Sunday, June 14, 2009

LOOKING FORWARD TO SOCIALIZED MEDICINE? -and- Charlie Rangel tells the truth (inadvertantly?) on Obama's Healthcare!

Here's something to look forward to if President Obama is successful in his socialization of our health care industry!!!
Imagine your wife or daughter has just received a diagnosis of breast cancer from her Doctor. (God forbid!!!)
(Breast cancer is diagnosed in over 200,000 women every year here in the United States!) Or perhaps someone you love has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.....

When you've finally begun to breathe again, and you're searching for the best and fastest possible "next step" to save your loved one ...... imagine that you're told by a governmental committee that you are not eligible to receive the latest and best drug to fight your disease!!!

RIDICULOUS you say??? Think again....

In Britain, they have a wonderful bunch of bureaucrats called the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (aka: National Institute for Curbing Expenditure). If you can believe it, the "acronym" for this affront to humanity is NICE. (Geez, can you believe it?) It is the charge of this committee to decide which patients, and which illnesses warrant expenditure for drugs and treatments - which drugs - in what dosages (or for how long) - OR - which patients/illnesses don't warrant expenditure. Within the last couple of years, NICE has decided that women with breast cancer SHOULDN'T receive the latest and best drug a)because it is too expensive or b) their cancer was too far advanced. The same position was taken concerning folks with kidney cancer - but this decision was turned around after an incredible public outcry. What makes this so crazy is that these drugs are widely used throughout other European countries - and even in other parts of the UK!

For me the UNBELIEVABLE fact is that somewhere...ANYWHERE in the world today .... there is a formal committee whose job it is to decide who warrants life and who warrants death!!! And if you think it can't happen here in the United States you are so sadly mistaken! We already have the FDA here in the United States - need I say more? We've proven mightily that we can institutionalize STUPIDITY better than most countries! Do we really want to re-test our failures deciding on peoples lives?

$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$

If that weren't reason enough to STOP socialized medicine, here's another.....
Yesterday or the day before, NY Congressman Charlie Rangel was making statements to the Press Corp. when he stated that Obama's proposed health care initiatives carry a price tag of an additional $600 BILLION dollars!!! When he was asked if the price tag might go higher he said it might exceed $ 1 TRILLION dollars!!!

Well, geez Louise! Where is all this money going to come from? Oh that's right - I get it. We can afford anything here in the United States as long as we can keep those Treasury Department printing presses going, or just keep raising taxes! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP ????



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beginning My Revolution of TRUTH Telling.

A friend of mine wrote back to me commenting on my blogpost of June 9th that I had entitled "More Obama Ignorance and anti-Americanism."
Here are his comments and my response to them ......

"Kenny be serious. I love your patently blatant ideological blogs because of their one-sidedness. If Barack had only 23% of the American people behind him, where was bush 16% when elected and 5 % when he left office. Did that stop bush from doing what he wanted, ignoring the american people.


Sleep well, you are well protected!!!!!!!!"

Here's my response........
Dear XXXX -
A couple of things.........
  1. Why are you getting "ticked" at me for reporting numbers that all the major newspapers & broadcast news shows gleefully reported following the election?
  2. Why are you angry with me for telling the truth about what the numbers from the election actually represented?
  3. Please don't do what Libs always do and "misrepresent & shade" what I said, for your own liberal agenda...I did not say the Barack Obama had only 23% of the American people behind him, as you wrote. What I said in my blog post of June 9th was... "This means that only 23% of the American population VOTED for him." (meaning Obama). This is a totally accurate statement and I stand behind it!
  4. Because I "gradutated" 4th grade arithmetic class .... I know that 100% minus 23% STILL LEAVES you with 77%. (even in this Obama driven, "make every number say what you need it to say "era).
  5. And 77% is STILL the percentage of the American population that DID NOT vote for President Obama on Election Day last year!!!!! It will remain an accurate number matter how Liberals try to rewrite history.
Finally.....Thank you for imploring me to GET A LIFE (your font size and colorization). I have a life my friend - and it appears an increasing part of it will need to be spent CLARIFYING the lies & obfuscations the Obama administration is trying to slip by the American people!
Regarding your comments concerning President Bush.......remind me again why you Libbys are so fixated on the President that kept us safe after 9 - 11?
Oh, and I do sleep well, but it's because of our hero's wearing the uniforms of the United States military - not because of the Obamanation. But please keep reading.


