Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Simple Problems Obama Can't Fix!!!

PROBLEMS.......Geez, do we have problems!
Two of them are particularly troubling to me.
One occurs overseas and the other occurs domestically.
Both of them have varied origins .... and are perpetuated and exacerbated by a number of issues. 
Every day I get more frantic! I'm simply going out of my mind because, (at least for me), the answers to these problems appear to be pretty "basic."  The solutions come from where all good solutions come from..... our past - and from our parents.
When I was growing up my teachers always taught us, "Those who don't learn from the past, are destined to repeat it."   Which brings me to our first problem. Did any of you know that we spend $180 million dollars a day fighting the war in Afghanistan? Why? Well, primarily it's because we place so many "restrictions"  on our military in carrying out the war. And any restrictions we don't place on ourselves, we allow other countries and organizations to place on us. That's just another way of me saying, we spend almost $200 million a day KNOWINGLY fighting with one of our arms tied behind our backs. Simply put - we're fighting a "limited" war. It's like we're trying to make this a "fair" fight!  
There are two additional associated "anti-strategies," which make this problem all the more ridiculous! On the one hand we "telegraph" all of our next strategies to the enemy every night on the local news broadcasts; while at the very same time we DISALLOW our various Special Forces Groups the ability to operate clandestinely & unfettered in the war zone - and do what they do best - kill and demoralize the enemy by all means possible and available to them, and to gather all necessary intelligence. 
I wonder how many of you realize that by fighting a limited war, we actually help the enemy beat us, and in the process kill our own soldiers? Did you catch that? I wonder how many of you truly understand that by fighting a "limited" war, we actually help the enemy beat us, and in the process kill our own soldiers? Let me put it a different way - by allowing Congress and the Press the ability to approve or disapprove our military actions, we kill our own military personnel & children.  How? Because we allow military strategy & action to be placed into the hands of politicians and news anchors rather than with military Generals.  Is this the fair fight you wanted? America, do you understand how SPECTACULARLY stupid this strategy is???  
WAR by its very nature was never intended to be fair or limited! I thought as a country we would have learned this after Viet NamYou can't wage a limited war! Wars have never been fair - each side has always sought the greatest military edge in order to overwhelm and annihilate the enemy. War has always been brutal!  BRUTAL - OVERWHELMING - ANNIHILATION.  Three words that describe why wars are always a last resort! In the case of the United States, three words that Congress and the White House have forgotten.  
Is there anyone out there in the "Neverland of Liberalism" who will have the 'cahones' to tell me, that if the United States and the Coalition of Countries had promulgated the GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM  using withering, brutal force against the enemy, we wouldn't have WON this war years ago???
And here we are....years later and many thousands of beautiful, young lives later, waiting for an inexperienced ultra-liberal college professor to decide whether he's going to listen to the combat staffing recommendations of the agreed upon "expert" in the field, General McCrystal .... or whether he's going to listen to the military geniuses named "Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, and Schumer!"      
*****    *****    *****
I can't say our second problem is easy in comparison to the first, but at least nobody is "shooting"  at us yet!
Growing up in my family, my parents always got a chuckle out of people "spending over their heads," because Mom & Dad rarely did!! They were scared as hell to owe anybody anything!  "You save until you have the money and then you buy! The time saving will also show you if you really need what you're planning to buy!"  It always sounded like pretty solid advice to me growing up - and only once or twice did I go against the logic, and ALWAYS when I did, it cost me big time!!!  So naturally, my kids got the same indoctrination - and naturally, both of them went against the logic once or twice - and naturally it cost them big time as well - but here we're only talking a couple of thousand dollars! Sure they were expensive lessons for children to learn .... but happily the family survived the learning process!
I don't know if our country is going to survive the spending and taxing that's already gone on in  9 months of the Obama Administration taking office. Or if any of us are going to survive the taxing that's going to be coming our way once all of his "spread MY wealth"  programs take effect in 2012 or 2013!!
In the years of my lifetime that made up the "B.O. Era," (that's the Before Obama Era. Roughly the years from 1951 through 2008), when you heard the term "billions" it was a rare experience. (In all honesty I think the first time I became acutely aware of the term was when I heard that Microsoft Guru, Bill Gates was worth over a billion dollars some years back.)  But not anymore! Spending billions has become the "mark" of this administration. To listen to news accounts, unless we're spending hundreds of billions to solve one problem or another in Obama's list of "must do - right now,"  it isn't even news-worthy!
Check this out.....just six months into his already QUADRUPLE-SIZED White House Administration.....Obama's HAD TO HAVE ..... a) a $787,000,000,000 Stimulus Bill  (Laden with pork, but guaranteed to hold unemployment to less than 8%) and b) a $410,000,000,000 omnibus spending bill. On top of that he has c) an additional $645,000,000,000 in cap-and-trade energy taxes waiting to be approved by Congress and now he SIMPLY HAS TO HAVE d) a healthcare reform bill that his own Office of Management and Budget has forecast will cost way more than $1 TRILLION in its first 10 years of operation.
And the beautiful part of Obama's strategy ....... two key things.
1) After spending ALL OUR MONEY on his socialist healthcare scheme - 25 MILLION people still won't be covered by the very healthcare plan that was designed and implemented to cover them! But Obama pleads he simply must have it - so let's spend what we already don't have!!!
2) And this is the brilliant part.........None of the overburdening tax problems will be implemented until 2012 or 2013! So socialist Obama will be able to get re-elected because his true-believers will not have been hit with the $4000 dollars in additional annual expenses the new healthcare plan will cost each family, (estimate from Congressional Budget Office); nor will they have been hit yet by the estimated $1800 dollars in additional annual taxes levied on each family because of the cap-and-trade energy plan Congress is getting ready to pass shortly, (estimate from Congressional Budget Office).   
But I'm sure that every household in America has at least an additional $5800 that they'll be ecstatic to give our Savior (pardon me) President Barack Hussein Obama! WHY? Because he's bringing us "change and hope" and Chairman, (excuse me) President Obama says we have to spend so others will have. And as as Vice Chairman (excuse me) Comrade.... (excuse me - I don't know what I was thinking) Vice - President  Biden tells us, "It's time to be patriotic!" So, we'll all have to spread our wealth around like good little socialists (ummm) comrades (ummm) patriots!!!
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs)."  Is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. Saul Alinsky a radical Chicago organizer who taught liberally from many Marx doctrines, preached this slogan to all who would listen to him! Barack Obama is a "student" and true believer of Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky - it's noteworthy - dedicated his book "Rules for Radicals" to one of his hero's .... Lucifer. That's right, the Devil. You can look it up!
Ah yes! It's great to be living in America under the "enlightened leadership" of Barack Hussein Obama. Hope and Change - Change and Hope. From each - To each. Hope and Change - Change and Hope, interchangeable. From each - To each. Hope and Change - Change and Hope. From each - To each!!!!  We all share - we all move forward.   
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama and the New Pair of Shoes.......

