Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Dear Mr. President: Let's take a minute and think this through!"

"Dear Mr. President: Let's take a minute and think this through!"

Wow! George is looking pretty gray these days! I guess with "nightmares" like Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy/McCain, Shumer, Murtha, and a bunch of totally sissified Republicans flitting around Pennsylvania Avenue, well, as you can see from his picture taken the other day - he's looking terrible! Maybe it's only the lighting.....but doesn't he look like something he ate isn't sitting too well?

I'd really like him to re-think two of the proposals he's been pitching during the last few days. One, is his proposal to double the HIV/AIDS money we send to Africa from $15 to $30 BILLION. The other is his support of the Kennedy/McCain Amnesty/Immigration plan, (and how he described those of us who had sent him faxes saying we were against it).

Regarding Africa and HIV/AIDS: Mr. President, I'd really like to know which "Einstein" around you floated the turd that a $15 BILLION dollar contribution wasn't enough to send to Africa? (Please don't tell me someone allowed Bono back into the White House! Will someone please deport that crazy Irishman to his villa in Eze, Southern France!) $15 BILLION is a lot of money Mr. President! Sure, I know it's over 5 years, but 15 billion is a boat-load of bucks! That's the number fifteen, followed by n-i-n-e zeros! $15, 0-0-0, 0-0-0, 0-0-0 !!! This isn't chump change el Exihente! Hell George, we only give the United Nations $1.8 billion a year and people are squawking about that!

OK, so you want to increase our contribution of $15 billion, but doubling it to $30 billion is a bit extravagant, even for you! How about starting at $20 billion? That's $5 billion more - how many presidents can say they increased a donation by a third, or $5 billion? Not too many I'm tellin you! Here's an idea....let's make it a U.S. law to cap American donations for anything at $20 billion! Think about it Georgie....What schmuck, when you hand him/her a check for $20,000,000,000 is gonna say, "What? That's it?"

And this has the added incentive of putting $10 billion back into America's pockets!! Hey gotta admit, you can build an awful lot of BORDER WALL for $10 and nine zeros! You can build an awful lot of levee's and dikes too! Hell, you could even bomb the shit out of Iraq and Iran with $10 Billion! Think about it huh?

Now, this Immigration Plan that Senators McCain and Kennedy are all "wet" about: .... tell me this isn't the best you think America can do for an Immigration Plan. PLEASE tell me that Mr President! I've read the plan Boss...and I'm telling you that not even the illegal aliens are going to be happy when they find out it's going to take them mucho millares dinero's Y trece anos before they're Ciudadanos americanos! This one is real ugly Senor Presidente!

Remember when you were in the military? I got a couple words that'll take you back to your uniform days, and describe the Immigration policy you're supporting ...... do F U B A R and S N A F U rattle any seeds in the ol' melon? They should, 'cause they pretty much define the crap that Kennedy & McCain have peddled your way. Geez. Mr. President...haven't you learned NOT to accept anything from these two dufus's yet?

Finally, there are a bunch of us out here Boss, that were pretty pissed the other day when you called us "fear mongers" and "against family values" and "defeatists" for questioning the intelligence of this Immigration bill. Well.......if fear mongering means that,
  • I want our countries borders secured BEFORE figuring out how to grant amnesty to 12 million law breakers...OK, I'm guilty!
  • If I'm a defeatists because I want to fully understand a 300 page legal document BEFORE I agree to it... OK, I'm guilty! (Especially when a Kennedy is handing it to me!)
  • And if I'm against family values because I care about my family & my country MORE than I think about millions of people who have already broken the laws of the country they're invading.... OK, I'm guilt again!!!

But when you as my President, my leader...a man I looked up to and admired...can stand before a national audience and condemn me for questioning a law that will chart MY country's future for the next 50 years....that's not only S N A F U and F U B A R, but it shows me and millions of patriotic Americans that you are placing politics before the sovereignty of our nation and the well-being of the American people.

