg, Moore, Oliver Stone production of...... "Barack Obama ... A Statesman like JFK; A Visionary like Gandhi; the Savior we've all waited for!"

  • FREE "ObamaPalussa" concerts are held weekly on campus's all across the county. Rock, Rap, Soul, and R&B artists, criss-cross the country performing, September through November 3rd. Always accompanied by Hollywood "notables" passing out FREE t-shirts or hoodies.

  • Verizon & AT&T offer FREE "I got a crush on Obama" ringtone. And grant $1.00 discount for each day it's used before the election!

Just wait until the polls start coming out in September and October. John who????? (snore). Once again I say.......


Dum Spiro Spero!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I read this morning an article describing the state of the American Educational System by former Labor Secretary William Brock - who is leading the "New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce."

(Most of you will sigh about another "Ken rant" centered on teachers and our failed educational system....sorry!
Someone has to keep bringing this stuff up until it's fixed! Woefully, it seems nothing has changed for the better during the last three decades as far as our educational system is concerned!)

Brock states in the article, that during the last 25 years educational spending has risen 240% while performance has barely changed. Today only 68% of students graduate from high school and many states only require an eighth-grade skill level in reading and math to get a HS diploma!! I'm not surprised, from what I've seen and experienced that "eighth-grade level" may be being a little too generous.

From time to time during my "driving" week, I speak to students of HS age while getting lunch, or at a customer site. From what I've seen, many of these kids are barely literate! None of them want to look you in the eye when they're speaking to you, and a vast majority of them speak a language I'm totally unfamiliar with! And it doesn't matter whether they are male or female or whether I'm up in the Bronx, or in Morris County New Jersey - or in Poughkeepsie New York, or Saratoga Springs, Upstate....none of these kids can talk! (And with the boys for sure - none of them can carry on a conversation without "grabbing themselves" and using hand gestures, while they each ask me if I understand what they are saying! You know?)

Are the kids 'wrong' for being this way? I think it's too easy to blame the kids entirely for learning the wrong things. Geez, they've all "learned" cellphone and "texting" pretty damn well, so they have to have "something on the ball" as my Dad used to say. But English grammar, or American History, or Civics, or more importantly elementary math skills involving change making.... NAAAAAAAAAA! Not a chance. But I can't blame the kids alone.....

I place some of the blame on a society that almost requires both parents to have full time jobs now-a-days in order to "have some paycheck left over at the end of the month!" I blame teachers that fail to make education "come alive" for students, like mine did for me - (and I was only a mediocre student, but loved going to school!) I blame the schools for "dumbing down" American elementary and high school educational curriculums, in order to make everyone feel included, and to elevate the "self-esteem" of all students. All these schools have accomplished is to remove the competitive nature from our children, and create generations of kids who EXPECT rewards for mediocre performance. Kids we push along who enter first the university, and then the business arena, completely unprepared for the reality of world-class competition and avarice!

But mostly, MOSTLY, I dam the educational unions in this country... The UFT, the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers, and their leadership.

Parents, you want to know the truth? You've got no chance changing the way your children are being taught in America. Let me state it more plainly....parents have ZERO effect on changing the way school systems educate their children. The UNIONS decide that. PERIOD! END OF DISCUSSION!

Need convincing? OK, just think back to the last time parents got meaningful change in a curriculum through a school board. It just doesn't happen. The Unions block anything that will shake up their status quo. The UNIONS tell the school boards what will be taught, what books will be used, and who will teach it. Don't believe me? Think back to the last time you heard of a UNION allowing a school board to fire a teacher! I'll bet if you've heard of a teacher firing in your school system ONCE during the last ten years, that's a lot! And it's not because all the teachers are so great. The UNIONS protect shitty teachers. And the UNIONS, not the school board, not the parents, and certainly not the government, decide what's taught in each curriculum.

Unfortunately, this explains why most public school boards of education, most public schools, and certainly a majority of the public/state universities in the country are staffed by a preponderance of liberal educators, teaching from books written by liberal authors. Need an example? OK, here's one. When I was in school learning about American History, I was taught that "The Boston Tea Party" was carried out in Boston harbor by a number of American patriots dressed up as native Americans, who sneaked onto some English ships and broke into the cargo of tea, and threw the tea into the harbor to protest the tax King George was placing on tea and other goods. In today's textbooks, (I'm told that) the same incident is described as "schoolboy vandalism" involving some spices being "accidentally knocked" into Boston harbor.

