Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He COULDN'T care Less!

(Originally written and mailed April 17, 2010)   

On Monday night I came home after work anxious to hear President Obama's speech about the budget.
    During the day I had heard that Obama had sent a personal invitation to Congressman Paul Ryan to have him hear the speech from the front row. 
    Imagine my shock when I heard on my drive home Monday evening, that Obama's speech had been made during the afternoon - and that he wouldn't be addressing the entire nation
that evening. While watching the news then on Monday night, I figured out "why" the President had invited Congressman Paul Ryan to attend his speech. Obama did so, so that he could look down from his teleprompters and podium and "personally bitch-slap"  Ryan and other Republicans for even attempting to submit an alternative to what Obama wanted for a budget! And he did so in front of an adoring college audience!!! What a  pathetic coward!
    Oh yeah. Showing the immature "smallness" that has become second nature to our C-I-C, (that would be "our Communist-In-Chief") Obama once again thumbed his nose at ANYONE who dares to suggest something different than what he or Michelle wants to hear! To the rousing cheers of his 18 to 25 year old cult followers, the self-confessed smartest man in America explained, that once again the failed Bush administration has forced Him to come up with a budget.  As always, showing the true extent of His psychosis, our C-I-C gave us no specifics - no plan - no roadmap for how this budget was going to be accomplished. BUT, he assured us that His will, WILL be done!!
    Gosh, there's just nothing better than hearing TYRANNY spoken is such unmistakable terms! (And with all those wonderful "whistled" s'es at the end of his words! Ever notice that? When Obama wants to sound "Fatherly," Presidential, or especially professorial, he whistles the s'es on the end of words. To me it makes him sound like he's got a lisp - but his "handlers" must've told him it sounds good.)
    As I watched a replay and heard some of the adoring comments from students that had heard his pronouncement on Monday, my belief was solidified on a couple of issues.
    With absolute assuredness I can guarantee to all of you reading this - and to your children - and your grand children, that . . . . . . .
  • UNLESS you are an impressionable collegiate student;
  • UNLESS you consider yourself a minority first (and a citizen second);
  • UNLESS you make millions of dollars in the United States annually and don't care how much he raises your taxes to;
  • UNLESS you make your millions in Music, Movies, or Sports;
  • UNLESS you are a dues paying member of any State or Federal Union;
  • UNLESS you are in this country illegally;
  • UNLESS you believe everything you hear on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, or read in the New York or LA Times;
  • UNLESS you believe that OPRAH & OBAMA are the only people who understand & care about you; 
  • UNLESS you believe that America OWES you an education, a job, a house and "free" living for the rest of your life!
    So what does this mean? Literally? In the crudest of terms? Well, sorry to have to say this, but Our C-I-C has determined that if you are white, have worked hard and achieved a moderate amount of success, obeyed the rules and paid your taxes, he doesn't need you to get re-elected. He's not worried. Obama knows that if he can just get college students, Hollywood, union members and minority citizens to vote for him - he's a sure winner.
    And as for the budget....he really doesn't care about that either. What his mind set is now, is to use as much fear mongering and race baiting as he can in order to "loosen up" the purse strings of all his potential supporters. He's announced that he'll NEED a BILLION dollars in order to get re-elected. And so what if he doesn't use it all on the re-election campaign - he and Michelle need a tidy little nest egg to get them started on their lives after the Presidency.
    Dear President Obama - I may have been born at night, just not last night! I can see through you like looking through a pane of glass!      


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