Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Every day I get more and more angry at Our Congress and Our President. They seem to have forgotten that it is them who work for us, and not the other way around!

Today... even with 61% of the American People shouting that they DON'T WANT HEALTHCARE REFORM....Harry Reid and the Senate, Nancy Pelosi and the House, and President Obama keep running toward the complete socialization of the American healthcare system! This is an OUTRAGE!!!  

I want you all to think about something .... even though a majority of American citizens have said they don't want healthcare reform .... these 3 politicians (who we elected to do OUR bidding) are ONE STEP AWAY from changing FOREVER the American Healthcare industry. 

And it WILL be FOREVER!!!  Let me repeat that... and it will be FOREVER - Because in "Section C" of Harry Reid's Senate Healthcare Reform Bill there is a clause that prohibits any member of the House of Representatives or Senate from ever revising or removing this bill once it has been enacted!  Google Senator DeMint's comments on the Senate floor last night if you don't believe me.  

These three thieves of our liberties are setting this country up for a colossal collapse! Not only are they spending us and our children and our grandchildren into debt we cannot ever hope to climb out of. They are also setting themselves and their colleagues in Congress apart from the rest of the American populace!

By every one of their actions during this last 12 months - the congress and the president have established themselves as the "ruling aristocracy" of America while they continue to heap upon all the rest of the American citizenry, unrestrained modes of taxation! With each new speech by the President and edict from Congress, every American citizen looses more and more of the money they work so hard to earn. You would think by their actions, that congress believes our money IS their money!  Look at how Senior Americans are being treated. Seniors who have paid into governmental programs all their lives and have been promised medical care & social security payment, are now being told there will be none for them in a few short years!


Americans, listen to me I beg you. We must all rise up and demand that this tyranny stop! It is your right and duty to do so!
  •     Demand that the President stop this Socialization of our country!
  •     Demand that all of Congress be covered by the same healthcare WE THE PEOPLE are forced to be covered by.
  •     Demand that all Congressional business be conducted in public open chambers! Allowing all Congressional members to participate - not just the majority party.
  •         Demand that all "special deals" agreed to for votes be immediately and forever blocked. 
Americans, unless we rise up and take back our country and government now, there will not be a representative republic for us to cry out to in the New Year!!!     Mark my words ... IF, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi healthcare reform bill is passed. The American free market system that has been established during these last 200 years will have been erased in less that one calendar year!!
  •         The Government will control the banking industry.
  •         The Government will control the auto industry.
  •         The Government will control the energy industry.
  •         The Government will control the environmental industry - and can therefore regulate manufacturing.
  •         The Government will control education from kindergarten through college - by control of the teachers unions.
  •         The Government will control the service unions.
and finally the Government will control the healthcare industry, and by extension can dictate the destruction of their greatest enemy,
the insurance industry.  
This is what Obama/Reid/Pelosi and the rest of the Liberal Socialists want America to become! A Socialist state where an all-encompassing Government dictates what every citizen must do, must have, and must believe. They seek to create a Marxian "communism" here in our once free country. "From each according to their ability - to each according to their need!" is their most cherished goal for all of us.

WE MUST NOT LET THEM SUCCEED!!! Send letters to every congressman and senator DEMANDING that they vote with the Will of the People!

The time for talk is over, because the politicians have shown us that they do not hear, and they do not care!
We must fight for our freedoms - or we are not worthy to have them!


    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!