Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barack Obama's Disgraced "Green Czar" still part of White House Advisory Team !!!

Every time I hear that COMMUNISTS are being welcomed at "The People's House" my blood boils!!

Van Jones, President Obama's "Green Czar" and a self-described communist - (who was forced to resign from the President's appointed czarist position in September), is still advising the President on Climate & Environmental issues. Can you believe this crap?

Jones has become part of the Presidential Climate Action Project. Funded by our tax dollars and run out of the University of Colorado, the PCAP has welcomed Jones as a Presidential Advisor! As stated by the groups executive director, William S. Becker, Van Jones and the rest of the PCAP are "about to propose a new and more assertive strategy for President Obama to raise the bar on the U.S. climate goal, with or without Congress."


Even after hundreds and thousands of scientists world-wide have come out AGAINST the Al Gore Global Warming or Climate Change hoax, Obama and his environmental loons are still pushing to revive the discredited and scandalous hoax that has already cost the United States and all Americans, millions upon millions of dollars - and thousands and thousands of jobs!  Their ultimate aim, led by President Obama and supported by Marxists like Jones, is the passage of the already discredited "Cap & Trade" bill. This bill would ruin still more of our industrial system, killing thousands more jobs and banning us from ever using the vast natural resources of oil, coal and natural gas we have within our country's borders. Think about it - instead of tapping into the vast oil deposits, coal deposits, and natural gas deposits we have under our feet here in the continental United States, while we perfect alternative types of fuel, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the environmental loons want to insure our dependency on foreign oil, by prohibiting OUR use of OUR OWN natural resources!! AND WE'RE LISTENING TO THESE PEOPLE! There's logic for you - We're putting Americans out of work on a daily basis, we're allowing our enemies to gouge us price-wise for oil, steel, and other products, we're importing resources WE'RE STANDING ON but aren't allowed to use!


This is an EMERGENCY - does this make any sense???????????? Think about it.

And this Van Jones communist jerk-off. Apparently, what happens now in America, is you get forced to resign from your "Czar's position" in the White House, after you claim the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11. Then, you're hired as an adviser by another Presidentially funded action committee, and you waltz back into advising your old buddy in the Oval Office. Geez isn't that convenient!!!

    "Dear Mr. Jones,

    Please take this as one educated man's humble opinion ... and an invitation.
    For being a self-proclaimed communist; for openly professing a political philosophy whose entire purpose runs in diametric opposition to the freedom loving, free-market capitalist system this country was founded upon, and for personally pissing me off, I think you'd be much happier in North Korea. It's a communist utopia! I'll be more than happy to raise the cost of your ticket! In North Korea, you will be given the opportunity to preach to people who might actually agree with your political philosophy. Having known other malcontents like you in my life, I'm fairly certain however, it won't be too long before you piss them off too! Unfortunately, for this trip you will be stripped of your U.S. citizenship, since you seem not to care for it anyway. In addition there's no return flight.
    Since it seems you no longer wish to be part of our system - I will grant your wish, and wish you every freedom imaginable, by assisting your vacating the country I love so much! Have a nice life in North Korea, advising ole' what's his name.
    Once North Korea decides to no longer have you as a guest, perhaps Comrade Putin will appreciate you telling him how to run his country?
    Understand this, you Communist slug, we don't need or want you here. Get out - and stay out!
Hugs & best wishes,
An American Patriot"

Dum Spiro Spero!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's SOOOO Smart!!!

REALLY ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

During the holidays I spoke or traded emails with more than a few people who wondered, "Why haven't you been writing more about the Obama presidency?" A few even said they missed reading my pieces ...."because they always made me laugh and think!"  (Pride prevented me from asking if the laughter I caused was based upon my "wit" or simply because I'm such a dullard? Hmm).
So I went back and checked my records and found out that my number of postings for 2009 were off by more than 75% during President Obama's first year in office. But, of the slightly more than 2 dozen postings I had made during 2009, only 3 or 4 didn't deal with him, (sorry, Him), in some way. I'm certain that at the time of President Obama's Inaugural address, I made a personal resolution to "give him a chance" and see how he would lead us. I can frankly tell you that during the last 6 months at least, I have had a much harder time sticking to my resolution! And I've caught myself at times, fighting to not write something that I thought I should!

Frankly, I find myself even today, struggling to choose the right words - parsing my words and rewriting my sentences - fearful even now of saying the wrong thing! While at the same time still equally hopeful that my thoughts and writings could describe my honest unblemished beliefs, and still be covered by the First Amendment ... and that I wouldn't suddenly find myself "audited" by our friends at the IRS!!! (What? Who's paranoid?)

So why did I curtail posting more regularly this past year? Well, in a nutshell, if I'd written my complete unvarnished reactions to all of our president's actions as they were happening, I think I'd have, (as Ricky Ricardo put it), a helluva lot of "splainin' to do!" In my estimation, between his lying, his spending like a drunken democrat, and his "outsourcing" the governance and leadership of this country to Nancy & Harry, Rahm & David.... well geez, what could possibly be wrong with that???

Throughout this inaugural year, I've been shocked as I listened to news broadcasters, and read magazine and newspaper pieces whose authors have described just how smart Barack Obama is. They've portrayed him as "Kennedy-esque," as the greatest communicator since Lincoln! Truly, they make him sound like the worlds greatest intellect! Even after an entire year, Chris Matthews of MSNBC is STILL feeling a thrill go up his leg when he hears Obama speak! And Keith Olbermannnnnnn,  I swear, wants to have Barack's children!
So let's examine, just for a bit, how truly smart President Barack Obama is ...

