Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm calling this blog piece...."Dirty Bastards!"

And for those of you that don't like it.....tough shit!

I'm sick and tired of "Dirty Bastards." But not the kind that live in other areas of the world like the terrorists we're fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm really fed up with our "Home Grown" American Dirty Bastards!

I just wish to God that the rest of America's Red Blooded Patriots would stand up on their hind legs and beat their chests and scream as loud as I am that they're sick and tired of these dirty bastards too!!!! We have got to bring these (pardon me) shitbirds into the open and expose them for what they are.

I'm absolutely repulsed by the DIRTY BASTARDS that make up the main stream media in the United States - who spend their days and nights reporting AGAINST this country! I don't have to tell you who you are or what you're saying... you know it, I know it, and every red-blooded American patriot knows what dirty bastards you actually are! Need an's one. Instead of praising and playing up the successes of our valiant military forces in our WAR against islamo-fascist terrorists WHO WANT TO KILL ALL OF US; instead of talking about the millions of people we have freed from terrorist oppression; instead of talking about how successful the surge has been, and of the successful progress the fledgling democracy is making in Iraq - the DIRTY BASTARDS who make up the PRESS here in the United States, both in print and on broadcasts can only focus on the dead, the cost, the number of days, and how bad Bush & America is for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here's a "news flash" for you scum....There are boys and girls that my dead son lived, trained & served with, who are fighting and dying to protect you from the very people who'd just love to slit your throats, YOU SCUM SUCKING DIRTY BASTARDS! For you to rake in your million dollar network salaries, and sit back comfortably and cozily as others fight & die to protect you, all the while rooting for us to loose.....frankly SUCKS mightily. The worst among you are CBS, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

Next up.....Liberal Democrat DIRTY BASTARDS! But specifically those shitbird liberals that inhabit the Congress/Senate of the United States. If your name is Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Murtha, Kerry, Schumer, Biden, Boxer, Feingold, Menendez, Lautenberg or Durbin and a bunch of other lesser-known socialists, I regard each of you with the same disgust I feel when I accidentally step in something at a dog park! You are the fecal aggregation that exists at the lowest level of a septic pit. You smiling anti-American scoundrels, you are at best, "Quislings" and collaborators. At worst you are traitors of the first order!

On each of you in these two groups of DIRTY BASTARDS I wish the same fate that befell Philip Nolan in Everett Hale's "The Man Without A Country." Because you have proven to be not only unfit to serve as elected public servants or broadcasters, but also and more importantly your every public action has been a renunciation of the country which has given you everything - you should be removed permanently from American society, and never again be allowed to hear or speak of it!

(and I'm just warming up for the election!)