Last week I implored all of you to MOBILIZE against the changes that are happening in America. What my friend did is just the tip of the iceberg of the lies, one-sidedness, and blurring of the truth being told by and about the Obama administration and what it "intends" for our country, during the next 4 years.

If we love this country we must NEVER allow mis-statements by Liberals to go unchallenged! Know your facts - state the facts - and never back down from these people. They WIN when their lies go unchallenged. In schools..... in the workplace..... on the street........or at a backyard bar-b-que. They depend on NO ONE having the nerve to challenge them. Don't let them win!

I for one - can't live that way. Join my Revolution! Make sure that everyone else you think would be interested in our eroding American freedoms hears about all this.
Remember.....77% or the American population didn't vote for this guy!

Dum Spiro Spero !!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Obama Ignorance and anti-Americanism

Well, today I heard something I never thought I'd hear .
For me it's just one more example of Obama's STUPIDITY and complete disregard for what the AMERICAN CITIZEN wants. (Always remember 77% of the American population DID NOT vote for this........gentleman.)

One of this countries great patriots - a member of Congress and one of the key members of the Foreign Intelligence Committee, was recently on a scheduled intelligence trip to Afghanistan. His job on the trip was to make sure our American fighting men & women as well as our intelligence operatives in the war zones (FBI/CIA) had everything they needed to "get the job done."

Imagine his surprise when he was told by a number of Intelligence (CIA & FBI) operatives, that they had been instructed by their superiors that all enemy captives were to be "Marandized" before any interrogations could be undertaken. This "policy/order" was later confirmed by US Military Commanders in the area. Both the military personnel as well as the intelligence operatives indicated that this "policy" came down from Washington "very quietly."

So, let me set the table for you here.......there's only one or two offices that have the power and/or ability to order this action and have it "stick" in a theater of war. It's either President Barack Obama as the Commander-In-Chief of the military and leader of the intelligence agencies as well - OR - The Attorney General, Eric Holder acting on the direction of the President. There's simply no other authority that could have ordered this action and have it followed so quickly and quietly.

And what has transpired here, behind the backs of every American citizen, against the better judgment of every American Military Commander and Intelligence Special Agent, is the granting of UNITED STATES CIVIL RIGHTS to non-American enemy combatants. Basically - either Barack Obama or Eric Holder, have by their actions, notified Osama Bin Laden that he now has the same rights if he were to turn himself in, as any American citizen has when being detained and questioned by police. He has the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the right to a trial by his peers.

Obama or Holder have turned the War on Terrorism which began on September 11th. 2001, into an issue of civil rights and criminal prosecution! They have given all enemy combatants the same rights to defense attorneys and American Jurist Prudence as you or I have if we need to go to court. They have bestowed upon people sworn to kill all Americans - the same LEGAL rights as American citizens have.

And they did all this without the approval of the American people. They did this surreptitiously - hoping that they wouldn't be found out!

But as I write this post I realize something else ....... Barack Obama has always wanted to give medical benefits and citizenship to the 20 million illegal aliens who have broken our laws and invaded our country, so I shouldn't be surprised that he would dictate such a policy now in Afghanistan. And Eric Holder is the Attorney General who freed the Puerto Rican Terrorists - members of FALN - that blew up Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan in January 1975, killing 4 and injuring 50.

Why should I be surprised that the President or his Attorney General would grant US Civil Rights to islamo-fascists bent on killing American soldiers??? He's just doing what he's been doing all of his life.

God give me strength!!!

Dum Spiro Spero!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two problems: Our New Computer & the New United States

Some of you know that I had been "nursing" our old computer through the last couple years of its life....
I had purchased it in 1999, when a Intel Pentium III 866 MHz. processor was considered "pretty snappy!"

Over the years I needed to increase the memory, upgrade the operating system - twice, replace and upgrade the internal HDD, add an external HDD for even more storage, and upgrade the BIOS a couple of times. Believe me, I'm an idiot - so the fact that I could actually manage these changes without blowing out the local electrical grid or the computer - tells me that ANYONE can fiddle around inside a computer successfully.

