Sunday, March 30, 2008

One of these is not like the others!

Dear Friends,
I've been thinking about writing this piece for a long time.
And I admit that even as I consider sending it, I'm torn because I really don't want to offend anyone. You see I do have African American friends, and I do have female friends...and I'd be greatly saddened if I lost even one of those dear good folks.
Our country is facing a CRISIS. Our country is facing the very real possibility of being changed forever.
There are people on the Left, who want to CHANGE our representative Republic, into a COLLECTIVE. Simply put, the Left in this country wants to move the United States of America closer to - if not into - SOCIALISM.
Don't believe me? OK. What is it called when government takes care of every facet of your life? What is it called when what you earn is divided among the rest of the country who doesn't make what you earn through taxation? What is it called when government decides your medical benefits, and what your children are taught in school?What's it called?
That's socialism folks - pure and simple.
And that's what the Left wants for this country. I don't care whether you call it social democracy or the nanny state - it's SOCIALISM. And once we're there - we're screwed. Goodbye freedom, goodbye democracy, hello comrades!
So now I invite you to play that simple game we all played when we were kids. It's called, "One of these is not like the others!" (Just a hint.....the correct answer has nothing to do with their gender or their race or ethnic I hope none of my friends is offended).
Enjoy the game and PLEASE remember it on Election day in November.

(NOTE: If for some reason the pictures did not come through, you can still play! Left to right the pictures are of Karl Marx, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Lenin, Barack Obama, and John McCain).

Dum Spiro Spero!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Dear Democrats,"

As a very conservative person, this really shouldn't bother me. As a really conservative voter I should be rolling on the floor laughing about all the infighting taking place in your party, and I guess I am a little bit....but not really as much as I should be.

I've been watching the verbal tennis game between Hillary and Barack as they campaign across the country. Each one trying to generate the best daily sound bite and crowd reaction. Watching both camps try to out-cheer the other on national television is pretty funny. (BTW, in my opinion, Obama's winning the slogan war so far). I nearly wet myself when I heard Chris Matthews say he feels something run up his leg everytime he hears Obama speak!! Seriously Chris, I think we can all do without any more visuals like that! Still-and-all the recent escalation of "shiet-slinging" from her to him back to her has been pretty entertaining. Keep it up!!

I mean, looking at the faces of the folks in the audiences - they're loving it too! It's sort of the same crowd reaction we saw when they showed pictures of the crowds of kids at a Beatles concert back in the 60's! Or a New Kids on the Block concert in the early 90's, or a Hoobastank concert last year! Oh yeah, Barack and Hillary are the rock-stars of this campaign year. (Our guy McCain comes in somewhere around Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett!)

As a matter of fact, it was the "waves of ecstasy" expressions on the faces of the Democratic faithful that tuned my antennae into the real problem. What's really taken the "shine off the apple" for me regarding the Democratic campaign, is the fact that you good folks are laboring under the impression that you will actually make a difference in choosing your candidate! Here's a news flash for all of ain't! Mark my words demo's....your "party elite" are going to make this selection for you.

This was all decided back in the early 80's when the Dems decided that they could no longer let the selection of their nominee be controlled by something as ill-informed as the popular vote of their constituents. Oh no! Tired of loosing the White House to Republicans, the party bosses voted to create something called a "SUPER DELEGATE".

And even though these party big whigs are suppose to vote the way their states voters tell them too.....ooooooh, you really don't think they're going to do that do you????? Need some evidence? OK, real simple.

Massachusetts: WINNER - Hillary. Superdelagates: Kennedy & Kerry backing Obama heavily!

New Mexico: WINNER - Hillary. Superdelagate Bill Richardson defected from Clinton camp and is supporting Obama. Now called "Judas" by the snake-head Carville.

Basically what you folks haven't been told is that your superdelagates outweigh your personal vote by over 5000%!
Your vote = 1 vote! Their support for either candidate = +5000 votes!
That's why YOUR superdelagates are being "wined, dined and pocketlined" by the campaigns right now. Let's make this really clear so no one misunderstands me.....the superdelagates are being promised JOBS in the winning administration, they're being promised PORK for their home states, they're being promised MONEY for their own campaigns. THEY ARE BEING BRIBED Y'ALL!!! And neither the mainstream media nor the campaigns are going to tell you this - but it's happening.

My question to you is...are you getting any of this?
Team Clinton isn't dead!

Team Obama didn't loose because of Rev. Wrights comments.

The CASH is what counts.....the Superdelagates are what counts.....not you.

We learned this a long time ago Dems....when you all were out to get Dick Nixon.
What was you're mantra back then????
Oh yeah......"Follow the money!"

Sleep well Democrats, but follow the money.
Hugs and kisses,
"A concerned Conservative"