Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Happy Feet" should be banned!

This past weekend I watched a couple of movies at home that I didn't catch while they were in the theaters.
Amidst all the flap regarding IMUS, imagine my shock and revulsion while watching the animated penguin movie "Happy Feet" and hearing the following lyrics............
"Looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy."
My God! Quick, someone call Hollywood and have all the copies and master's of this movie burned immediately! And someone get a hold of Mr. Wonder and have him donate all the royalties he's ever received from the song "I Wish" of which the above line is the first!!!! Do it or we'll all burn!!!

Obviously I'm making a point here. Do I agree that what Imus said was wrong and repulsive? Absolutely! I think he probably should have gotten even a longer suspension, maybe a month or two without pay - and the pay should have been donated to a general Rutgers's scholarship fund or specifically to the Women's Basketball team scholarship fund.

The penalty Imus got, was nothing less than a lynching at the end of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's rope! The end to his broadcast career in NYC on that note was wrong. Especially .........
  • When O.J. Simpson can murder two white people and get away with it, but Imus says 3 words and looses his career. BTW how much money has OJ paid the Goldman's?
  • When Jessie Jackson can refer to NYC as "hymietown" and remain a leader of the black community and have the "balls" to ever show his face back here
  • When Al Sharpton can continually get away with playing the race card - FOR DECADES - but still be held up as some sort of "avenging angel" for blacks (There are just too many examples of Sharpton racism to list only one!)
  • When the white mainstream media can simply nod it's collective heads and agree as Snoop Doggy-Dog (what a great name, not too stereotypical) says, "When rappers use it, it's art - when Imus use it, it's racis!"
  • When black comedians can call white's any vile thing they want - but paraphrase a Stevie Wonder song, and we're scarring the black children of the world for life!
  • When Harry Bellefonte, Danny Glover, and Charles Barron can go around the country, (and to other countries as well) spewing white hatred, spewing America hatred - and not be called on it equally as hard as Imus has been ... that's just part of the GROWING DOUBLE STANDARD. Soon that double standard could cause a violent white backlash.
What so many people have lost sight of in this whole Imus fiasco is - A "REPENTANT" DON IMUS -BACK ON THE AIR AFTER HOWEVER LONG A SUSPENSION - WOULD HAVE BECOME THE SINGLE GREATEST PROPONENT AND CHAMPION OF BLACK CAUSES THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!! In this regard, Don Imus would have become blacker than Bill Clinton - blacker even than Barrack Obama!! Let's face it, Bill Clinton can only lend his name to things, he's not going to be there for the long haul. A better deal comes along it's "bye bye Harlem!" IMUS could have been the single biggest generator of contribution $$$$ into the black community via the radio waves since Moses parted the Red Sea! But not anymore.

Bottom line folks is that by getting Imus fired, those responsible did nothing to relieve the antipathy between whites and blacks in this country. The "RIFT" between the races (that everybody knows exists but never wants to talk about) isn't smaller because Imus got fired - it's much bigger! Because there are an awful lot of people (me among them) who have been long-time Imus fans....and who see this as the Lynching of Don Imus.

I may have been ashamed of Don Imus for what he said, but he didn't deserve that. And he didn't deserve all "his friends" and those who glommed onto him during the good times....deserting him in their silence like rats leaving a sinking ship when he needed them....adding their boots to the stomping he was getting!

I know Don Imus had to learn a great deal from this, he's a very smart guy. That's why I'm sure he would have done more for the black community had he remained on the air rather than off the air. But you know what, I hope most of all that Don & Dierdre Imus have really Looooonnnngggg memories, especially for all those rats & "fair weather friends" who last week spoke volumes by their silence.

Dum Spiro Spero

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pelosi & Lantos..."On the Road to Tehran!"

Here in New Jersey we used to have a Governor named Tom Kean, who would often do TV Commercials for tourism in NJ. He had some kind of an accent, but I couldn't figure out from where - I think Maine or Boston. Anyway he had a line at the end of the commercials, "New Jersey and you-perfect together!" But with the Governor the last part came out, "Puurrrfect togetha."

Well since Nancy Pelosi and Tom Lantos decided to become "the Hope & Crosby" of Congress, and redo the "On the Road" pictures that Bing, Bob and Dorothy Lamour had so much fun doing - all I can say is "Pelosi & Lantos - Puurrrfect togetha."

Yesterday I saw & read that Speaker Pelozzzzi was adamantly defending her right to take a road trip to Syria and along with a couple other congressmen sit down with President Assad. Even though her trip was being summarily crapped upon by newspapers, various pundits and media 'dahlings' alike - there was ol Nanc, strutting her "Speakership" muscles. She seemed to be saying, George can't tell us to do anything, so there!

