Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not one bit Funny!

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As a guy I used to hang around with would often say.......
"This guy couldn't find his ass with both hands!"

It's sad - we're talking about the American President here!!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The crux of the liberal agenda

Last week I posted a blog about Obama's potential healthcare debacle entitled "Why not just fix the problem...that needs fixing...and leave the rest alone!!!!! Logical???" My premise was that rather than changing an entire healthcare system that is working marvelously well for nearly 300 million covered American citizens, why not instead have the government establish a program to cover the 25 to 45 million American citizens without healthcare coverage? (As a reminder, I noted in my posting that I have never had a problem granting healthcare coverage to American citizens without healthcare - but I vowed to forever oppose any plan that includes coverage for the nearly 20,000,000 ILLEGAL aliens now in our country.)

Well....I received a number of responses from liberals wondering why it was that conservatives always sought to deny benefits that they enjoyed to those less fortunate who needed them the most?

Talk about a load of prototypical Liberal horse shit! This is the same drivel I heard every liberal candidate espouse throughout the last campaign, and what Lord Obama has called for daily during the first 200 days of his administration. They make outlandish "blanket" statements with no facts to back them up - but knowing the Press will go along with anything they say - so they feel emboldened to continue lying to the American people. The consequence of which is that the vast majority of the American public gets fed a never ending meal of Liberal shit burgers!

(Oy, this makes my head hurt!) OK....One final time so even Liberals can understand. I am NOT looking to deny healthcare benefits to any legally qualified American citizen. But let's NOT mess up the greatest healthcare engine the world has ever known, in order to create coverage for something less than 14% of the American citizenry.

One respondent even chided me - asking why I was so adamantly opposed to covering needy people? He "supposed" I lived in a big house had done well in my career so that I could afford "giving" some more to those less fortunate! And there I realized - in his two statements - reside the crux of the liberal/socialist agenda for this country, and a glimpse of the future for any American citizen who had worked hard all of our lives and would at some point like to enjoy the "fruits of our labor." (Follow me now this is important) granting healthcare coverage to any eligible American citizen without healthcare, had morphed into my opposition to "cover needy people." His argument was that since I had worked hard and could afford it, I should be willing to give someone - anyone - healthcare if they were deemed "less fortunate!"

The end result is that the liberal socialist's want to give away the "fruits of our labors" that we have earned! And it isn't relegated to healthcare alone - if we let this healthcare fiasco proceed it will soon include anything we own - our purchased property - our savings and our investments - our pensions vehicles and our earned Social Security "promise" - ANYTHING we have earned that the socialist decides should go to those who didn't earn it. Oh, and that also includes the elimination of our freedoms - especially our freedom of speech.

Americans, this abhorrence can not stand!!! I cringe every time I think about Joe Biden's televised interview comments where he said spreading the wealth around was being patriotic! Or Barack Obama's televised speech where he unabashedly stated,
  • "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it."
We should have seen it coming then, and defeated these liberal socialists...but we were too apathetic, we didn't understand the magnitude of their hatred for this country. We failed to get enough like-minded patriots together on election day to defeat those who want to defeat our country, and our way of life! We must now once and for all protect our constitution, and our country!

WE who have earned every right we have been given by our blood, sweat, toil, and tears, must unite to reclaim and protect our rights as American citizens! Perhaps we must now come to grips with the realization that this marks the beginning of the Second American Revolution! A revolution devoted to running the liberal revisionists and apologists out of office! A revolution fought to re-affirm the American heritage and all that it represents.

Perhaps nothing less will suffice.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama-care brings out the "MOBSTERS" in conservative ranks!!!

So, today I heard that Barbara Boxer was upset that angry citizens were voicing their displeasure with Obama care, by yelling at their congressmen & senators during "town hall meetings" over the weekend. She was angry because these unruly mob members were "just like the well dressed Brooks Brothers" hoodlums she had been accosted by in 2000 down in Florida during the Bush/Gore recount!! She said (I think) to Chris Matthews that these outbursts had to be staged events because "real protesters would never be dressed that well." She ended her comments by saying that it was so sad "because this mob was obviously out to hurt our president!"