Let's say one of your children needs a new pair of shoes for school, or perhaps a new pair of sneakers. What's that cost - $75 maybe $100 bucks?? Would you go out and buy them a fully furnished house or condo??? You wouldn't????

Then why are "We The People"  allowing President Obama and Congress to completely throw out the best healthcare system in the order to provide benefits for a little less than 4% of the American population????? 

  • In 10 years Obama's healthcare will cost YOU taxpayers very nearly $1 TRILLION dollars ... while saving only an estimated $81 BILLION, BUT still leaving over 25 million Americans UNINSURED!
  • (Wasn't uninsured Americans the problem Obama promised to fix in the first place???)
  • Why not have the Congressional Budget Office figure out how much it would cost to insure the 12 million Americans currently uninsured and then give those Americans coverage ?? If that would cost $81 billion - it might be worth it.
Let me repeat the last bullet point...
  • Why not have the Congressional Budget Office figure out how much it would cost to insure the 12 million Americans currently uninsured and then give those Americans coverage ?? If that would cost $81 billion - it might be worth it.
  • THEN, you could leave the rest of the BEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD alone.
  • Mr. President, if you really want to create greater competition (like you always say you do)....make it possible for all Americans to shop for healthcare insurance across State lines - thereby increasing free market competition and preventing insurance monopolies. (What? Too Capitalist for you? Try this last reason on for size...I think you'll like it!!)
  • If you fix only the part of our healthcare system that's broken - you know, covering those Americans that don't have health care - It's going to be much cheaper and ALL AMERICANS win ..... and you're still the Hero!!!
Geez Mister President, if an idiot truck driver can see it this clearly.....I'd of thought a Harvard educated great legal professor and Nobel Laureate like you would be able to understand this K.I.S.S. formula for American Healthcare

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!!

This LINK is the reason Our President Scares Me So Much!

I hope all of you who I sent the "link" to have viewed it!  It is absolutely essential that all Americans understand the times and the perils that face us; both individually and as a country!  I hope it has scared the living crap out of all of you! PASS IT ON!

STOP for a minute - and take a look at your wives, husbands, children, and grandchildren. Now understand that in less than 33 minutes a ballistic missile from any one of over 20 countries - could obliterate your families future.  It could reach & vaporize ANY American city!  A nuclear blast a few thousand feet above a ground zero city and the accompanying electronic pulse  would render EVERY electronic device in America USELESS! Think about computers, no phones, no radios, no television, NO WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS - or even know if they survived!

And this administration's plan for homeland security .... for keeping America and YOUR FAMILY safe ....
a) is to reduce military spending;
b) to reduce or eliminate missile defenses for our allies in Europe;
c) halt the upgrade to North American Missile Defense installations
d) announce that they will negotiate without reservation with Iran & North Korea;
e) bestow constitutional & civil rights on terrorists and enemy combatants;
f) force American military personnel to "Mirandize" captured enemy combatants on the battlefield.

