Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Angry Old Man

    A week ago I met a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while - and he asked me why I wasn't writing blog posts that often anymore?
    I told him that with driving "all those hours and all those miles" each week, I ended up being awfully tired come Friday - certainly too tired to deal with the failing performance of the second rate college lecturer we currently have sitting in the White House. (We chuckled at that one), but as I walked away I thought more about his question. Why hadn't I been writing? I certainly had a fertile enough field of subjects, given everything that President Obama has "foisted" upon us during his short & ignoble tenure.
    Gradually, I settled on this explanation for my inaction. I'm so angry and so disgusted at what is happening in this country that I'm beyond the point of just writing about some incident.
    Let me set up an easy example for you ..... 
    Liberals tell us that they're fair and open-minded, that they're willing to listen to any idea. All of the major news networks extol the virtues of their own networks as being all inclusive and fair. (And in this I include FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC and the other minor news broadcasters.) The mainstream press tells us that they report everything fairly. All Congressmen & Senators speak about their willingness to embrace by-partisanship. And our Chief Executive spends countless hours hosting dinners and award celebrations, weighing in on NFL litigation, and happenings around the country centered on his support of Union efforts. 
    Here's the example .... What have you heard reported about our brave fighting men and women in Iraq or Afghanistan in the last few months? What backing and support have you heard coming from anywhere concerning the WINNING of THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM?  
    Unfortunately for our men and women fighting overseas, AND FOR THEIR FAMILIES here at home - the President and His Press Corps as well as the major networks have gotten what they wanted. They have managed to relegate the bloody battles and lives of our soldiers to the back pages. In other words, they've gotten us to forget about what we're fighting for. FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the absolute annihilation of our terrorist enemies. While tens of thousands of soldiers are sweating and bleeding in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere - Obama and his minions have gotten us to forget about the military altogether...unless of course we're cutting some more money out of the military budgets!  
     Obama and his ilk want you to care more about children eating too many McDonalds rather than our soldiers being killed by IED's, or picked off by Taliban snipers. They want you to care more about "the Motown sound" rather than about our soldiers sweating and bleeding in Afghanistan. They want you to care more about fat-cat Unionists being granted exemptions from Obama care, rather than than the thousands of U.S. soldiers who have to beg for proper healthcare and service pay. What ever happened to obliterating islamofascist scum in their sleep with a couple bunker busters?
    How do families with children fighting overseas sleep at night knowing that this "Manchurian president" couldn't give a rats ass if they lived or died? This is the same schmuck who didn't care enough to cover his heart at the playing of Our National Anthem. Who until recently eschewed the wearing of an American Flag lapel pin. The same guy who STILL doesn't understand the reasoning behind why American Presidents and American Flags NEVER bow to foreign dignitaries!
    For all the support they're being given, our uniformed fighting men and women, have to realize that they're being hung out to dry by a Commander in Chief who really holds them in distain. Every last one of these brave souls deserves better! And every one of them PLUS their immediate and extended families, should come back to the United States and immediately start fighting against this failed President and any politician who supports even one item on his agenda!
    If the Unionists can demonstrate and hold a state capital building hostage for 8 days - maybe it's time for us "average citizens" on the Right to demonstrate in order to get elected officials to do what we elected them to do!
Dum Spiro Spero
    sic semper tyrannis!!!