Need more evidence? In Minnesota, a popular textbook used as early as in the second grade, includes the "pledge of allegiance to the flag," but in the discussion list to be used by teachers the words "under God" appear nowhere. Also the phrase, "and to the Republic for which it stands" is left entirely out of any discussion of the pledge. This is explained in an accompanying lesson worksheet which states, "that we teach children the pledge to honor the flag, not the republic for which it stands." WHAT? How can you do that?

Recently, it was documented that only 4% of the 800 member faculty at the University of Colorado were conservative. That's 30-32 of 800 faculty members. Still wondering why nearly all of the faculty and over a third of the 30,000 student population took part in a "pro-marijuana" rally on campus early in May 2008, or why Ward Churchill remained at the University so long after making his "little Eichmanns" statements following September 11th? At Princeton University early in 2008, every - that's EVERY - faculty contribution to the Presidential campaigns had gone to Democrat candidates. Shocked? In fact, only Ron Paul had received a contribution on the Republican side...and that came from a graduate student! And you wonder why all the college kids today are so enthralled about Baracka Hussein Obama? Find out what some of the schools teach about American History and you'll see why Obama is seem as such a "savior" to so many of the young.

Do some research on your own if you don't believe me. Talk to some high school aged kids - or some college students or recent graduates. Involve them in discussions about history or the upcoming Presidential campaign. I'll think you'll be as shocked as I have been. American kids today can't even give you the dates or place into context important American historical events - European and Asian students can though. While American students are learning about the newest digital cell phones & the importance of separate musical ringtones, foreign students are learning about money management and setting up their own fledgling businesses.

While American teachers unions are fighting to keep the American educational process locked into the 1950's - this morning most shocking statistic was unveiled .......... as of next year, 90% of all engineers in the United States, will come from somewhere else!

"ATTA BABY" American educational union members! Keep shooting for that "less than mediocre" objective, You'll make it one day!

For this crap educational spending has gone up 240%? What a joke!

Dum Spiro Spero!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Fourth of July and off-shore drilling!!

The Liberal Democrats (or should I just go ahead and call them what they really are ... Socialists?) think nothing of giving the future of our country over to the enviro-nazi's and other groups more concerned with "changing" our country than improving it. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they offered solutions to problems, but most of these "nattering nabobs of negativism" (thank you Spiro T!) are only concerned with screaming about what's wrong, they don't offer any advise or solutions...except of course, unless it's "get rid of George Bush."

I got a bit agitated the other day after Congress ("where brain cells go to die") defeated a bill that would allow oil drilling in ANWAR and in our off-shore waters. Within the same news day that vote was announced, two communist countries - Cuba & China - announced their intensions to drill in the very same places that Americans are not allowed to!

Think about that - - - - - We can't. But they can. Huh?????

Does this make sense to any of you ????

This is how far we've come as a country.....we're more concerned about "rights" of the three-testicled spotted blind newt, the mating grounds of the porcupine caribou, and the amount of night-lights shining on the nesting beaches of the green backed buck-toothed sea tortoises, than we are about the energy well being of 300,000,000 human beings. Namely, us!

Joseph Kennedy Jr. (the most repulsive of the Kennedy Brother offspring), is as concerned with keeping wind power off the horizon of Hyannis Port (don't let him fool you!), as he is with preventing "drilling" anywhere...(unless it's his cousins "drilling" on a wild weekend with Uncle Teddy!)

Frankly, I want to keep this planet as clean as the next guy ... but if it comes down to a choice between me having to spend $5.00 for a gallon of regular gas, or whether the Kennedy's have to look at "little Amsterdam" off the Hyannis coast ... I'm screaming "bring in the windmills boys!!"

If the choice is between my family - and my country - being energy self-sufficient, or the continued existence of an amphibian, a deer, or a turtle.....I'm thinking.... "take a lot of pictures and hire some taxidermist's, 'cause these animals are history! "

And here's just a small paranoid idea that immediately leaped into my small mind upon hearing about China and Cuba .... What's to prevent any country that might harbor evil communist thoughts about the United States, from bringing in a small nuclear devise or some biological agent onto their oil "drilling " platform 60 miles off our coast! Christ, we've already shown we can't get a handle on our own port security, how are we going to monitor foreign drilling / launch platforms now encircling our entire country ???? Am I crazy?

Basically hasn't Congress just given the approval for foreign missile launch platforms to be erected off our coastlines??

Hello? Is anyone listening?? Does anyone else see this as a problem????? Is anyone else as paranoid as me????? Obviously Washington isn't!!! Geez!!!!

Dum Spiro Spero!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The "Great Deception" of Barack Obama

Shocking - simply shocking!