And that... I respectfully submit Sir .... is T U I F U !!!
( So, let's think this through before it turns into a major brain fart for all of us!)

Dum Spiro Spero

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Senate Immigration Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Legal Immigrants over the Next Twenty Years.

Robert Rector is one of this country's leading authorities on Poverty and the United States Welfare System and a leading member of an organization called The Heritage Foundation. The link provides a written summary and analysis of the extent to which the newly proposed Immigration Bill will effect this country.

Truly, the prospects are chilling. (And this bill just deals with Mexicans!)
Many of you have already heard me say that I have no quarrel with legal immigration - it's true, I don't.
I have a very big problem with illegal immigration, and giving something so precious to law breakers... especially since so many others have had to wait years to get it!

I guess as a guiding principle, I'm of a mind that....WE SHOULD NEVER REWARD BREAKING THE LAW! (That's not too hard to understand, Right?)

We are the single most "coveted" country to emigrate to...........
We already have an immigration might not be the best, but that's only because it's been abused in recent decades. LETS FIX & USE THAT ONE ...

Let's start with (at least) enforcing "common sense" law.
  • Common sense - as in, you break into this country - we find you & throw you out!
  • If you broke into this country illegally, and your child was born here after the fact, sorry - using the well respected legal axiom "fruit from the poisonous tree" your child is NOT a legal U.S. citizen. Because you broke the law getting them onto U.S. soil, doesn't make them legal! In other words.....
  • Breaking the law while pregnant, or breaking the law and then getting pregnant, is still breaking the law. (Simple, how that works!) In other words....BYE, BYE!
  • You want to come here - WAIT YOUR TURN (Dammit!) Millions before you have. The rule still works. There's no "cutting" here! It's like standing in line for "futbol tickets!" WAIT YOUR TURN!
  • There is no more "dry foot - wet foot." You're either here legally - or you're going back.
  • This next one may seem a bit overdone, but I'm getting the feeling that our international neighbors are taking us a bit for granted - soooooooo..... "Dear 'Sending Country', The United States of America is neither your garbage dump, nor are we your hospital, your insane asylum, nor your prison "in-abstentia." We have more than enough problems of our own making, which means it's impossible for us to accept your cast-aways. If we can determine that your "émigré" should have remained in your mental institution, your medical hospital, or your prison, we will be returning that individual to your care immediately. That's where they should have remained in the first place! Repeated abuses of this type, will cause a suspension of immigration privileges for a period of 6 months for the first offense. Have a nice day, America."
Not's a start!

Dum Spiro Spero

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hillary calls Immigration "a black hole!"

This week, Hillary characterized our immigration system as a "black hole." I'm not certain, but I imagine she means that immigration issues take a very long time to finalize. I agree.

I can also imagine how frustrating it must be for immigrants to wait years for green card issues, or visa extension issues to get resolved. I'm sure there was less anxiety when my parents emigrated from Sweden in the 1920's, but it still had to be tough waiting all those years before they became citizens. (7 years right? Jr. High Civics class - Mr. Dixon) And Susan and her family had to wait to become citizens after they arrived from China. For Sue's father, the wait was extended about 30 years, since he couldn't become an American citizen until he'd left his job as an interpreter at the United Nations.

So there's really no argument from me as to Hillary's statement. But while her description was stated as a recrimination of our way of doing things, it's my opinion that it's a good thing our immigration system is arduous.

When you think of the OPPORTUNITIES we're affording people we allow into this country - to become part of the greatest system of government - to become part of the greatest money making machine the world has ever seen - to become part of the strongest, most inventive, most copied, free-est society in the history of the world ....

I guess I'm saying, it should be hard to become part of this nation!
Why shouldn't we be selective when it comes to people we offer this gift to?

