Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Points to Ponder.....

* This past Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on ABC's 'This Week' with George Stephanopoulos. During her interview Madam Pelosi indicated that there would be "millions of dollars" from the Obama Stimulus Package specifically targeted toward "family planning services." (i.e.: Planned Parenthood) So shocked was Stephanopoulos when he heard this, that he repeated his question and asked Speaker Pelosi if she'd like to adjust her statement. Pelosi said no.

Make no mistake America, the Liberal Congress is now voting to use our tax dollars to fund killing babies! Perhaps we shouldn't be shocked by such an obvious admission by the ultra-liberal Speaker. President Obama championed identical beliefs during the campaign at a town hall meeting in Johnstown. Pa. last year. That day Obama said he wouldn't want either of his daughters "punished with a baby" if she made a mistake. (This speaks volumes to what awaits us during the next 4 years!)

** With everyone focused on the economy, you can't go a day without someone in Washington saying, the financial security of this country depends on the Obama administration solving our economic problems immediately!! Nationwide it seems that the economy and our future financial security has become "job one" as Ford used to say.

Really?? It's that important???

That explains why we're now entrusting this MONUMENTALLY important issue to a guy who's been caught cheating on his income tax - not once - but for four separate years!! And when caught, he only paid off the tax and penalty for two of those years, because that's all the IRS asked him to pay.......... And Obama tells us, there's not one other person as qualified to do the job as this cheater Geitner is!! (Oh, we're in deep shit on so many levels!)

*** This week The President announced the closing of Guantanimo Bay Terrorist Detention Center in Cuba. He did so without a plan as to where the 256 murdering terrorist bastards are going to go. (sorry about my language - NOT!) While thinking about this, I realized that the French - a people with which I hold very little in common - have a wonderful word for where I'd recommend we place these scum. The word is "oubliette" from the French root "oublier." The literal translation of oubliette is "a place of forgetting." Most often in literature it is a small utterly dark shelf in a long steeply sloping tunnel leading to the sea ... or worse. Once placed there, the incarcerated would be forgotten by their captors. And those forgotten could choose to throw themselves off the shelf without knowing what awaited them below. (God, that's such a nice thought to have about terrorists!)

I suggest an oubliette plateau of some size in an ice cave somewhere in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We can't drill and use our own oil from there - so maybe this is a way that we can utilize this territory effectively! I'll volunteer to scout out a suitable location, and I'll even arrange for transport. But we must act quickly.

And here's a strong PS on this one ..... Yemen has voiced "willingness" to accept the terrorist prisoners from Cuba. Yeah, I don't think so...especially after we released that one sand-flea from Guantanamo back to Yemen, and he's now the Number 2 guy in Al Quida there. And isn't Yemen where we lost 17 brave US sailors aboard the USS Cole?? Yeah, me thinks this is a pretty STUPID idea! Oubliette ANWR is the way to go!!!!

**** Keep counting America! During past years I've repeatedly warned fellow citizens to guard against the United States being infected with creeping socialism.

Need yet another parallel between "where we're headed" and the Marxist/Leninist utopia??

As of last week, President Obama had appointed 4 "CZARS" to head various government agencies in his administration.Now where have I heard that word before?? (What do Psychologists call it when someone inadvertently lets something slip that they actually want to hide???) I don't know....what do you think Comrades?

***** Here's a final chilling FACT - Sometime during the late '50's, my ancestral homeland of Sweden elected the Social Democrats to power. (I can remember my Dad crying that day as he read the Swedish paper).

It took over 60 years for the Swede's to finally wake up and rid the government of them! But not before they'd nearly bankrupted the national treasury with their spending - and raised taxes on the citizenry so badly that nearly 2 generations of Swede's moved their personal and business finances offshore!!!

So here's the FACT - socialism fails, ALWAYS! It collapses under its own bureaucratic weight and excesses. But only AFTER it wreaks the citizenry for generations!!

What's the Obama wealth sharing "pogrom" against tax paying Americans (oops!) program projected to costing now????

DUM SPIRO SPERO!! (if I can afford it!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stimulus Spending - Tried & Failed! - Are we mindless sheep?

Folks -

I need you all to understand this, and then call or write your Congressmen and Senators and demand they listen to reason! The concept is really simple to "grasp" once you've gone back and reviewed recent history. There's no need to go back and reinvent the wheel. The answers are right here with us - on the other side of the world.

