Sunday, August 07, 2011


    I got to thinking this week ..... (yeah, I know that's always a problem!)  I started thinking that on one subject I'm agreeing with President Obama and the Democrats!
    Scary huh?  Well, here it is.
    During this week or in the last ten days, the President has been speaking almost daily concerning the debt ceiling & taxes. In each case he's maligned the Republicans, repeating his oft-time used slogan of "shared sacrifices." We've all heard this campaign speech before haven't we? It goes something like this...."And now even at this late date, those dastardly Republicans are blocking all of My efforts to help the American people by not letting Me raise taxes on those rich millionaires and billionaires that contribute to their party! Come on, that's not right!! We all need to show some more shared sacrifice! They can afford it! They've got millions and billions!"  Basically what he's selling is ...."Rich" Americans aren't paying enough in taxes.  
    This week the President even sent out his aging lap-dogs to spout the party line. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi got back into the act, screaming "shared sacrifices!" Even the President's walking life insurance policy, Vice President Biden, reprised his campaign slogan of "getting more skin in the game" and added his own "shared sacrifices" harangue.
    And amazingly, undeniably, and unapologetically - I agree!!!!  
    Mr. President. Mr. Vice President. Senate Majority Leader Reid. Former Speaker of the House Pelosi ..... I agree with all of you, and I'm ready to have my taxes increased 
    I agree that there is a severe need for increased "SHARED SACRIFICES" across this nation from sea to shining sea! And I want you to raise my taxes - just as soon as you can guarantee for me the following has taken place ........... 
  • Guarantee for me that General Electric Co. who currently pays $0.00 in taxes will immediately share the sacrifice and pay taxes. Starting from when you took office.
  • Guarantee for me that General Electric Co. Chairman Jeffrey Immelt who you tapped as your head economic advisor, shares the sacrifice and pays his fair share of Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • Guarantee for me that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has repaid all of his unpaid Social Security and Medicare taxes, and is currently sharing the sacrifice by paying all of his Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • Guarantee for me that all of your Cabinet Members and CZARS, as well as the Distinguished Members of Congress and their Staff members are  A L L  sharing the sacrifice by paying all of their Federal, State and Local taxes. (i.e.: Hon. Charlie Rangel)
This should be no problem for you to verify Mr. President. You have increased the size of the Federal bureaucracy and the IRS to such a degree that you should be able to verify this simple information in milliseconds.  And I have just one more request Mr. President ......... 
  • Guarantee for me that the 47% to 50% of American wage earners who currently pay $0.00 in taxes will share the sacrifice and pay at least 15% in taxes. No, too much? How bout 12%? 10%?
  • Guarantee for me that the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens that I'm currently paying for will begin to share the sacrifice and pay 15% of their earnings in taxes.
If you do that for me Mr. President I will gladly hand you my personal check for any tax increase you want to impose on me.
If you can't guarantee these things for me Mr. President - KEEP YOUR STINKING HANDS OFF MY EARNINGS!!!
There are millions & millions of American citizens Mr. President, who feel the same way as I do. We may be part of the Tea Party movement, or not - many more of us are just fed up with being the "DOOR MAT" for people who do not "share the sacrifice!" Not even by as much as 10%!
Mr. President, we are not extremists or terrorists like we've been called this week! We are proud Americans who for too long have paid & paid & paid!! And our reward has been getting screwed by politicians who don't represent or listen to us, and getting laughed at by lazy people who expect us to pay for their life choices!
Mr. President, we don't want it to come to conflict, but we will not shrink from it. We will fight you at the ballot boxes and we demonstrate against you in the streets. Neither you nor an unlistening & uncaring Congress will defeat us! None of you in Washington nor in the State capitals will be allowed to ruin our country with your reckless governance. WE HAVE HAD IT!!!
Election 2012 starts NOW!!!!
We did not elect a RULING CLASS and we will not live under one!   YOU SERVE US !!!  
DUM SPIRO SPERO!!!  ("while I breathe, I hope")
SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!  ("thus always to tyrants")


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