Monday, May 26, 2008

Thinking on Memorial Day..........

Something one of my good friends said to me the other day kept running around in my head.....obviously there's a lot of space up there unencumbered by brains ... so it had a very long run!

Here it is..... "We support our troops, but not the war!" This comment is usually made to cover up some anti-American or anti-military comment or action they've taken. I've heard it a lot recently, so I tried to think back to when I first started hearing it.

The strange thing is, I first started hearing it only a few of months after the September 11th attacks. Immediately following the collapse of the Twin Towers it seemed that everyone here in the United States and even most people around the world were four square behind any military actions America would take. But those feelings didn't last.

Sure enough, within 6 months I can remember hearing a morning drive time radio commentator on WABC condemning the war. Oh sure he praised the valiant efforts of our troops but condemned the cause they were fighting. At the time I only thought it was his ACLU/communist training kicking in - but it got worse and spread remarkably fast.

And during the last 5 years of fighting I've watched as the condemnation and rancor against our military has grown ever more strident and even violent. But people on the Left always keep intoning that same line .... We support our troops, but not the war!" I can remember Senator Joe Liebermann imploring/reminding all of us that during war time, our differences must stop "at the waters edge" - while at virtually the same time Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were calling the war a lost cause and claiming that President Bush was culpable for the loss of the war!!!

Can any of you forget Senator John Kerry lying in 2006, (as he did during Vietnam), when he said that our military men had been sneaking into the homes of innocent Iraqi citizens under the cover of darkness to terrorize them? Or when Senator Ted (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy intoned that Abu Gharib prison was simply "under new management?" Or when either on the news, or in the papers you heard someone in the Press say, this war is lost and we shouldn't be there!

"We support our troops, but not the war!" Did any of you stop to think for one moment about the absurdity of that statement?

The next time someone says that to me, "We support our troops, but not the war," I'm going to ask them to explain how that works?

I'm really a mental midget so someone stop me when I get too far down the logic line here ..... Does anyone remember a line of a song that goes, "You can't have one without the other?" Seems to me our comment fits pretty well.

If you're for the war, you have to support the mechanisms of war ... ie. the weapons & troops that fight the war.
If you're for the war, but don't support the weapons & troops .... you're either a liar or a complete imbecile trying to loose your country.
If you're against the war, you can't be for the mechanisms of war ... ie. the weapons & troops that fight the war.

If you're against the war, why would you want to incur the expense of sustaining a military? Are you just stupid or what? Why would you pay to support troops if you're against the war? Are you mental?

Maybe I've just figured it out - or at least maybe I've figured out what to do in the future when someone uses that line on's this"

"We support our troops, but not the war!"

Reply ...."Don't whizz in my ear, and tell me it's raining!"

Makes about as much sense....and makes me feel a whole lot better too!

Dum Spiro Spero!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Re: Feinstein's Insult to Injury!

Dear Rich,
(I wouldn't have included all of these other folks in my reply, but since you did I feel obliged to have them read my response to your note.)

I love you big guy!! You are the one "Lib" I actually like to hear from.
Before I turn to your note, most importantly - to you and your family - enjoy this MEMORIAL DAY holiday, and please, thank a Veteran for fighting for your right to rail against this country every chance you get.

( to start?)
Only a "true liberal" could take my blog posting deploring Dianne Feinstein's underhanded attempt to "backdoor" amnesty for 1.9 million illegal aliens, and turn it into a diatribe against President George W. Bush and the government! Just like Liberals always do, you don't address Feinstein's Amnesty skullduggery, you flop the issue over to tearing down the country, this administration, and President Bush!

Rich, I don't think I've ever seen clearer evidence of BDS!
[Clinical note: "BDS" or Bush Derangement Syndrome has increased dramatically in the liberal population ever since the election of 2000. Many psychological & medical practitioners believe BDS had its beginnings during the late 60's and early 70's, and, like other virus's BDS has lain dormant in liberal brainstems until now. "BDS" is manifested by verbal hatred & increasingly irrational charges against President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and of course, Halliburton and all profitable American companies.]

You know Rich... I could write back to you for hours about how the constant undermining of this President and the Country by the Liberals, has caused irreparable harm to America's status in the world, emboldened our enemies, and caused the deaths of American service men & women. But as a liberal you'd only reply that it was George Bush's fault.

I could point out to you that, (as you put it), "our country has a short tolerance for war" - has only been a true statement since the Vietnam War and The War against Terrorism. Prior to Vietnam, America's "tolerance" for war while always painful and difficult, has always been unwavering! Our support is reaffirmed every Memorial Day as we honor the more than one million fallen military hero's of this country's wars. Rather than use your words, I'd change them to, "Liberals have a short tolerance for war and are invested in the defeat of America at home and abroad." As a liberal you'd reply that George Bush & Dick Cheney are war criminals and should be tried for war crimes!

Last two comments, I promise.....