A month or so ago, the old system really started ......"wheezing." After maybe 10 "Lord, hear our prayer moments," it was time to "bi-te zed bul-let" and actually buy another PC. (Buying it was actually the fun part.... in that our daughter bought it for us!!!!) But what nobody ever tells you ... is that getting files and settings and programs and "stuff" from one system to another is excruciatingly un-nerving, difficult and time consuming. As I'm typing this "the old system" is sitting right behind my left shoulder, plugged in & waiting.......just waiting for that inevitable....."AH SHIT" moment that's bound to come when I realize I've done something horribly damaging to the new system!

At this point I don't smell any burning electrical wires .... and it appears, I'm still typing in English instead of Swahili, so I figure I've transferred enough of my old stuff to the new box - and I should get back to productivity! For now at least, it seems I can forget about problem 1 and focus on problem 2.

"Aw geez," as Archie used to say... Problem 2 really hurts!!! Mentally, emotionally, physically, FINANCIALLY... Problem #2 - IS the 800 pound gorilla every "devout American" should be concerned about these days. And I believe "devout" is the proper "descriptor" to use as well. Devout, means deeply religious. We've all known exceptionally religious people in our lives. People who believe so deeply in their religion, that they serve their God happily and without reservation.

For me, patriotism and national pride have always been a "devotion." A feeling to be reveled in and warmly embraced! Our symbol, the flag, "Old Glory" and everything those stars and stripes stand for. "The United States of America," the country, its people, its ideals, and everything it has achieved and GIVEN to the rest of the world since 1776. Even the wars we have fought through - but perhaps especially our own Civil War - a war so costly, that so nearly tore us apart, but inevitably binds us more strongly together.

All of this and more is the basis of my devotion! Our freedoms, our liberties, our rights as Americans - all paid for with precious American blood, here and in hundreds of other places around the globe. Since our Founding Fathers called upon their Creator at every step when forming this country, I think God will understand when I use the term "devout" to describe a strong form of patriotism.

Unfortunately, devotion to America .... asking God to Bless America, or even showing support for the principle tenets by which The Constitution established us, is very unpopular these days. I kept my mouth shut since November 2nd., and watched as all the right words were spoken that day and on subsequent days. But I've watched and I've seen in the intervening 8 months, not the deliberate, cleverly cloaked changes I expected - but lightning fast obliterations to American enterprises, industries, personal liberties, and even to some Constitutionally guaranteed protections & provisions!!

Mark my next words very carefully.........

The actions the Obama administration (and the Congressional leadership) have perpetrated against the Constitution and the American people since January 20, 2009, have placed this country perilously close to changing our form of government from a representative republic to AT BEST a social democracy. With assistance from a complicit Press, the Obama administration is close to reversing - in less than one year - what our forefathers, our fathers, our sons, daughters and neighbors have fought and died for during the previous 200. He has been deified in the Press and by the Left, and his every action weakens our Country and emboldens our enemies.

So, what should devoted Americans do at this point?

First of all let's remember how President Obama got to the White House. I know your Liberal Democratic friends would rather you didn't understand this, but it's VERY important. Barack Hussein Obama became the President of The United States of America, with 69.5 million "popular votes." This means that only 23% of the entire American population voted for him. His opponent received about 60 million popular votes, about 19.8% of the population. Understand what that means ....
Barack Hussein Obama DID NOT receive the support of 77% of the American population during the last election.
For all DEVOTED Americans, this means that less than 25% of the voting public gave President Obama what he considers his mandate to change our form of government into something more than three quarters of the population DIDN'T vote for!!!

I know I would never agree to live under a Social Democracy! It's failed everywhere it's been tried. And I'll be damned if I'd ever agree to have the United States governed by Socialism. But that's where we're headed if we all don't wake up.

There is one saving grace - and it's US! Obama, his Congress, his Unions, his Press and his 70 million popular votes DO NOT outweigh the 233,000,000 devout Americans who comprise the rest of America - the BEST part of America! It's time for "We The People" to understand that we are STILL in the MAJORITY here in the United States! MOBILIZE people - tell your Congressmen and Senators and Governors that you will not stand for Socialism in the United States of America! Speak out!
Don't let Liberals spew their lies without challenging them! Know your facts and tell anyone who will listen.

FREEDOM has never been free! It's time for all of us to FIGHT for OUR country once again!