Thursday, April 29, 2010

Won't You Please Join Us!

Hey Everyone!
We have just signed "The Mount Vernon Statement", signaling a
new beginning for conservatives who are committed to returning
our nation to its founding principles and philosophies of limited
, individual liberty, free enterprise and defense of
family, community and faith
-- based on a Constitutional rule
of law.

More than 80 of today's most influential conservatives from all
walks of life have added their names to this important document,
including Media Research Founder, Brent Bozell.

With conservatism under increasing attack by radical "progressives" 
whose intent is to reshape and recast our nation, it is crucial that we
take a stand by recommitting ourselves to the first principles that
our nation was founded upon.

Take a moment to join with conservatives throughout our nation
who are taking this important step by reading & signing
"The Mount Vernon Statement" right now.
Read the documents, and think about the kind of country we envisioned 
for our children ... and our children's children. Do we them to live in
the country that Obama envisions, or the one that our
Founding Father's promised?

Click here to read the document and sign:

Thanks for joining with us!

Something Interesting for Everyone! The Nolan Chart Survey

I have something interesting for everyone to do today.
Something that will take less than 5 minutes to complete - but will leave you thinking for many days afterward.
This fun exercise has absolutely NOTHING to do with my beliefs - but has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to do with your beliefs! 
I predict that many of you will be shocked!!!
So go ahead . . . CLICK on the link below . . . complete the chart . . . and then read about what it means.
What it means to you. What it means to me. And what it means for our country.
When you've finished, get your wife or husband; your boyfriend or girlfriend to take it! Parents, have your kids take it. (You might be surprised at how your children's thoughts are being "shaped" in schools today!) Pass it around electronically like I'm doing, to your friends in college, or at work. Send it to your address book contacts. If it's easier for you, simply FORWARD this note.
EVERY American should enjoy filling out the chart. Come on! Participate in your country's development. Hell, since we're already "spreading the wealth around," why not spread around the principles (and understanding) of American governance & political thought?
Don't worry - it won't bite! What are you afraid of? Chicken? Have something more important to do?? Come on - 5 minutes!
Like Joe Biden says....."be an American!"
[If you'd like, feel free to let me know where you fell on the chart. In the coming weeks I'll reveal to everyone where I fell....(as if you all, didn't already know!)] 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey Jews!!! WAKE UP!!!

    [To anyone getting this posting who is not Jewish - please feel free to pass it on to your Jewish friends!]

Here is an open invitation to any of my Jewish friends, who would like to answer a question & send a comment to me on an issue impacting Jewish survival.

Question: Why would anyone of Jewish faith or ancestry support Barack Hussein Obama?

I asked myself this question first during 2007 and 2008, because I couldn't put my arms around a consistently plausible answer OTHER than .... there are a good many liberal Jewish people, who have always supported "democratic ideals and causes." But even during his initial forays into the primary campaign - Barack Obama had and was making comments that frankly scared me.


Some personal history ...... I grew up in West Orange, New Jersey during the 1950's. A beautiful small town in Essex County, New Jersey with a pretty sizable Jewish population. I learned early in my childhood about the horrors of the Holocaust. Many of my friends parents, or grandparents had loved ones lost to the Nazi atrocities. Unfortunately, during my adolescent years some terrorist blew up a Temple in West Orange. Still being relatively stupid, since this didn't concern my Lutheran faith - I really didn't keep tabs on whether anyone was caught for this crime. I confess to being ignorant and self absorbed. I apologize now for the ignorance and inaction. I've never lost that feeling of not doing something to help hang the bastards that blew up that Temple!


So... now America has elected a Democratic President. Largely, with the support of many Jewish voters. (I'd love to know the percentage of Jewish Americans who voted for Obama in 2008?) 
  • Now.... you have a President in Washington who bows & scrapes to Arab dignitaries and holds photo ops with socialist dictators!
  • A President who is more concerned with Jews in Israel building homes in Jerusalem, than he is with "Achmadinejhad" getting the atomic bomb!
  • A President who makes a rule that we are no longer allowed to refer to "Islamic radicalism" or "the war on terror" because it might offend Muslims; but thinks nothing of walking out of a dinner with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - thereby insulting one of Americas greatest allies!
Great guy ain't he? Why should Jews worry?

What message is Obama sending to Israel or our other allies? What message is Obama sending to Tehran and our enemies?

Since the early 1990's there have been 18 separate instances of nuclear material being stolen or going missing. Comforting thought right? Gee I wonder where they went????