  • Would a smart man, APPOINT to "czarist" administration posts, individuals who admit to being communists, or those who have served in various communist organizations?? Obama did! Both Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, (who has since been forced to resign), and Energy and Environment Czar Carol Browner, are admitted socialists and have worked for communist organizations. And Obama's new FCC Chief Diversity Officer, Mark Lloyd who abhors free speech (among other American freedoms), thinks Hugo Chavez is a revolutionary hero!
  • Would a smart man, or a logical one, bemoan the fact that He "inherited a huge deficit from the previous administration" ...... and then go out and QUADRUPLE the national debt in less than one year? Obama did!! And now after spending his way to a quadrupling of the national debt, Obama has gone back to Congress and asked for ANOTHER Stimulus package! That's right he wants more of YOUR money! This time it's a $154 Billion Jobs Bill...and guess what...."Nancy's funhouse" approved it in mid December!
  • Would a smart man, or even a thoughtful one, take a healthcare system which is UNARGUABLY the best healthcare system in the entire world - and seek to dismantle it simply because he perceives that 47 million people in the U.S. don't have healthcare? Obama still wants too!!  Even after it's been proven that 20 million of those 47 million uninsured folks, are in this country illegally - President Obama has spent millions upon millions of our tax dollars trying to steamroll through Congress his single payer socialized healthcare plan. And the real "kicker" in all this is that after spending all that money - the plan "His Minions" in Congress have come up with - - still fails to cover more than 25 million Americans!!!  So all his planning and spending hasn't accomplished the basic premise of what they set out to do! OH YES, VERY SMART!
  • Would a smart man - especially one as smart as President Obama - go on national television to address the American people, and state that America has "systemic problems" ..... and the very next day offer as a solution, MORE GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEMS???  For that matter, I remember early in his presidency, President Obama coming before the American people during a press conference and saying, "Beyond that, the last thing that I want is to be running a car company, or to be having to make decisions about what the auto market of the future is going to look like." Next thing you know, not only is our President in charge of running a couple car companies, he's in charge of running the banking industry and the housing industry! And the car companies he's running are loosing money, and the banks he's running haven't been doing too good a job keeping families from defaulting on their mortgages - have they?? Here's a quiz for you .... Do you know any person that has had their mortgage or home saved by Obama stimulus dollars???
  • Finally, would even a moderately smart man, make the calculated decision to once again place New York City back in the cross-hairs of every Islamofascist son-of-a-dog by bringing the "terror trails" of the fat hairy scum sheik back to New York? Does that make any sense? Especially since we have a state-of-the-art court already built and furnished at a maximum security prison known as Guantanamo Bay! Now that, was a truly brilliant decision!
As far as I'm concerned President Obama has done a very poor job in any respect, during his first year in office.
**He promised to be nonpartisan, and has failed miserably on that! True, Nancy & Harry not allowing any Republican contribution to bills in the House or Senate didn't help. But as the President of his party, Obama could have demanded this practice stop, and he didn't.
**He promised not to ever sign a budget with any earmarks in it, and his first budget had over 8500 earmarks after he signed it! 
**He promised that there would be no lobbyists working within his administration, and yet today there are hundreds doing so!
**He promised that his administration would be COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT, and that all debates on universal healthcare would be broadcast on C-SPAN! 8 times he promised this and it has NEVER happened!
**He says that he's "a limited government sort of a guy," and yet during his first year he has grossly increased not only the size of government, but the size of what government will take from each of us!
**His plan for healthcare DISHONESTLY cloaks from citizens the fact that the tax increases necessitated by the healthcare changes will only begin AFTER his re-election bid in 2012!
**He cries out for increased taxes on the rich - and yet he goes to Copenhagen to accept a personal $1.6 million NOBEL award. Did he donate that check? 

It is my belief that Barack Obama is merely an accomplished speech giver. Perhaps Hillary Clinton recognized that this sooner than many of us when she said , "and Barack Obama has a speech he gave in 2002." How prophetic her words seem now. It is obvious that he can excite a crowd with his prepared speeches. He is after all, as all college professors must be, a good lecturer. Which is what we've experienced during his hundreds of prepared comments during his first year in office. He succeeds only at lecturing, at pontificating. He utterly fails at performing and at leading. Obama's idea of leadership has been to a) continuously apologize for America's actions; b) bow & scrape to foreign leaders, and c) complain about His predecessor seemingly on a daily basis! That's not leadership in my book - that's "talking down" the country you are sworn to protect and defend!


It is also my belief that President Barack Obama is perhaps the most dangerous politician in America today. I truly don't believe he is hurting this country out of malice. But regardless of whether his actions are intentional or unintentional, Barack Obama's vision of America is as a socialist society, not as a representative republic. While he was attending Occidental College it has been reported that he was openly Marxist. He does not deny this - but has mysteriously had all his papers and articles written while he was a student "sealed." This is so curious, isn't it? His current "redistribution of wealth" philosophy, as well as his belief in single payer, socialized medicine, and his embrace of all workers unions, are all emblematic "guideposts" of socialism.


These beliefs, when espoused as virtues by a college student, or even while he was a Harvard professor might be acceptable. But as the President of the United States, whose Oath of Office binds him to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, these beliefs carry an all-together different and very troubling aspect. These beliefs have NO place in the United States and certainly no place in the Oval Office! Our founding fathers established this country as a representative republic - not a Leninist collective.


Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of President Obama during his first year, has been the realization by many millions of Americans as to the mistake they made last election day. I can only hope that patriotic Americans will continue to come together to battle against the further dissolution of our American freedoms, and to fight to take back our country from those who seek to turn it into something it was never intended to be.



    Sic semper Tyrannis!!!