PUL-LEEEZZEE! What is he, made of glass? Id da poor widdle flopsy-mopsy pwedident scared because da nasty wasty republican citizens don't wike his SUCK-ASS healthcare bill?? TISK TISK TISK! Awwwww! TOUGH! KEEP YOUR GRUBBY SOCIALIST HANDS OFF OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!!! (I would have thought a Saul Alinsky trained community organizer would have had more backbone than Barry's showing)
  • Side note: A reporter friend of mine at a New York paper called me early in the afternoon to tell me there had been a request made by either the White House Press Office or the Democratic National Committee, asking that anyone seeing a blog posting or an email regarding national healthcare that appeared "fishy or strange," to please contact the White House or DNC immediately. He said he was trying to confirm it's authenticity - I laughed my butt off! No sooner had I hung up the phone from him than Rush Limbaugh reported it... and later in the afternoon so did Sean Hannity! Wow! Are Rahm, Nicky & Barry getting a bit irked that people are actually questioning "the anointed ones " plans and ideas???? Gee.....I guess shit happens.
Later in the afternoon one of the news channels ran a montage of all the Democrat talking heads, each one using the same words...."Brooks Brothers mob," and "had to be staged by the republicans because all the angry protesters were so well dressed!" The best line came from a reporter who actually said, "I knew this all had to be staged by the republicans since everyone was so sharply dressed in pinks and limes!" (Where do they get these commentators from??)

Here's a flash for Mzzzz. Boxer...... I know this may be a foreign concept to you dear Babs, but some people actually have to go to town hall meetings during their work day. So they take a few hours off and wear the clothes they go to work in . This should actually scare you even more because it's an indication of just how many "white collar" citizens are actually livid about your socialist leader's wealth & health redistribution plans. And just so there's no question about how we feel....we're not going to stop screaming and raising a stink until all of you liberal socialists are soundly defeated!! Hugs & kisses angry mob member!


Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hey Mr. President, do You Lie to Michelle this Often????

So where is our distinguished Nobel Laureate AlBore when we really need him?

Can you all remember when Al (using his best Baptist Minister impersonation) screamed into the camera .........

Boy, could we use ol' Al now.... as a sound effect for the Obamanation Administration.
Geez, if Obama was Pinocchio he wouldn't be able to turn a freakin' corner in the White House...or as Barack calls it..."the 1st crib." If he got "tazed" every time he told a lie in public, we'd be watching him convulsing on the floor every night!!

Let's just review a few of the more blatant lies our most esteemed president has uttered during the first 200 days of his administration.
  • Statement...I will approve no budget that contains earmarks! Fact: Approving an omnibus budget that contained nearly 9000 earmarks... unreviewed by Congress!
  • Quote... "We need to make the White House the people's house, and we need to close the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely and lets them use their time in public service as a way to promote their own interests over the interests of the American people when they leave," Obama said. "As of today, lobbyists will be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history."There will be no lobbyists working in my administration. " Fact: Less than three weeks later Obama was forced to make a statement ending the ban on Lobbyists. Lobbyist now work in and consult with the Obama White House. (You think a Chicago-hack like Rahm Emanuel can exist without favors to and from Chicago/Illinois lobbyists?? PLEEEEZE!!!!)
  • Statement... The Stimulus Plan is necessary to insure that American Citizens don't loose their homes because they signed bad mortgages. Fact: The Stimulus Plan was used by banks to gobble up other banks! Does anyone reading this know of one person who received government stimulus dollars and avoided foreclosure?
  • Statement early this spring...Believe me, the last thing your government wants to do is own a car company! Fact: We now have a car company (Chevy, Cadillac) owned by the United States government, the Canadian government, and a health care fund of the UAW. (Can you believe it! The Union now owns part of the auto industry that they caused to go bankrupt with their unceasing wage & benefit demands! UNBELIEVABLE!)
  • Quote...."I have also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade, and I mean it." Fact: The cost of Obama's socialized medicine program are so overwhelming that his own White House Budget Director and the Congressional Budget Office indicate that only accounting "gimmicks" "can mask the true burdens on the deficit!"
So let me pose to you readers a question.....He's taken over banks and insurance companies...much to the glee of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Shumer....He's fired the CEO of a private company.... in little-more than 200 days he's spent more money than all of the previous American Presidents COMBINED.... he's lied to all of you from the time before he was a candidate ..... He has never run anything in his life, but now he wants you to "trust him" as he dismantles the health care program that every other country in the world is envious of.
  • Do you really want to place your TRUST, your health, and the health of your children and grandchildren into the hands of a person who lies to you every day....and into the hands of a government that has failed running social security - failed running Medicare and Medicaid - failed running the Postal Service - for all intents-and-purposes failed at keeping its promises to you during your work life???? Huh? Well, do ya??
  • Do you now want this administration to be responsible for establishing how and to what extent health care for you and your loved ones is granted???
  • Do you want this administration who tells you it's your patriotic duty to "spread your wealth around" to take more of your savings and choose what kind of health care you and your family receive???
If you don't like being lied to by a President who has demonstrably changed our country in little more than 200 days ...... If you don't want to continue being abused and walked-over by an administration who sees you and your family as "government property" .... you better take action NOW. Call your Senators and Congressmen and tell them you expect them to vote against socialized healthcare of any kind. Tell them that unless they follow your orders - you'll join with hundreds of others calling for their immediate "recall!"