Think about it this way, most people want to come here because where they live they have nothing. Or at the very least, their lives are so intolerable they have to get out. They could choose any other country on the face of the earth, but they chose The United States of America! WHY? Isn't it because of what I said earlier? Isn't it because.... even with everyone saying how bad we are.... when it comes right down to it, it's our freedoms, our joy, it's our bounty they want to be part of.

In essence, what our country represents to them - is the greatest gift they will ever get. You hear émigrés say it all the time .... IT'S EVERYTHING!

So why shouldn't we be defensive about membership?

Why shouldn't we be even more selective?

America is the greatest "GIFT" the World has to offer!

Dum Spiro Spero

Monday, May 21, 2007

New Developments on Immigration!

Last week I posted a blog piece calling Teddy Kennedy's Immigration Plan an Amnesty deal. As it turns out, I was both right and wrong! The bill's a lot worse than I thought. (And BTW... Senator (hic!) Kennedy isn't letting anyone read the bill for some reason.)

As Sundays New York Times stated...."Its architects (Kennedy, McCain etc. - my insert) seized a once-in-a-generation opportunity to overhaul a broken system and emerged with a deeply flawed compromise." Later on in the same Op-Ed , "It is the plan to give most of the estimated 12 million immigrants (more like 12-20 million - my insert) here illegally the chance to live and work without fear...."

Yup, we've been through this before back in the early 80's.

Defenders of the plan say that this satisfies all sides of the issues! In fact, Presidential hopeful John McCain was heard screaming at a fellow republican that there's no need for reviewing this plan in Congress, the implication being that "tough love" between heavyweights Kennedy & McCain putting the bill together have assured its
bi-partisanship!! (Uh-oh...there's a BOHICA moment if I ever saw one!)

Within the Kennedy/McCain "Max-Mex" once-in-a-generation deal.....
  • however many illegal aliens there currently are in los Estados Unidos, these would immediately be free to live and work here without fear. Basically this means that they'd all be legal to stay here. They'd be able to participate (for example) in Medi-CAL in California, and other social benefit plans paid for by American tax payers, (that's you and me folks!)
  • plan defenders are saying well, no....they'd have to pay a penalty, go back to their home country as part of the "touchback pilgrimage" and then they could come back........
  • WRONG!!!!! The "touchback pilgrimage" is only for those illegal aliens who want to become citizens of the United States. Same for the $5000 fine. IT AIN'T MANDATORY THEY BECOME CITIZENS YOU KNOW! You can't force them!
  • Illegal aliens who do not intend becoming U.S. citizens are still free to live and work here, and can save their $5 grand. If they're caught at some point, they can say they just arrived. There's no mandatory registration with this program. The plan simply says when the law is passed everybody here is free to stay!
So, like the NYTimes intimated, just like what happened in '84 or '86, with a swipe of a pen - today everyone here gets to stay here - abra cadabra & poof - instant AMNESTY!

What scares me the most is the once-in-a-generation aspect of the legislation. Once again Americans are passing off to our children the problems we should be fixing! During the 80's Amnesty deal, there was a lot of congressional "acting" that transpired in the run-up to the bill signing. Senators and Congressmen tore at their hair and rent their garments and promised to come up with a better solution than amnesty. Shear Hollywood!!

But no-one today is even making a show about actually fixing the illegal alien problem that still remains or the porous border problem that has existed since the last amnesty deal went through! So here we go again, "Feel-good Americans" pushing for the warm fuzzy quick fix, are once again shuffling the problem back behind the kitchen door...where hopefully no-one will realize it's there until another 20 years have gone by and it's the next generation's problem to solve!

What a way to run a country...if you ran your house or your company like this, you'd be homeless or bankrupt!

(However, our approach to illegal aliens is actually very much like the approach we take with third world nations having bad debt. They charge up some horrendous amount of bad debt buying yachts and summer palaces for their presidents, and when the amount gets astronomically bad enough and people begin starving in their home countries, they implore Bono to support them & run to the U.N. or to the World Bank, and the debts are forgiven!)

