Saturday, October 25, 2008

9000 APPOINTEES + Supreme Court Justices !!!


Baracka Hussein Obama would tell you that he only had "passing associations" with the following people.... Bernardine Dohrn & William Ayers of the Weather Underground.... anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright & anti-American Priest Father Flager.... or convicted Chicago real estate mogul and Democratic fund raiser Tony Rezko.
Obama says he was friendly with these folks only years ago, and never knew of their "nefarious" sides.

Would you or I consider this "questionable or dangerous" lapses of judgment? Well, even if we believe His explanation, do we want a person who has had that bad a stretch of choosing acquaintances to be responsible for making over 9000 appointments to governmental posts and potentially 4 Supreme Court Justices starting this January???

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Hi. Many of you know that I'm a constitutional conservative. As such, you can pretty much figure that I'll support those candidates and policies that protect the Constitution and the "representative Republic" our Founders ratified in 1789.

Not enough people read my blog at that I could ever reach enough people to think I could sway an election. I know that. So, the only thing I can do is send this to you folks and ASK that you send it to at least a dozen more people with the same request, hoping that you'll get at least one more person to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket on Election Day.

Personally - I'm very frightened!!! Because many people are telling me they now feel like there's no way to defeat "the Messiah Obama" with the mainstream media and ACORN stuffing the ballot boxes for they're not even going to vote! (Thanks to Louis Farrakhan for "the Messiah" reference).

First off... that way of thinking is a GUARANTEE that Obama will win! And that's just what the DNC, the Liberal Press & media outlets, as well as ACORN are trying to do - demoralize you so you won't vote! You've got to get out there and VOTE for McCain/Palin in order to defeat them!

Here are just a few more simple reasons to get as many of your family and friends to vote for McCain/Palin on Election Day.

  • Senator Obama has already said he will spent over a TRILLION dollars on NEW programs during his first term in office. In an Obama You Tube message in early October, and again as late as yesterday it was announced that the House Democrats seek to cut at least 25% of the military budgets. WHERE'S OBAMA GOING TO GET ALL THAT MONEY I WONDER, and HOW DOES THAT KEEP OUR NATION SAFE???
  • Do you feel confident having as The Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces, a person who states that our soldiers in Iraq have killed and terrorized innocent women and children? A person who had to be "called" for not wearing an American flag lapel-pin, nor covering his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. A person who has CONSISTENTLY been against any of our military efforts to fight islamo-terrorism. A person who has CONSISTENTLY voted against our nations' military and the funding of our troops. HOW WILL THIS PERSON LEAD AND PROTECT OUR ARMED FORCES IN THIS DANGEROUS WORLD???
  • Democrats are good people, just like Republicans - but there are some fundamental differences. Democrats believe that having the Federal government solve all our problems is how to get the job done. They do that by growing the government and adding more departments to the already bloated mess in Washington. There's only one thing that growing the government does - IT ONLY ASSURES HIGHER TAXES, an even BIGGER BUREAUCRACY, and you and me having LESS of what we work for! DO YOU WANT TO HAVE HIGHER TAXES AND LESS OF WHAT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE???
  • Senator Obama told you and me and "Joe the Plumber" last week, that the way our country works best is "WHEN WE SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND." I hope you all know He's talking about spreading YOURS & MY wealth around - NOT His and Michelle's!!! You and I already work until June before we start earning money for our families, DO YOU WANT TO WORK LONGER AND PAY FOR OTHER'S AS WELL???
  • FACT: 40% of our population DOESN'T PAY TAXES. Senator Obama says he won't raise taxes on the lowest paid 95% of Americans. Two questions here.... Where is He going to get all the money He's going to need if ONLY 60% of US are supporting 100% of US? And, how do the 11 to 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS figure into Senator Obama's tax program???
  • In the last three weeks we've seen the "partial" government take-over of our BANKING industry & our MORTGAGE industry. Senator Obama also wants to take-over our HEALTH CARE industry. By "dictating" how we do our banking, who can get mortgages and for how much, and what kind of healthcare we MUST have... is there any doubt that we are MARCHING toward SOCIALISM? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR COUNTRY & YOUR CHILDREN's COUNTRY???
  • ACORN is where Senator Obama did all the "community organizing" he's so proud of when he was starting out. He was so good at 'getting out the vote' he became the lead trainer for ACORN's voter registration efforts. Subsequently they rewarded him by naming him as their lawyer. That's all well and good. Now ACORN has been caught coordinating ILLEGAL early voter registration drives in 14 battleground states, and the Obama Campaign admits giving ACORN $823,000.00 for "voter registration efforts!" (One fellow even admitted on camera that he had been registered over 70 times and was paid in money and cigarettes.) HOW CAN WE TRUST ANY OF THE MILLIONS OF ACORN BALLOTS THAT HAVE BEEN CAST???
  • IF Senator Obama is elected, there will be 4 people running this country for the next 4 years. They are...Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.
There you have it folks. PLEASE get out there and VOTE for the McCain/Palin ticket on Election day. We have GOT TO defeat SOCIALISM in November 4th!! Thank you for your time.


Kenneth A. Johnson
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baracka - "the dancer"

A couple of weeks before the last debate I wrote to the McCain Campaign and offered the attached idea for a speech. I didn't do it because I think of myself as a great speaker or a great writer, but because I felt there was such a need for McCain to hit on all these points before the American public in a short closing or opening statement.

