Sunday, September 28, 2008

STRANGER THAN SCIENCE: Republicans sighted in New Jersey!!!

As a staunch conservative, I've long considered myself an oddity here in New Jersey - sort of a dinosaur looking for a "deposit layer" to become part of.

If there were other dinosaurs of a similar breed, there were sufficiently few of us between the Atlantic Ocean and Philly, High Point and Cape May to ever make a difference in a state populated by the roving herds of screeching screaming ultra-liberal Tyranno-taxasaurusses that have run rampant through State, county, and municipal well as local school boards and say nothing of college campuses! (Often I would catch glimpses of these voracious pack feeders, peering hungrily at me through my electrified fence as they power-walked by my yard on the weekends....hoping I would guess, to catch me outside my protective sanctuary, where they could tear me limb-from-limb for flying my BUSH CHENEY '04 pennants!)

Last night, I accompanied my wife to her annual dinner gathering of Human Resources professionals at Don Pepe's Restaurant in the Iron Bound section of Newark, NJ. These are 6 of my wife's former colleagues who get together once a year to share a good meal and compare career notes. 3 of us spouses also attend, and sit quietly by as "the colleagues" discuss who's alive, who's dead, who's still with the company after 40 years, who's not...etc. I suspect the spouses are there to support the "significant" part of the union, or simply because we drive.

As I sat there last night, quietly pushing the remains of my green beans from one side of the plate to the other, I heard....."So what do you all think about the election?" My head shot up defensively and I looked around, because this was usually the first "rustle" of sound preceding an attack by a band of feeding tyranno-taxasaurusses!

I froze in place and said nothing........I waited for the next question usually designed to allow "the pack" to home in on an unwary dinoconservataurus like me......"You were a BUSHY supporter last time, weren't you Ken???" This was usually followed by a clicking of teeth and a licking of lips as the taxasaurrusses got ready to pounce!

Imagine my surprise when first one, and then another, and then still another of those at the table said, "God, I hope McCain and Palin win!" Until I found myself sitting at a table of 8 McCain supporters and only one Obama supporter! WOW!!! 8 dinoconservatauruses among 9 Human Resources practitioners! There's a record!! I even noticed that at a couple of nearby tables, heads were bobbing up & down in agreement at our overheard conversation!

Imagine that!!! In New Jersey of all places - in Newark - of all the most unlikely places to find a safe watering hole where dinoconservatauruses could spend at least one evening safely among their own kind!!! Secure in the knowledge that at least for a few hours no pack of shrill screeching tyranno-taxasaurrusses would try to eviscerate us!!

As we left the restaurant and started the drive home, my smile and calm slowly faded as I realized that all too soon we would once again be walking beside dangerous feeding tyranno-taxasaurrusses. I was bolstered in the knowledge that at least there was a small, formerly unknown breeding colony of dinoconservatauruses left in New Jersey. We'd have to work hard to keep the species going!!!

Dum Spiro Spero!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Old joke right! HIS LIPS ARE MOVING!!

Unfortunately at this critical moment in the economic history of our nation, this scurrilous cretin is LYING to ALL OF US!!! And the truly criminal issue here, is that the mainstream media will NEVER report Dodd's culpability and criminality to the country - because it benefits their purposes not to!!!

But I'm here to tell you the truth as succinctly as I can.
Both yesterday and today (this morning Dodd was interviewed on the Don Imus show - WABC radio), I listened while Chris Dodd (D - Conn.) energetically and emotionally told the listening audience that it was "this administration" that had caused this needless financial crisis by not listening when the plan administrators told them there was a crisis.

Yesterday, Dodd could be seen screaming into the camera's & microphones at a televised news conference, that "those who oversaw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac" had failed to provide adequate oversight during the last 8 years! (His "inference" again, by using the "8 year" reference was that it was President George Bush who caused this crisis.)
Additionally, and without missing a beat, Dodd insisted that Presidential candidate John McCain had been "grandstanding" by suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to assist during the crisis.