Since you brought up what the Libs call "Bush's War" I'm compelled to respond to an issue Liberals ALWAYS conveniently fail to tell the American public. During the four years America fought our Civil War, America lost almost 500,000 soldiers. During 1917 & 1918, (the 2 years we were involved in the First World War) we lost over 110,000 service men & women. From 1940 through 1945 during our involvement in WWII, America lost over 400,000 service men & women. That's more than a million of our Nation's total war casualties in a little more than 11 years - so, rather than Americans having a short tolerance for war as you put it, I'd say that in the past Americans proudly served in the military and American families proudly & publicly supported the military and Our President, and understood the possible consequences.

Unfortunately, since Vietnam it hasn't been "fashionable" to show national pride or national strength. The Left has managed to make people think it's a bad thing to use the full weight of our unleashed military against an enemy during war time. We have to fight a humanitarian war. (Pardon me...) but what kind of shit is this?

We are fighting an enemy that takes civilian airliners and flies them into civilian office buildings. These are the same people who travel from one country to another in order to shoot at us while surrounded by women & children...who abduct civilian contractors and reporters and cut their heads off on television while calling out the name of their Deity. BUT... Americans must be held to a higher standard, and must fight a more civilized war! Let me end my first point by asking...what kind of war do you think the families of our heroic 4000+ war dead would want us to fight? I'll bet'cha Rich that if we had fought an unfettered, all out war from September 12th, we'd have ended this a lot sooner, and with a lot fewer casualties. And the World would have understood that America may have just awakened from its stupor! But as a liberal you'd just say George Bush was to blame.

The last point, but the same point I use whenever talking about Immigration is... I will be the first person in line to welcome any immigrant who obeys the law and comes to this country the same way my parents or my wife's family came to it. Unfortunately there are "lines" in life, put there to make all of us "wait our turn." If you can't understand that, if you can't "wait your turn" like everyone is expected to do...then, when I catch you breaking the first law this country asks you to obey, I'm going to lock your ass up until I can ship your ass back to the country you came from!! And this includes you "anchor baby," (fruit from the tainted tree) so to speak.

To all of you "reading in" on this message... Rich is a great friend of mine. I cherish his opinions and his friendship. We've known each other for many years and have always bantered back and forth about politics and issues. I like to think of Rich as my Robert F. Kennedy - and I'd like to think of myself as his William F. Buckley....although he probably thinks of me more like "a deranged old uncle you only see at holidays!"

Dum Spiro Spero!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Re: Feinstein's Insult to Injury!

Ken, when are you going to realize the country supports the troops but not the war. We are fighting a war we should never have fought. We are spending money that never should have been spent. Our country has a short tolerance for war and this administration had their “fifteen minutes of shame”. We are fighting this war longer than we fought WW1 and 11, longer than the Vietnam mess etc. We are in a recession because of the war and it expenses.

Let me ask you, who in this administration has been part of the military- bush and his service in the national guard, Cheney??? They gladly send others to fight but not themselves or their families. At least McCain has and so has his family.

Don’t blame Diane, put the blame where it squarely belongs, on this administration for its complete ineptitude. They had the complete support of the US people but lost it long ago. Was it when bush landed on the carrier and said “mission accomplished” Because of his great leadership, this election has all the making of a route.

Your liberal friend.

Take care and best to your family.
Richard Levy
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Feinstein's Insult to Injury!

It's bad enough...that the "left" has blamed every hangnail and carbuncle on George Bush for the last 7-plus years.
(What's worse is that Republican Congressmen and Senators have done nothing to support their own party's leader).

It's bad enough...that our children...incarcerated in the collegiate educational system have been brainwashed to believe that Baracka "Hussein" Obama is the answer to all things. (What's worse is that the public K - 12 school systems and the Teacher's Unions are doing their part to rewrite American history to support the liberal/socialist agenda).

It's bad enough...that our heroic men & women in uniform are "hamstrung" into fighting a "humanitarian war" against inhuman terrorists, in a land far away. (What's worse is that the "lefties" in this country see nothing wrong with terrorists using any weapon they can get their hands on, but our GI's are expected to use the least amount of force possible).

It's bad enough...that our President has to return to Congress to "request" additional money to support our troops in harms way. (What's the absolute worst is that this week Dianne Feinstein sponsored a military spending bill that included an "add on" of AMNESTY for 1.9 million illegal aliens!)

Let me make sure you got that............
The military appropriations bill that Dianne Feinstein sent to the President this week will only allow him to use the money he sought for our brave fighting men & women - IF AND ONLY IF - he signs off on AMNESTY for 1.9 million illegal alien farm workers!!!!

Scumbag socialist Senators and Congressmen, who lost the fight for amnesty TWICE already now have the gall to risk the lives of our children in order to get what they want through the back door!! It just goes to show you how little these socialist vermin care about our country and our kids! All they care about is bringing about their socialist agenda, one way or the other.

And these are the kind of people Democrats want you to vote for in the Fall.
Never forget this.....this is the future they want for your country and your children!

Dum Spiro Spero!