Would you be surprised to hear that I didn't hear from the campaign? I didn't - and I guess I'm not.

I was also not shocked to see that Senator McCain failed to key into some amazingly important issues while he sat face-to-face with the junior Senator. Frankly, it appeared to me that McCain was being "too nice" to someone who clearly doesn't have a detailed grasp of the most important issues. (But then again, perhaps McCain was getting tired of being called a racist by the Obama camp.)

My take on the outcome of the debates was that McCain did much better in the last two than in the first one, but that at best he fought Obama to a "draw." Ergo, since Obama is the frontrunner, that means McCain lost the debates. And perhaps McCain also lost one of his last opportunities to reach out to a vast cross-section of the American people. A shame.

Obama proved that he is winning on his looks, his oration, and his slickness. BHO is proving to be a better "dancer" than Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly! I believe that in this entire campaign Obama has neither been asked - nor has he come close to answering - a tough question. If anything, this guy is even "slicker" than "slick Willy." I still have an amazing number of questions that he should answer, but the press and the libs will never allow them to be asked....

And just wait, a year after his inauguration, everyone will be complaining about increased taxes, and problems arising from not being able to get to a doctor for 6 months, and their dwindling pension accounts, and he'll say...."Don't worry little children, it's better when we spread the wealth around to everybody. Remember, I'm from the government - and your government is here to help!"

Dum Spiro Spero!!

My Fellow Americans,

Tonight I want to talk to you not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American. Throughout this campaign

you've listened as my opponent has repeatedly told you about his desire to change the future of this country.

Think about what he's told you for a momentevery time he's told you about the need for change, he's done so from

the point of view that there's something wrong with this country. Regardless of whether it's national security, housing, education, taxes, energy, the environment, or international relations, our young Senator approaches every issue from

the standpoint of what's wrong with America, rather than what we do right!

His campaign has cast continual aspersions upon the current President & administration, while the rest of the

world – and our enemies – listened! The Bush administration, whose whole plan for their time in the Oval Office was

irrevocably changed on September 11, 2001… whose entire Presidency had to be realigned toward protecting our

country from subsequent terrorist attacks, and fighting the war on terrorism around the world, rather than what they

had originally planned.

When you think about it, Senator Obama's entire 18-month campaign has been centered upon all the things he sees

wrong with this country, rather than the many wonderful things about this country that make it so right! He and his party leadership, have asked you to believe that all Democrats ideas are right and all Republican ideas are wrongAll the time!

This is the same party who dropped the ball in overseeing the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac organizations, and wants to

change the best medical industry in the world into a government run socialized institution.

How any one person can see only the downside of a country that has given him so much is beyond my comprehension.

With less than 200 actual days spent in the Senate, and with a record of voting "present" 90% of the time, Senator

Obama has asked you to place the future of your country in his hands. Without ever having lead, managed, or defended anything during his lifetime, he is asking you to place the safety of your children, your grandchildren, and your

homeland in his hands.

Think about the differences between us for a moment. Where I've lead and defended, Senator Obama has organized. Where I've taken a stand and molded bipartisan successes, Senator Obama has voted "present."

Perhaps Senator Clinton said it best, "I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience he will bring to the White

House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002."

My friends, I am not seeking to be the next Republican President, or the next Democrat President, I am running to be

the next American President. My faith, my honor, my background, and my accomplishments are squarely focused upon

serving ALL the American people, and the American ideal. I have proven to be an honorable servant who reaches beyond political party to get the job done for all Americans, not just liberal Americans, or white Americans…ALL Americans.

If you join with me, I can promise you that we will build on the strength of our shared American successes, and walk together into a bright and glorious, optimistic future.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gwen Ifill's "Claim to Fame"

Like many of you, I will be glued to my television set tomorrow night to watch the Vice Presidential Debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin.

You might not have heard that Gwen Ifill is "moderating" the debate from Cleveland, Ohio. I was a bit shocked when I heard that she would be moderating the 90 minute debate. Gwen is a known liberal supporter from "way back." And when she appears on various Sunday news programs, she is always, always introduced as the Democratic supporter.

I thought debate moderators were supposed to be "impartial?"
(At least that's what I was taught "way back" in High School!)

Oh yeah, one more thing about you didn't know that she has a new book written, edited, and ready to go to press. Just needs one more fact to fall into line. It is scheduled to be released and sold for the first time on....(wait for it)......January 20th, 2009. That's right...Inauguration Day!

The title???? Nothing flashy. You be the judge. It's "Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama".

" the Age of Obama."

Imagine that. A Senator for less than 150 days. No foreign experience. No leadership experience. Never fought for his country, and even sits on company boards with a fellow who unapologetically bombed our country killing 2 people. Not even elected yet! And yet, they're already giving him his own "Age."

His own age mind you!
I thought "ages" were reserved for Pharaoh's and Caesar's?

There you have it, Gwen Ifill, middle-of-the-road moderator and impartial King maker!

And Liberals say the MEDIA & PRESS are not in the jug for Obama!! PUL - LEEEEEEEZE!!!

Dum Spiro Spero!

("If you tell a big enough lie, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister)

Kenneth A. Johnson