Sorry. There's only a few small problems with Dodd's well choreographed emotional tirades during the last 36 hours.......

What Dodd, (who has never been one to let the TRUTH or the FACTS get in the way of his personal aggrandizement), failed to state for the record, is that the beginning of this Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco began in 1992 (or '93) when the Clinton administration was busy looking for more votes. At that time President Clinton demanded that Congress pressure the banking industry to increase low-cost loans and mortgages to low and middle income an effort to allow everyone to realize "the American dream" of home ownership. Consequently, Congress pressed, banks caved, and low-cost mortgages were issued to millions of people.

[ BTW NOTE: I have no problem with the Clinton White House pressuring Congress and the banking industry in order to give more people the chance at homeownership. It's even laudatory in many respects. HOWEVER, someone in the banking industry should have told someone in the Clinton White House that the people getting these loans ... had to have at least SOME potential of affording the costs of the loans! ]

The FIRST LIE Dodd is responsible for telling Americans is that "those responsible for overseeing these organizations" failed to do their jobs. His implication being that George Bush was to blame.

The TRUTH is that Chris Dodd and Barnie Frank ARE the respective heads of the Congressional Committee's that OVERSEE Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As such it is Chris Dodd and Barnie Frank who failed to do their jobs!!! (Geez, how big of a scumbag do you have to be to tell this lie straight-faced into a camera???!!!)

The SECOND LIE Dodd perpetrated was to state that "this administration" had failed to recognize the crisis.

This is a LIE on two points and easily checkable. 1st: Even a glancing check of the historical record will show that Dodd's favorite President, William Jefferson Clinton was the party who first pressured Congress to secure low-cost housing loans for low and middle income Americans. Even Barnie Frank referenced this during the past week! 2nd: President Bush has tried on a DOCUMENTED number of occasions to get Congress to recognize and deal with the oncoming financial train-wreck. In addition, Dodd failed to mention that John McCain began voicing loud concerns about the growing mortgage crisis early in 2007. Once again it was Barnie Frank who replied that "these entities are solvent and I fear that any more discussion about the issue or increased oversight will see a reduction in low income housing."

The THIRD LIE Dodd is guilty of, is perhaps the greatest of all, because it is a lie of INTENTIONAL OMISSION. This is the lie where Dodd forgets to tell his constituents in Connecticut and the rest of the American population, that he has profited from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions. In fact, Dodd is #1 in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributions...followed second by Baracka Hussein Obama and John Kerry in third place.

In a related story, Baracka Hussein Obama's chief financial advisor received $96,000,000 in salary payments for the 6 years he was "running" Fannie Mae. That's a slick 16 million a year! (Great gig if you can find it huh?)

In summary, what you'll NEVER hear from the network news shows nor the driveby media pundits is that in large measure Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a majority of past & present congressional "thieves" used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as their own personal PETTY CASH BOX.

FEW are guiltless of taking money.
ALL are guilty - because they knew about it and didn't put a stop to it!

The Honor Code at The Citadel states "A cadet does not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do." For hundreds of years at The Citadel, at Annapolis, West Point, and at the Air Force Academy the same HONOR CODE has molded the integrity and character of the men and women who wear the uniform of our country.

Should we not be able to demand the same code of honor from those who swear that they will govern our country?

For LYING to all of us, Chris Dodd should be immediately impeached from his Congressional office. He should be jailed for his offenses. I can only hope that while in prison, his "honor" be stripped from him once he is in the prison population, (by a large man named "Tiny").

Always remember..... His lips were moving!

And we elected him and allow him to fester and misguide our country!!!

Dum Spiro Spero!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Prevarication of Barack Hussien Obama

The Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the United States has promised the following.........
  • That under his presidency, he will cut the taxes of 95% of the American people.
This is yet another lie by Baracka Hussein Obama.
It is impossible for him to cut the taxes on 95% of the American public.

Why, you ask?
Because the bottom 40% of wage earners in the United States DO NOT PAY ANY TAXES!!

