Friday, December 07, 2007

Here's the "thing" about BELIEVING.

I'm having a tough time with a good many people & groups, telling me I need to believe what they're telling me.

The bombardment is relentless! It starts when you flick on the radio in the morning and doesn't end until you close your eyes at night. It's bad enough for me - an only partially addled adult - imagine how horrific it is for children and young adults? How can they possible figure out what's right, what's wrong - what's poppy-cock, and what's fact?

Here's some of what we've all been asked to believe recently.... (I'll start simple and work up to "the big stuff")

Example 1: Last night on the Barbara Walters special we were asked to believe that some of the 10 Most Fascinating People for 2007 in Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Business included........A) a British soccer player (who played a game and a half this year), and his...uh,...wife; B) Justin Timberlake; C) Hugo Chavez; and D) the MySpace boys. This is what is fascinating after an entire year???? My only question was where's Al Gore? Why Barbara didn't interview Chavez, Clinton and Al Gore together I'll never know! And while there's nothing more refreshing than watching Barbara lob softball questions to the worlds' most hideous dictator, affording him the chance to call our President "a donkey," and tell us that "Jesus Christ preached socialism." Al Gore WON the Nobel Prize for Chri--t sake! Way to go Bab's & ABC! You just "dissed " the Messiah of Global Warming and the man who invented the internet.

Example 2: After he gassed and killed 5000 of his own people, we're still being told to believe that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction and that George Bush & Dick Cheney just wanted to invade Iraq for the oil and to give contracts to Halliburton! (Lying, bastard, war mongering.....John Kerry and President Clinton believed it back then too!)

Example 3: We're told to believe that jailing and lashing a teacher is the proper punishment for allowing her students to name their class pet "Mohammed," while at the same time "they" ask us to believe that it's right to lash a women raped by 6 men, 200 times...because there aren't 6 other men who witnessed the rape and will swear to it! (A wonderful example of "enlightened Islamic governance." See what we have to look forward to during the next caliphate?)

Example 4: This week we were asked to believe that George Bush is lying again, and that the 3 foot Iranian midget wearing my grandfather's golf jacket really did STOP making fissionable uranium way back in 2003. We were told to believe this - by the same organization who hasn't gotten anything right since they told the same George Bush that Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Example 5: For most of the last year and certainly for most of the next year, we're being asked to believe that..... a Baptist Minister ex- Governor, or a Mormon ex- Governor, or an ex-Governor of Hispanic heritage, or an ex-Navy pilot with an explosive temper, or the wife of a disgraced ex-President, or a black politician with 'zip' experience but a big-name Hollywood sponsor, or an ex- Hollywood actor with a trophy wife, or an ex-big city mayor on his 3rd wife, or a guy that sees aliens, or Ron Paul.....are the people best suited not only to lead the country, but also to win back our stature with the rest of the world. Carry that thought into the voting booth with you! (Oyy!!!!! That makes my head hurt!)

Example 6: We are allowing our children to be taught to believe that.....our Founding Fathers really didn't want us to believe in God or religion for that matter, or the sanctity of marriage between a man and a women, or that our country's freedoms were important enough to be defended. Our children are taught that entrepreneurship is good, but just don't become too rich or successful, because then you'll be forced to give some of what you've earned away to people who don't want to work as hard as you (or at all!) Our children are taught to believe that the laws of our country are not really "laws" at all, but simply outlines meant to be interpreted by various groups as needed for their own purposes. Our children are taught that they don't really have to worry about things themselves, because government will make the tough decisions for them. (This makes my heart hurt!!!)

Example 7: Finally by the "holiday police"....We are told to believe that wishing someone a "Merry Christmas" is wrong, and that Store Santa's saying "Ho, Ho, Ho" is racist and discriminatory!

I ask you it any wonder our belief systems are all screwed up? (Where's the dam Excedrin?)

Dum Spiro Spero!