Chilling final thought: once Obamacare In ANY FORM is passed, Liberals will gain another 20 million votes. They will be unstoppable for the next 2 generations! Why? Because ILLEGAL ALIENS are part of the group Obama wants covered by his health care program!!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why not just fix the problem...that needs fixing...and leave the rest alone!!!!! Logical???

Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration - the Liberals have been trying to make socialized medicine a reality here in the U.S. That's right - learn a little history on a Sunday evening...since 1933 when FDR was first sworn in as our 33rd President, liberals have been trying to control the medical industry in this country. Even back in old FDR's time, Liberals knew that making healthcare "an entitlement" would virtually guarantee Democratic electoral success.

But even with all their conniving, conservative republicans stood in their way - assuring that our free market system was protected. You'd think that after all this time Liberal Democrats would understand that the American People aren't willing to RUIN the best medical care system in the world - in order for the Democrats to garner another 5 - 15 million votes!! (And don't let anyone tell you this is about anything other than VOTES! )

Which brings me to my point - Why not just fix the problem...that needs fixing?
During the last 10 or 12 years all I've heard from Ted (vehicular homicide - hic!) Kennedy, the Clintons, Pelosi, Reed, Shumer, and Obama, is that there are 45 million Americans without healthcare. That we have to cover these 45,000,000 Americans or else we're just a country of cold-hearted, uncaring, rich conservative bigots!

OK - well, why don't we just fix the problem that needs fixing. For the sake of showing "humanity" to those less fortunate than ourselves, let's agree to "cover" all those legally eligible with healthcare benefits.

First however, we have to look at that number the libs always throw around...Forty-five million Americans. Unfortunately that number includes between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens the liberals want to cover for free healthcare. (Why? see paragraph 2) Even for the sake of this exercise I will never agree to covering people in this country illegally....that's just never going to fly.... so lets just subtract out fifteen million illegal aliens. That leaves us with 30,000,000 people needing healthcare benefits.

OK. So where are we going to find the $$$$ necessary to cover 30,000,000 people ????????????
Well if you listen to the Socialist in the White House - we have to scrap our entire nation-wide healthcare and medical system in order to accomplish this! And because the "Obama Press & Media core" fails to report this news, all Americans are left to believe that the only way to provide these poor unfortunates healthcare ... is if we all give up our current healthcare programs and the Government takes over the health care system - to the tune of more than $1 trillion dollars in additional spending!

Here's just this stupid, ignorant, American's solution to this "national emergency"....... why don't we just fix the problem that needs fixing? Instead of ruining the entire medical/healthcare system for all 300 million Americans, why not find out how much and how to cover 30 million Americans without healthcare? That has to be a lot easier and a lot less expensive. AND - I BET THE CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE COULD EVEN COME UP WITH HOW TO GET THE MONEY FAST & EASY - didn't they come up with how to get the $787,000,000,000 billion dollar stimulus money in about 36 hours?

Maybe it's just me, but isn't it smarter & easier to fix the smaller problem instead of struggling to not FUBAR the whole healthcare system of an entire nation? Really - are these questions really so hard for you politicians to answer?

Dum Spiro Spero!!!
Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!