Aqui, en los Norte Estados Mexicanos, the same thing is happening all over again....illegal aliens break the law invading another country....nobody says anything. Years go by and American children who were toddlers when the invasion began, have now graduated college and are raising their own families. In the 23 years that have past, the trickle of illegal aliens has grown to 15 million or 20 million - again! Now, fearing that they are reaching another tipping point, illegal aliens form activist groups and seek out immigration lobbyists who cry for protection from Hollywood starlets & Congress. Liberal politicians seeing millions of votes for their candidates hurriedly rush another amnesty bill through Congress - and "Arriba!" you have 15 million new Americans.

This is ludicrous! This is what we are leaving to our children! Problems we weren't smart enough to solve!

We don't solve anything - Americans just want to push problems out of sight quickly so we don't have to deal with them! We want to get back to feeling good about ourselves.
What I hear on the street....................
"For God Sake, let them stay, we'll figure it out later! They're not bothering you!"
"There're too many of them to send them all back. You can't break up families!!"
"We have so much, just let them stay! They come here because they have nothing - we need to help them - not hurt them! "
"LET THEM ALL STAY!!! We can afford it! We have everything! They come here with nothing!
"We're the biggest country in the world! Think of the children!!! LET THEM STAY!!!!!

I am thinking about the children ..... is it wrong to think about American children?

Dom Spiro Spero!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Well of course it's Amnesty!!!!!

Dear Mr. President.....Dear Senator Spector.....Dear Senator (hic!) Kennedy.....Dear Senator McCain.......
Dear Dullards,

I saw your pictures in the newspaper and on television yesterday announcing your new Immigration debacle.
Of course it's AMNESTY, you idiots!

I don't care what group of beltway spin-sters the lot of you hired to write this piece of garbage reform, but PLEASE don't try to lie to us or yourselves. Your package is AMNESTY. I don't care what you jerk-offs call it, any piece of legislation that pardons the breaking of a law is, by definition, AMNESTY. (see below)

A-M-N-E-S-T-Y. noun: "the act of an authority (as in a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals." [via Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary] Oh, and just so you know, I trust a dead Webster much more than you 4 live BOOBS!

I guess now would be a good time to change the old saying that "we are a nation of laws," to a different one. Perhaps "we are a nation of unequally applied laws ," would be a better slogan and facsimile of the truth! Or maybe, "we are a nation of the lawless" what with all the gun crime and un-enforcement of immigration standards. In either case, it is a better description of the United States as it will now exist, after your abhorration yesterday.

You should be ashamed! Each and every one of you who lent support to this bill! You have lessened the value of "THE AMERICAN DREAM" my parents fought to earn!

Every person from another country, who came here legally in all the years past, hopeful to secure for themselves and their families part of the American dream, you have just spit in their faces! You have just cheapened all the hardships they had to endure, cheapened all the backbreaking work they've done, cheapened all of the years they had to wait hoping and praying for acceptance into this society, cheapened the citizenship they earned. Congratulations!

Tell me Dullards, while we're chatting, why should people from anywhere other than Central & South America - who have already spent thousands of dollars, and already waited years for their green cards - continue to do so? Why shouldn't they get immediate "z" visa acceptance just like all your new Hispanic citizens? Why shouldn't anyone, from any country anywhere in the world, WITHOUT RESTRICTION be allowed to just walk across any border into the United States and demand the same deal you're giving to current illegal aliens? Why not? What difference does it make after what you've done?

(Did you ever stop to think why Castro emptied all of his prisons & mental hospitals during the Mariel Boatlift? Did you ever once ponder why the Mexican government currently distributes maps indicating the best routes into the U.S., and offers printed suggestions of what not to do and say if captured by US Border Agents? Did ya huh? Dullards!!! Could it possibly be the $26 BILLION in untaxed earning that illegals send back to Me-He-Co annually that gets spent in their economy and NOT ours!!! Oh, you ignorant schmucks!)