Suffice it to say that Ma-dam Speaker won't let anyone get away with chastising her diplomatic jaunts.....Oh no! Nancy wants / Nancy gets / Nancy does what Nancy wants / So now there's another road-trip planned ! ! !

This morning I read that Queen Pelozzi has announced that she's setting up another trip - this time to Iran! Yup! Pelozzi and Rep. Tom Lantos (79 year old holocaust survivor - representative from California's Bay Area), are going to open up "a diplomatic dialog" with the troll-like weasel boy in Tehran. (Gee Nanc, I sure am glad there's nothing too important going on here in Washington, so you can flit all over hell-and-back on our tax dollars!) And her justification is priceless... Pelosi says that because of his holocaust background Rep. Lantos is the perfect person to meet with Ahmadinejad and begin a dialog. Unfortunately Madam Speaker, you're liable to return from the dialog MINUS one Hungarian Jew named Lantos! You better check with his family before you let Hitler's illegitimate grandson loose on a United States Congressman!

Instead of Congressman Lantos why don't you take a really expendable commodity with you to Tehran? You know......"Two-Ton Teddy the Chappaquiddick Lifeguard!" Let's face it even if the "Tehran Troll-boy" decides he wants to take a hostage - Senator (hic!) Teddy could live off himself for a couple years!!! By that time we'd figure something out!

Teddy, Nancy and Troll-Weasel - PUUUUUURRRRRFECT TOGETHA ! !

Dum Spiro Spero!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Me - Don Imus and Howard Stern???

Answer to the subject line....
A fan - an Icon - and a rich Dope. (But for once I agree with Howard!)

I've been watching and listening to all the hub-bub concerning what radio talk-jock Don Imus said last week about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team. At best it was ugly & highly inappropriate. (For those of you who haven't heard about it - Goggle it).

First-things-first....Don, no matter how much I'm a fan of should be ashamed for what you know you should always maintain enough control over what you're constructing in your head, so you can stop yourself from saying "STUPID SHIT" across the FCC regulated airwaves.

HOWEVER.......for the way he's getting excoriated both in the printed press and on all the channels, you'd have thought that Imus went on a 20 minute diatribe using every racial epithet known to man and dropped numerous "N-bombs" along the way! He didn't! He made a terrible terrible comment about very very talented African American Women. He has said he was sorry now numerous times, on numerous occasions, and on various venues - and he's still getting bludgeoned - three days later.

For once I agree with Howard Stern, who, when asked what he thought Imus should do said, "Tell them to F#%K OFF!" I couldn't agree more, and I'll tell you why.

The reason I'm sick of this media circus "lynching," is because of two of the main "lynchers."

"The Reverends" .... Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. These two walking ethnic slurs are trying to get Don Imus fired! These two ordained "highwaymen" for holding-up Corporate America for perceived injustices. These two "Men of the Cloth," who set race relations back 50 years every time they open their mouths!

Let's look at each of them, shall we? Jesse Jackson has built his career around his early association with a great American hero - Dr. King. (Believe me Rev. Jackson, the last great thing you did was walk along-side Dr. King. Unfortunately, you didn't learn anything from that association!) Now he spends his time holding up Corporate entities too stupid to get out of his way, and paying for illegitimate children. And the Rev. Sharpton.....we all remember him. He was the ministerial miscreant that to-this-day perpetuates the "Tawanna Brawley Affair" as a historical fact. Let's just say that "facts" never stood in the way of either of these two "men of God" getting their message across or their contributions collected. And their message is always's always always plays the race card....and in many cases it can always go away for the 'right' contribution amount. But, have any of us EVER - black or white - heard Slur Jesse or Slur Al ask for forgiveness when they have accused someone unjustly???? Nahhhh!

Don Imus admits to not being a saint. Over the years he has poked fun at his earlier problems with drugs and alcohol. But I would venture to guess that since he's sobered up, Imus has done more for children in need and their families - regardless of their background or ethnicity - than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have, put together!

So now Imus will accept his punishment of a 2 week suspension - which he should. And I bet you'll hear him apologizing for this again from time-to-time in the future. He certainly has more class than what Howard suggested he say.

But as far as I'm concerned, as far as Al & Jesse seeking their brand of additional "ju$$tice."

Rev. Al ??..... Rev. Jesse??? ....... "F$#!K OFF!"

Dum Spiro Spero!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Letter to the U.S. Congress from a concerned citizen.

Dear Senators & State Representatives,

I don't know if this letter will ever reach you, but I have to try.
As far as my education taught me, you are all part of the Legislative branch of our country's government. This morning I looked it up... and here's what a 3rd - 5th Grade website sponsored by the US government says your job is ( You're supposed to be in Washington doing these jobs .....
  • write, debate and pass bills to pass onto the President for approval
  • make laws that control trade between the states and sometimes the United States and other countries
  • make laws about taxes and borrowing money, as well as approving how much money our Treasury prints
  • declare war on other countries
Nowhere in these 4 responsibilities do the words "travel to hostile capitals to consult with foreign dictators as though we were part of the State Department" appear. (I could add snidely - "while spending millions upon millions of tax-payers dollars to fly us and our entourages around like rock-stars" - but I won't!) I ask you, what do starving American families in Mississippi and Louisiana gain by having Senators from both parties running off to the Middle East?