Don't believe me, look it up yourself. For the record...Lenin also preached for & incited conflict between the masses. Obama is no different. He pledges to "bring the country together," but openly campaigns on dis-unity and pledges to take from one group to give to another.

Is this what you want for your children??


PS: Last week a reader asked me to remove them from my mailing list. Of course I did so immediately. Please let me know if you wish me to remove you from my mailing list. Similarly, if you feel another of your friends would like to read my thoughts, feel free to pass this along to them. -KAJ

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We MUST STOP Liberal Socialism.

A dear friend of mine is a Liberal Democrat. I'm sure many more of my friends and acquaintances are, but this guy I argue with and laugh with on a regular basis about politics and the state of our country. This morning he replied to one of my notes last week and it just "TOUCHED" a nerve.

Since May or June I've been screaming at my television almost nightly, waiting for some conservative to "call" Baracka Hussein Obama on the horrible lies he's been telling on the campaign trail about conservatives, President George W. Bush's accomplishments, John McCain, and the general state of our country. (It's gotten so bad that when the television "clicks" on, my bulldog Oskar leaves the room - he knows the yelling is about to start!) Well, with the Liberal press and media firmly in the pocket of Savior Obama, I have seen no one there to support our country, except a few folks on FOX News or in NEWSMAX, and they were being overshadowed by the driveby media.

Seriously, the mainstream media must be absolutely gleeful that almost noone in America under the age of 35 even knows there's a Republican Party, let alone that John McCain is running against Obama!! Do your own test. Ask some twenty something ditz with a stud in their eyebrow who is running and they'll say...."Yeah, fur sure Obama dude!" Ask them why they'd support him and they'll say...."It's like, because he's for hope and change man!" Ask them what he's ever done and they'll say...."Whoa, like what's better than hope and change man!" I rest my case.

This past Thursday, like many of you, I flew my flag in honor or all those brave hero's who have died supporting our freedom since islamo-terrorists attacked us on September 11, 2001. Obama and all Liberal Democrats would like it if we'd simply forget that terrible day, and forgive those who attacked us. (My God, that's scary!) I guess this morning my nationalistic pride and anger just got the better of me. Below is my reply to my good buddy.

It's my woefully inadequate "rant" on why we must defeat Barracka Hussein Obama and Liberal Socialism this coming November 4th.


Say NO to Obama!!!
No! To Socialist, elitist, privileged liar!
No! To Socialist celebrity candidate! (Backed by limousine liberal elitist celebrities who hate the capitalist system but take Billions of dollars from us every year!)
No! To Socialist propagandist candidate with NO executive experience!
No! To Socialists who would like us to forget who bombed us on 9/11!
No! To Socialist politician who would eagerly sit down with our enemies! (Chamberlainian appeasement & capitulation!)
No! To Socialist candidate running on a political ticket of what's wrong with the United States and what he'd change!
No! To Socialist candidate ashamed of the United States, who apologizes to the world for our actions!
No! To Socialist politicians who would appoint Activist Liberal Supreme Court Justices!
No! To Socialist candidate who continues friendships with radical Weather Underground bombers and anti-American Racist ministers!
No! To Socialist who does not say "Pledge or Allegiance" nor cover his heart during National Anthem!
No! To Socialist candidate who calls us one thing in Pennsylvania and another while with elitist friends in San Francisco!
No! To Socialist politicians whose wife professes continued disgust with America while allowing her daughters to hear hate-America speech from racist minister!
No! To Socialists who want to GROW government!
No! To Socialist who would have us turn our backs on Israel!
No! To Socialist who would increase my taxes and throw out the BEST MEDICAL SYSTEM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN in favor of FAILED European Socialized medicine!
No! To Socialist politicians who want to give ONE PENNY of what I've earned to someone else in a "redistribution of wealth" society!
No! To Socialism and Leninism FOREVER!
NEVER in my country!!!!

Kenneth A. Johnson