Saturday, June 28, 2008

What we can't know

I have to wonder what das Liberal party is going to run on this fall.............

It's difficult to talk about their candidate because his "platform" for the last year has consisted of two words - hope & change!

I can't talk about their candidate's wife or what she's said, now or in the past - this from a guy who wants to teach us that "words matter."

I can't talk about his first name, his middle name, nor his last name - this from the party who never missed an opportunity to scream about "James Danforth Quayle!"

Neither can I talk about the "things" that make all of us who we are. What makes Barry, Barack ....or Barack, Barry

.....nor about Barack's dad
.....nor about his beliefs
.....nor about his mother or grandmother

We can't ask about his childhood education,

.....nor about his college life
.....nor about his working life after college
.....nor about his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and what he heard during those 20 years in the pews. (What concerns me is what those two adorable daughters might have heard while they were seated in those pews from that minister.) Words certainly do matter Barack! "You've got to be carefully taught!"

I can't talk about his relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers or why Barack had to visit Ayers at his home in Chicago before he started out in politics.

I can't question Barack about what he's said in the pages of his books....because that was so long ago, and he's too busy focusing on the future.

I can't bring up his admitted past drug use or why he doesn't feel that's important today?

I can't ask him about his real estate dealings with Tony Revco.

I can't ask him if he thinks it's fair his wife's salary was raised to over $310,000 annually the same week he started as in Congress? (And she still thinks America is a mean place!)

I can't ask him to get specific on where he's going to find all the money he'll need to fund his OVER $1.25 TRILLION dollars in increased spending plans.

I can't ask him about his vaunted "governing" experience - all 146 days - he spent in the Senate before deciding to run for the Presidency.

I can't ask him any of these things. And if I do, I'm "branded" a racist! I'm scum...simply because I have the temerity to ask questions of someone who wants to become the leader of my country! I'm a racist!

So I wonder what das Liberals are going to run on this fall???? Oh yeah .... HOPE & CHANGE.

(Here's some hope & change for you ....."I HOPE he doesn't try to dig the CHANGE out of my pockets too ....'cause that's all that's left! There's your hope & change!)



For no other Reason.

OK, let's review again....

As the GREAT dearly departed George Carlin used to say...."We only get what we deserve!"
So if you're thinking about voting for the Liberal candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election, here's 2 FACTS to keep in mind.

FACT ONE: There's no argument about it...all the "experts" agree there's minimally between 11 and 15 million ILLEGAL ALIENS here in the United States....Presidential hopeful Baracka Hussein Obama said this week that he would guarantee every one of those ILLEGAL ALIENS, 100% full coverage for healthcare benefits....He will pay for this by raising taxes on (what he calls) the upper class.

FACT TWO: If you and your wife (or husband, or significant other) make (just or only) the "average salary" of a school teacher and a firefighter.... welcome to the "upper class." Your taxes are about to go up if BHO is elected! I'll bet you didn't even know you were rich, did you?

Now there's a CHANGE you can believe in !!!!
(, what's it called when the government takes it from me an gives it to someone else?????)

Free Add-on-Factoid!!! (one to a customer)
Liberals love to call America "scum." They're always railing about what a horrible country we've created...(funny though, how none of them ever leave this horrible place?) Anyway, since the beginning of the War Against Terrorism hundreds of men have been captured on the battlefields and sent to the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba. Have mistakes been made by incarcerating some innocent men? Absolutely - that is an unfortunate 'truth' about war. But unlike "das Liberal" who says that none of these "freedom fighters" should have been imprisoned....I believe that the United States works as quickly as possible to rectify and release prisoners when a mistake is uncovered.

Here's the interesting FACTOID.....Did you know that 50 of these innocent released "freedom fighters" have subsequently been KILLED on the battlefields in Iraq or Afghanistan trying to kill American soldiers once again?

Now why do you suppose none of us heard about this from the Liberal Press or Media or Candidates?? Gee I wonder????? ( I know, I know! It's that god damn George Bush's fault!! )


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

True Story.

I had to laugh when this happened....

The other morning on my way to work I realized I needed to get a few bucks from the cash machine. So I pulled into a PNC Bank branch and inserted my debit card....the first screen asked me in English to push "tiles" selecting ENGLISH - ESPANOLE - FRANCAIS - DEUTSCH. I chuckled and proceeded with my withdrawal.

A couple hours later while driving up the NY Thruway, I placed a call to my computer manufacturers support line because I needed to have a question answered. An electronic voice asked me to "press 1 for English" or "2 for Spanish" and a Help Desk associate would be with me shortly.

I started laughing as I waited, because I thought it was incredibly ironic to be asked to select either English or Spanish...when I probably would be connected to a person in Pakistan or India!! Sure enough, the Help Desk person had a very very heavy Indian accent!

I said "Shubh prabhaat" before I had to hang up and laugh some more.
I'll get an answer some other day when I'm not driving a heavily loaded truck!

Dum Spiro Spero!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Republican National Committee "Census Questionaire"

Dear Friends,

Sorry for not blogging as much as I have in the past, but my time in the truck is getting longer as the days do! I'll try to keep on top of things...hope you'll all understand.

This past week I got my annual Republican National Committee "Census" questionnaire. Before someone who's reading this gets the wrong impression, this is not an important document. This is just one of the "annual" mailings I get from the RNC designed to make the recipient (that's me) think the RNC (that's them) actually cares what they are thinking. The sad part is that the RNC couldn't care less about what the average republican voter thinks. This is just another way for them to ask for another contribution. I get a donation request in one form or another about every two months, and sometimes more often...especially in election years.

What I "feel" about the RNC and how they've mismanaged the party of Lincoln and Reagan can't really be written about - even in the open forum of the blogosphere! Suffice it to say it is my belief that the RNC couldn't have "crippled" the Republican cause worse if they were named Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton or Kerry!!

All of you have heard my previous "rants" about how the Republicans in Congress lost the majority, and basically threw the Bush Presidency "under the bus" nearly 7 years ago. I won't bore you reiterating it - nor aggravate myself reliving it! But when I get a piece of mail from the RNC asking for my money, disguised as a survey document and telling me "how important my views are....," well, this morning I sort of lost it!

So after filling out their form, I hand wrote and signed and affixed the following note to their "Census Document." They'll probably never read it....but if they open the envelope and shake it, maybe they'll see it and give it the once over. I can only hope! Here it is.......

Dear RNC,
You never listen, so I don't know why I'm bothering to write - maybe just this one last time.
I stopped writting and contributing in 2003 after you started doing nothing as a party and ultimately lost the majority in Congress. You didn't even hammer through President Bush's agenda when you had the majority. WIMPS!!
As a group, the Republicans in Congress are a bunch of weak, namby-pamby, sissies. The Democrats clean your clock at every turn. You "play" from 3 steps behind - instead of 3 steps ahead.
You don't (can't) play "nice" with people like Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, and Kennedy.... you kick them in the teeth, grab them by the "short hairs" and FORCE them to do what you want! Protecting our Republic is NO game. These bastards want to SOCIALIZE America.
If you can't stop them - get the hell out of the way for real Republicans who can!
I will not send you one more penny until you all GROW SOME TESTICLES!
Get some strong CONSERVATIVE candidates to run the party so you all can go join some "Ladies Auxiliary."
You've ruined the party of Lincoln & Reagan.
Kenneth A. Johnson

We'll see if they say anything. Don't hold your breath....I'm not!
Dum Spiro Spero!

Kenneth A. Johnson
Long Valley, NJ 07853