And even two days later I'm still flabbergasted thinking about the words Wesley Clark used during his conversation with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation this past Sunday morning. I find his logic almost unimaginable!

Surprisingly, I'm not too upset about how Clark dismissed both Senator John McCain's military experience and his capabilities for The Presidency. Both Senator McCain and most veterans know the "color" of Wesley Clark's politics. More on that later....

What was most shocking was the gall with which das Liberales sent "old Wesley" out in front of the national camera's to inveigh both Senator McCain's personal gallantry, and most importantly, military service in general! While at the very same instant asking Americans to believe that Barack Obama is more qualified to assume The Presidency because he has greater strength of character, greater communications skills, and strength of judgment. (It's almost as if Clark was saying, "Barack doesn't have any of this experience, and this makes him better!")

Oh really???

OK, admittedly BHO is a much better public speaker than John McCain .... but as far as character and judgment are concerned, I ask you....strength of character and sound judgment? Where do you get that with Barack Obama?

The judgment and character to remain for more than 20 years an active member of a church in Chicago that preaches anti-American vitriol on a regular basis? The judgment to allow his little daughters to listen to the same anti-white, anti-American hatred Sunday after Sunday? (Rev. Wright doesn't "go off" on white America every Sunday! OK, so letting your daughters hear it once every month is OK?) The strength of character that intimates "racism" every time anyone poses a difficult question to him or his campaign? The same "vaunted" strong character and judgment that required him to ask for and receive the "blessing" of confessed anti-American BOMBER Bill Ayers, before starting his political career? The same judgment that caused him to accept a questionable real estate deal from a convicted felon? The same open minded judgment it takes to have his personal campaign leaders REMOVE female Muslim rally attendees wearing head-scarves from camera view....while at a different rally screaming loudly, "We need more white people down in front!" You mean that strength of character and sound judgment???

And even if I'd be willing to grant him these qualifications - which I'm not - where did Senator Obama gain these characteristics? During his 146 days in the Senate? Yeah, I guess that's it.

When Barack Obama began his run for The Presidency, I was happy because here there was an American of color with a legitimate shot at securing their party's nomination. I was equally happy because, (as became evident on Super Tuesday), Hillary's campaign had thought of this as her "coronation" all along, rather than a selection process. As she herself had said, the campaign would be over by that day. Little did she know that she was speaking of her own campaign - not Obama's! So I was pleased that Obama was being seen as a competent opponent to "team Clinton."

Unfortunately, what I've found out about Barack Obama - and his wife - and his/their associations during this campaign; what I've found out about his judgment and his character.... is that, underneath it all, Barack is no different from Hillary or any other hungry politician. My greatest disappointment is that Barack is really no different... that he will do and say, whatever is expedient - whatever is necessary - during this campaign.

Some of you might say, "but Ken, all politicians do that!"
OK, fine....but this particular politician vaulted onto the political scene screaming that he was different from all that - intimating that he was ABOVE all that. He shouted that he was the candidate of change. Isn't that what everyone says now? Barack's for CHANGE we can believe in! He's for hope; he's for the future! (Oh pull-leeezzzeeeee!!!) People wake up and get your heads out of your asses....he's a P-O-L-I-T-I-C-I-A-N. The only change he believes in, is the one where he and Michelle add 6 or 8 more zero's to the end of their bank accounts!

So, My recognition of this disappointment then, further allows me to believe that Barack and his campaign staff were fully aware of what Wesley Clark was going to say on Face the Nation. That the Obama campaign had either given tacit approval or encouragement to the former General .... with their ultimate strategy of having Barack come out yesterday with his "patriotism" speech, repudiating Clark's statements. Once again, for - Obama's - ultimate - gain.

Farfetched? I don't think so.

The crazy thing is the "vehicle" das Liberales & the Obama campaign chose to get their message out - that "military experience = no experience." Wesley Clark, retired U.S. 4-Star General, who is universally recognized as the military guy who screwed up the Balkans, who did an embarrassingly poor job in Rwanda, and who most recently...... (wait for it) ...... was the campaign "point man" for John Kerry, telling everybody that John Kerry was the best candidate for election to The Presidency in 2004, because he had the military experience and judgment that is what we look for and need in our Presidents!

Now, the very same experience in "another John" is exactly what Clark says we DON'T want in our Presidents!!!

(Whew! Now that's what I call American 4-star duplicity!) Yet another example of a less-than-stellar Obama association!

And still, young Americans flock to accept Barack's great deception. They only hear "hope & change" .... they hear none of the deception, none of the expediency.

"Baa, baaaaaa!"

Dum Spiro Spero!