SPENDING your way out of a recessionary period has already been tried. It failed - quite miserably.

It failed 10 times in recent Japanese history when the government tried to "spend" its way to re-stimulating the Japanese economy.** 10 times!!! The Japanese bought into Keynesian (monetarist) economics which dictates that spending during a recessionary period must be increased for prosperity to continue. (This is an overly simplified explanation - but any economist telling the truth will tell you that it's pretty much "dead nuts" on target.) What happened was that the Japanese government spent the country into unimaginable debt! When it didn't work the first time, they tried it a second time and spent more - and so on. A level of debt that the Japanese people are still carrying on their over-taxed backs! Does this sound familiar?

  • Ya know, when I was a boy and you heard people talk about a million bucks, that seemed like all the money in the world to me! Boy-did I want to have a million bucks! And just so you can all "conceptualize" what we're talking about - there are a thousand millions in just one billion.
  • Want to have some fun - write $1,000,000 at the top of a sheet of paper. Now immediately under that write $1,000,000 again. And immediately under that, write $1,000,000 again. Do this successively on 1000 lines - one right below the other. Just 997 times more. How long did it take you? When you're finished, that'll be just one billion.

This week I listened to our newly sworn President call for the "speedy approval of the $870 BILLION stimulus package."

  • Which means if you want to continue my only have to continue writing $1,000,000 below itself 869 THOUSAND more times.

Stimulus - spending - just - spends. Eventually when you've bought something, you have to pay for it. And when you don't have the money to begin with, spending just increases your debt! It doesn't matter if you're an individual, or a country. If you don't have the money to buy can't afford it!!!!!

I know this next statement might come as a shock to the 63+ million Americans who voted for President Obama... BUT.... Not even President Barack Obama can spend the country out of debt, or pay your mortgage, your student loan, or make your car payments! It just doesn't work that way. Do we really have the arrogance to think that simply because President Obama wants it to happen, that The United States will be able to reverse proven economic reality?

It doesn't work people.


Dum Spiro Spero!

** (Google search "Japanese economy 1985 - 2000." Here's a wonderful link explaining the impact and the results on the Japanese economy -

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pray for Israel!!

I'm afraid for all of my friends in Israel.

I say a prayer each night for Jews in that small country at the far end of the Med - surrounded by fanatical terrorists who have pledged to exterminate them.

I place my faith and trust in the strength and resolve of the Israeli military and the Israeli people - - many of whom will I fear, continue to die in order to protect themselves and their families against renegade Islamic and Arab terrorists.

With everyone here in the U.S. holding their breath awaiting the historic inauguration of America's first black President, nobody seems to realize that 2009 could mark the beginning of the end of the Jewish State of Israel! Why? I'll answer this way....Two weeks ago I watched a televised account of New York JEWS protesting Israel's bombing of Hamas targets in Gaza. Here were a group of American Jews supporting Hamas/Palestinian protesters outside the United Nations. Look at it a different way.......
  • Here were Jews
  • supporting a group of Arab/Islamic terrorists
  • dedicating to killing Jews!!
Nuts enough for you?

What many Americans - and I ESPECIALLY include ALL JEWISH Americans in this group - fail to understand about "the changing of the guard" down in Washington, is this. President elect Barack Obama has PLEDGED to cut the U.S. military budget. He has also pledged to support aid to less fortunate countries around the world. But, he has NEVER made a clear concise declaration about continuing Israeli military aid. A betting person might deduce that the "changing of the guard" for Israel in all probability means some change to the amount of military aid Washington will send to Israel. For me, this "undeclared declaration" SCREAMS that Israel is on its own in its fight for survival.

My reasoning? Well, ya see, President elect Obama believes that with his smile and his presence, he can foster immediate communications and trustworthy negotiations between Israel and those who want to kill Israeli's. It's true! Barack Obama believes he can "talk" Islamic and Arab homicide bombers into not wanting to kill Jews! I ask you, how egotistically ridiculous is that? At the very least his "notion" will allow Hamas to re-supply its cache of rockets in the Gaza. At the very worst.... well, I don't want to think about the very worst.

One thing's for certain, Benjamin Netanyahu's statement years ago is still 1000% true! He said......

"If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.
If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel."