Almost monthly we hear of Iran and the "I'm a dinner jacket" guy talking about how many more centrifuges they are bringing on line in order to enrich Plutonium. This is the same crazed psychopath who has already said that Israel should be wiped off the map!!  Does anyone, anywhere - have the slightest doubt - that Iran will ABSOLUTELY try to bomb Israel once they get "the bomb?"  I mean if anyone doubts this - you've gotta be nuts!!!

What would one nuclear bomb detonated against Israel do to the State of Israel???
What does it say about the U.S., letting these sworn enemies of our allies, continue to work toward getting the atomic bomb.... when they've already told us THEY'RE-GOING-TO-USE- IT!!!!!  HAVE WE ALL TAKING LEAVE OF OUR SENSES???????


But Obama is worried about new construction in Jerusalem! Oyyyyy!!! Holy shit!!!!!
Why would you continue to support this guy??? Please tell me???
Dum Spiro Spero!
Sic semper tyrannis!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Wile E. Obama - SuperGenius!"

Sometimes I swear, this has to be printed on B. H. Obama's business card. Well, at least the "SuperGenius" part!!!


I mean, we're forever being reminded by the papers & the media that he's just the smartest person who's ever been IN, let alone occupied, the White House. For God sake, Frank Rich and Chris Matthews regularly reach ecstasy just by hearing him speak

And when we're not being reminded in writing .... well, there he is on television making appearance after appearance with that haughty, chin-raised smirky, smarmy Haavaaard grin. As if he's saying to all of us..."see what I can do. I'm so much better than you."  Soo smart! What else could explain his latest "master stroke" of Obama genius - he's just smarter!

Many of you might have missed this last week, but just a day after "Stretch" Pelosi climbed aboard "Botox One" and flew her tax-payer paid-for traveling Botox hunt back to SanFran .... and just a day after the rest of the "Obama Adoration Society" better known as Congress left for their "spring break," our resident genius Wile E. Coyote Obama decided to show us just how smart he really is.


Fresh off his healthcare "landslide" victory, and with no one left in Washington to question his actions, he decided he would bypass Congress and install 15 appointments that have been BLOCKED by Congress for a number of months. Now, don't get crazy on me, I know "recess appointments" are not unusual. Clinton did it - both Bush's did it - virtually every modern President has done it. But no one has done it with more GENIUS than Barack Hussein Obama!!  Check this out ....

  • Having already defied over 60% of the American population who said they DIDN'T want healthcare reform, just days previously.
  • After LYING to the American people no less than 8 separate times, saying that all Healthcare debates would be carried live on C-SPAN.
  • After breaking his promise to EVERY AMERICAN of posting every bill that comes before him on the internet for a period of 5 days, so the American people can read every bill that he reads, and voice their opinion to him.  
This one is just priceless. PRICELESS!!!  (Oh yeah, and it's so smart!!!)

Wile E. Obama, or Barack Coyote Obama has just appointed a former A.F.L. - C.I.O. General Counsel (read this union lawyer) to one of just 5 seats on the National Labor Relations Board!  This would be simply bizarre, if it wasn't so STUPID!


For those of you who don't know, the National Labor Relations Board is the "supreme court" of governance & arbitration in issues concerning legality between unionized workforces and management. The NLRB is a separate Federal agency established by Congress in 1935 to administer the National Labor Relations Act, the basic law governing relations between labor unions and the employers whose operations affect interstate commerce. On the U.S. Supreme Court there are 9 justices; on the NLRB there are 5 seats.


To lawyers - the US Supreme Court is the tip of the spear; to Company's & business leaders - the NLRB is just as important!!! Got it?


As such, it is essential that the 5 seats on the Board are occupied by individuals who are BEYOND REPROACH. They must be "SQUEAKY CLEAN" - THERE MUST BE NO QUESTION REGARDING THEIR IMPARTIALITY!!!! So what does the smartest man who's ever entered the White House do???? He appoints an AFL-CIO union lawyer to fill one of the seats, AND to compound his stupidity, he appoints another New York labor attorney to fill another one of the seats. THIS MEANS THAT BEFORE ANY ISSUE IS EVEN ARGUED BEFORE THE BOARD - 2 OF 5 VOTES ARE IN THE POCKET OF THE UNIONS, ORGANIZED LABOR!!!


Let me make sure all of you understand this....

  • This is like making your ex-wife's divorce lawyer, the Judge in your current divorce case!
  • This is like making domestic terrorist Bill Ayers the Commandant of the Marine Corp. or the Secretary of the Navy!
  • For all of my Catholic friends - this is like making Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Pope! 
  • This is like putting a Botox addicted Liberal in charge of healthcare reform! (oh, never mind)

Why am I not surprised??? 
He's our President.........Wile E. Obama - SuperGeniius!  
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!