Does any of this make ANY kind of sense in the face of Islamic terrorists who have sworn to kill as many Americans as they can; deny that the "holocaust" ever took place and that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth; or come to this country and lecture us about stopping our terrorist aggressions around the world?? And to make matters even more bizarre - these cretins get applauded for it in the United Nations! Does this make any sense at all???

And OUR President...... travels around and around the world..... on your and my tax dollars APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA in EVERY speech he makes! Telling the rest of the world, that He's sorry for what America has done in the past....but He's going to fix it!!

Speaking for myself.... and with all due respect to OUR President ..... at BEST he has a childlike understanding of military strategy, threats and national security. His understanding of domestic protection and assessing the enemy are even worse! At WORST his idea of leadership during these perilous times is dangerously infantile!!!

In 9 months as President, Barack Hussein Obama's method of leadership on Foreign Relations can be summarized in two words ...... Apologize & Appease. (Perhaps the term "absence of leadership" would be more appropriate. Is there a single word that defines non-leadership? What's the opposite of leadership? You know, something "Carter-esque!")  He appointed Hillary Clinton as  His Secretary of State, but keeps her side-lined, favoring instead the use of "Czar's" and "Special Envoys" to deliver his apologies and diplomatic tummy rubs. 

At a time where each passing day brings whack-job Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Ayatollah one day closer to unleashing a nuclear missile assault . . . . .Obama is rushing off with Michelle & Oprah to Denmark to champion Chicago's bid for the freaking Olympic Games!

In 9 months as Commander-In-Chief of the United States military - with thousands of young American men and women fighting in harms way - this "most brilliant of all Presidents" has met with his top commander in the field only ONE time - 1 time!!  But he's got enough time to flit off to the "live XXX show" capital of the world to plead for votes for the Olympic Games. 

How does Copenhagen "dovetail" with his Oath of Office?  "Preserve, Protect and Champion the right of the most corrupt city in America to vie for the International Olympic Games, at a time when terrorists are actively trying to attack the American mainland and I've run the American economy into the ground single-handedly!"  Geez, I don't seem to remember that.  

Here's a historic analogy that might prove frighteningly prophetic!
    "Nero fiddled while Rome burned!"  - - - "Obama fiddled with the Olympics and healthcare while Terrorists burned America!"  

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This Week's amazing "Dumb Stuff"

This week we received word that the health care bill put together by Montana Senator Max Baucus, would cost another $829 BILLION over the next 10 years and would only "save"  $81 BILLION over that same 10 year period.  At the same time that the Congressional Budget Office put out this information they also noted that after that 10 year period  (wait for it) ...... there would still be 25,000,000 Americans that would not be covered by health care!!

Wasn't the whole FUCKING purpose of rushing and pushing through universal healthcare IMMEDIATELY so that ALL Americans would then be covered by healthcare? I don't remember President Floppy Ear's saying he wanted to cover All Americans - except for 25 million!
Wasn't it the PROMISE from the Obama-nation Administration that America would only start to become a good & fair country AFTER EVERYBODY was covered by universal healthcare???? WELL WASN'T THAT THE BRILLIANT OBAMA PLAN??? 

So someone explain to me (because apparently I'm a MORON) how these JERK-Offs in Congress and the White House can expect you and me to allow them to spend ANOTHER $829 BILLION of (pardon me-again)  MY FUCKING MONEY for a "product" that won't even accomplish what it was supposed to accomplish in another 10 years. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME BEFORE MY EYEBALLS EXPLODE!!!

WHY AREN'T THESE PEOPLE IN CONGRESS ALREADY IN PRISON???  Someone bring some chains and a few locks - and the next time we get all these SCHMUCKS together in the same building, let's just chain and lock the doors closed. I guarantee you that these 550 JERK-Off's  don't have the brain power between than to find a way out. They'll all die of starvation before they can solve the problem!

****** ****** ******

Second "Dumb Stuff" occurrence of the week. President Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm!"), was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. When I heard this announcement - I laughed so hard I almost drove my rig into a bridge abutment! FOR WHAT???? What has the man done in 9 months to QUALIFY him for the Nobel Peace Prize? Later in the day it was leaked that he was nominated for the award, ONLY 12 days after he was sworn in as President.  Really, that makes it even more unbelievable!!!
And furthermore, according the the Nobel Selection Committee he was awarded the prize ......(and this makes it priceless) ....... not for what he had done - BUT FOR WHAT HE STANDS FOR. Holy Shit!!  He STANDS for apologizing for The United States in every foreign speech he makes! He STANDS for quadrupling the national dept in 9 months - and spending more money in that short period than all the other American Presidents COMBINED! He STANDS for everything the Founders of this country warned us against!!!

And he has now become the answer to a trivia question......... Name three national leaders, who accomplished exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to them for?  

ANSWER:   Who are President Yasser Arafat - former President Jimmy Carter - and current President Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 

Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 
Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 
Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 
Barack Hussein Obama ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 

DUM SPIRO SPERO  ("mmm-mmm-mmm") 
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!  ("mmm-mmm-mmm")