Hmmmm. Let's think about that. Understand that in the last year - since Israel agreed to a cease-fire with Gaza and Lebanon - over 3000 Katyusha rockets - have rained down on Israeli women & children from Gaza! 3,000! Has the American Press reported the Arab/Islamic breaking of the ceasefire? Of course not. When Israel proved that the rockets were once again being smuggled into Gaza through more than 60 tunnels from suppliers in Egypt, did the U.N. act to condemn Hamas or Egypt? Certainly not! But when Israel said "ENOUGH" and bombed the Hamas rocket sites and strongholds - Dear Lord the U.S. & World Press couldn't condemn Israel fast enough for their "disproportionate response!!"

This is why I truly fear that without "a great cry" going up throughout the United States, Israel faces a very very tough 2009!!! Join me in a PRAYER FOR ISRAEL.

We pray for Israel,

Both the mystic ideal of our [ancestors'] dreams,

And the living miracle, here and now,

Built of heart, muscle, and steel.

May she endure and guard her soul,

Surviving the relentless, age-old hatreds,

The cynical concealment of diplomatic deceit,

And the rumblings that warn of war.

May Israel continue to be the temple that magnetizes

The loving eyes of Jews in all corners:

The Jew in a land of affluence and relative peace,

Who forgets the glory and pain of his being,

And the Jew in a land of oppression whose blooded fist

Beats in anguish and pride

Against the cage of his enslavement.

May Israel yet embrace her homeless, her own,

And bind the ingathered into one people.

May those who yearn for a society built on human concern

Find the vision of the prophets realized in her.

May her readiness to defend

Never diminish her search for peace.

May we always dare to hope

That in our day the antagonisms will end,

That all the displaced, Arab and Jew, will be rooted again,

That within Israel and across her borders

All God's children will touch hands in peace.

(Nahum Waldman, Likrat Shabbat: Worship, Study, and Song)


Thursday, January 01, 2009

"You asked for it - You got it - Obama!"

Happy New Years Day!
(subtopic) Go Penn State ! Or as the new President calls them..."the Nittaly Lions"

Throughout the election I continually wondered why certain topics NEVER got addressed. Seemed like neither Senator McCain nor Obama wanted anything to do with certain issues that really mattered. The best example I can give you is one that truly torks me off! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

  • [NOTE TO READERS: Those of you who've read my blog for a while know my position - it's really simple - How can we expect to have a "law abiding society," when we give the privilege of citizenship to folks whose first act in coming here - is to break the law? Huh? Answer me that please. It just doesn't make any sense!]
  • So anyway, during the campaign I waited to hear how either of these 2 geniuses was going to handle illegal immigration. You know, those nearly 20 million illegals who are already here in this country, for which both you and I already pay taxes to support. What did I hear? Zippity-do-da, bubkiss, NADA! (To use my best high school Espanol.)

    Let's just see how long after January 20th it takes President Obama before he;
    • grants AMNESTY to the 20 million illegals and family members already here - (BTW-67% of all Latinos voted for "the Obama"). Granting amnesty would eliminate any border security measures enacted during the last 8 years. I also wonder what will happen to general immigration laws and requirements under Obama/Reid/Pelosi? Are open borders conceivable? Will we witness the creation of a megacountry "Mexi-meri-ada?" (sounds like a bad hotel chain to me.)
    • awards driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. On the surface this isn't such a big deal, everyone needs the ability to move around - right? Unfortunately, a driver's license also "opens the door" for voter's registration, getting a banking & checking account (ie: potential loans & mortgages), and traveling via train or plane.
    • enacts socialized medicine. During the election Liberals cried that "nearly 47 million Americans are without health care benefits!" What that "cry" failed to mention was that nearly 20 million of those people are the illegal immigrants who illegally invaded this country by crossing the border illegally. Just one more reason for Americans NOT to support socialized medicine.
    Of course, Lord Obama will push these issues through quickly. BUT - mark my words - he will sign them into law while smiling into the camera and saying, "Well, I am just enacting what the Congress and the people of the United States has put before me in a bill." Our first "Teflon President" will deflect any personal criticism from himself.

    Reid, Pelosi, Shumer and the rest of the congressional socialist democrats already drooling over "all those Hispanic votes" will, (along with the Obama Cabinet and other appointments), champion Lord Obama's pogroms* against our Republic. (Follow the link below to read about the destruction of our American way of life).