Another underpinning of my youth, another of the sacred tenets that made America a beacon for all refugees in all countries around the world, has been stricken down. Soon, it will become law that in order to become an American citizen the first and fastest step you should take - IS TO BREAK THE LAW! Soon upwards of 20 million law breakers and their families will be supported by us LAW ABIDING citizens (too stupid to break the law and avoid it!)

"What a country!" - Jakov Smirnoff

PS: Dear Senator Spector: you gave us the "single bullet theory," now this - it's time for you to go!
Dear Senator (hic!) Kennedy: you gave us "a bridge too far," now this - it's time for you to go!
Dear Senator McCain: you gave us this - we don't want you as President - it's time for you to go!
Dear President Bush: you gave us great leadership in the war, now this - thank God there's not much time left - because it's time for you to go!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The People who Shape Our World

Rarely do I read these lists .... I guess I've avoided doing so for a lot of reasons over the years, but mostly it's because for me, they have the same importance as voting for your high school class president. So, I don't know what prompted my to initially glance at Joel Stein's list in TIME magazine.

Unfortunately the list is like potato chips, you can't just take a glance! The cover defines the issue... "TIME The Most Influential People in the World." The list is hyped by the internal headline of The People who Shape Our World, followed by a teaser line of..."Here's our list of the 100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world."

Whoa, now that's a pretty tall order! Being one of only 100 humans who because of their talent, power or moral example is changing the entire world! I'm figuring..."Wow! This is gonna be some list!"

Boy, am I stupid!

Let's play a game...I'm going to list some tell me if they're included on the list or not. Just answer YES or No.

Remember the watch words are, TALENT - POWER - MORAL EXAMPLE - TRANSFORMING THE WORLD! This should be fun.

Dame Helen Mirren - Oscar winner.......NO
Tina Fey - used to be on Saturday Night Live, now on 30 Rock.........YES!
PM Tony Blair or President George Bush .......NO
Dictator of Sudan and Osama bin Laden.........YES!
Stephen Hawking - World Renowned Physicist and Thinker......NO
(God forgive me) Al Gore - World Renowned "Scientist and Thinker," ........YES! (holy shit!)
Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann - Fat assed, liberal, white-bread talk show hosts......NO
Fat assed, liberal, white-bread lesbian talk show host, Rosy O'Donnell .........YES!
Brittany Spears - bald pop singer.........NO
Bald pop singer who once dated Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake........YES!
Tom Hanks, Oscar winning Actor or Stephen Spielberg Oscar winning Producer ...........NO
Sasha Baron Cohen ("Borat") and Leonardo DiCaprio ......YES!
Fidel Castro, Cuban Dictator - still alive.......NO
Raul Castro, brother of still alive Cuban Dictator........YES!
And 6 special mentions from the Hero's & Pioneers section.....
Model - Tyra Banks......YES!
Actor - George Clooney.....YES!
Tennis dude - Roger Federer........YES!
Actor and Stem Cell proponent - Michael J. Fox......YES!
Famous French soccer player - Theirry Henry.......YES!
Yankee pitcher - Chein-ming Wang.......YES!

Now, I don't want to question any of Mr. Stein's selections, but when you select a Yankee pitcher whose career record is 28 & 13 in the Hero and Pioneer section well, now you've gone too far!!! Carl Pavano is a Yankee pitcher who has more career wins than Wang with 63!

And for the love of God where's BONO??? You got The Pope ... you can't have His Holiness without Bono!

How can you include luminaries like lesbian O'Donnell and leave off lesbian luminary DeGeneris?? Tell me that?

And finally in Stein's most glaring oversight of all - If you can include Barack Obama (who hopes to become America's first black President) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (who hopes to become America's first female President), how can you possibly leave off Senator Teddy Kennedy who certainly is powerful enough, and would become America's first murderer President! Huh? How'd you miss that!