On a related issue, I saw on the evening news yesterday a smiling Speaker Pelosi saying, "We were very pleased with the assurances we received from the president (Assad) that he was ready to resume the peace process. He's ready to engage in negotiations for peace with Israel." My first question is...what do you mean by this "We" stuff Madam Speaker? And since when did the Rep. Pelosi become part of the U.S. or Israeli Diplomatic Corp? I don't see the job "conducting foreign policy discussions" listed above!

Lastly, I've been a little perplexed about two other "jobs" Congress has decided to take upon themselves. Jobs that are mentioned nowhere in their list of responsibilities. The first, is Congresses attempt to impose their daily strategy on how the global war on terror is to be run. As far as I can tell Congressdudes, this is why we have the Joint Chief's of Staff, and a Commander-in-Chief. I respectfully submit that your "yellow-streak" combat strategies are only confusing the issue. Second, is Congresses on-going attempt to make a mountain out of what amounts to an "employment at will" mole hill regarding the firing of 8 US Attorney's. Irrespective of how many conversations were had by whom & when - these folks serve "at the pleasure of the President," NOT at the pleasure of Congress. If President Bush working through Attorney General Gonzales decided to fire these people in Macy's window - it's none of your business! Check the 3rd Grade list above if you have any questions.

I respectfully submit to you Senator's & Representative's with all the problems still remaining in Louisiana & Mississippi after Katrina - with fear compounding daily over Al Gore's global warming epistle - with thousands of illegal aliens having their dash across the American border hampered by the US Border Patrol - with the security at the Library of Congress apparently so porous that folks can just stick things down their pants and walk out with them - and with Scooter Libby, Carl Rove, & Dick Cheney still not in jail....there is not enough time for you to be taking diplomatic junkets to visit the world's hot-spots!

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

"A concerned citizen"

Salus populi suprema lex

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"News Follies" Update

* Yesterday I wrote about the plan of some eco-friendly California legislators who were planning to pass a bill to do away with the Edison incandescent light bulb in favor of the "squiggly" fluorescent bulb. I figured..."Well, it's the LaLa-Land crowd, what should I expect! This morning I read that not only is Cali-fawn-y-a putting together a bill, but so is the State Legislature of North Carolina - AND - the United States Congress, (led by the "Albore" loving liberal cabal)! All plans are expected to be implemented in 10 years.

But here's an interesting "tidbit" today's article uncovered............
Guess where all these billions and billions and billions and billions of "squiggly" fluorescent bulbs costing 3 to 5 times more than an incandescent bulb are going to be manufactured? California? No! - North Carolina?? Nope! Somewhere in the United States?? Of course not you stupid American! The estimated 4 billion "squiggly" fluorescent replacement bulbs will all have to be built in that BASTION of clean air & eco-friendliness.......CHINA!!! (More coal furnaces Hop-Sing!!!!)

* My second blood pressure elevator today comes from our good friends in the United Kingdom...........
It was announced today that schools in Britain will no longer be teaching students about "the Holocaust." British educators fear that doing so would cause pain to Muslim students. Let me repeat that......they fear it would cause Muslim students pain.

Now - I'm basically a "daft bastard" as the Brits would say - but would somebody please explain to me how learning about the holocaust (wherein the Nazi's exterminated 6 million Jewish/Polish/Russian civilians during WW II) would cause a MUSLIM student pain ? I might have seen some merit to the idea if British educators claimed they were trying to spare Jewish students or even German students some discomfort - or if they simply said the issue was too painful for ANY student to learn. But where is the connection to MUSLIM students? I just don't get it! HEADMASTER: "We really don't want to make any of our Muslim students uncomfortable...the poor dears. But you Jews and Germans should "sod off!"

Has the United Kingdom now joined the rest of the prissy liberal world? Did I miss the NEWSFLASH saying.... "Attention all non-Muslims! The world must now bend over backwards (or simply bend over) for everything Muslim or Islamic in nature. Your immediate deference is mandatory!" Did I miss that announcement?

Here's a simple thought from a "simple-minded" American, to my British cousins ..... You can not - you must not, "selectively" teach history. There are millions of British hero's and patriots crying out to you from their graves. However frail your Muslim students might be, they will learn more about not killing if they are sickened by "the holocaust" - than they will if they learn about "the glory of killing the infidels" in a Madrassa school.

Dum Spiro Spero!

Monday, April 02, 2007

More American Follies!

There were three items I read this morning that made me wonder.....

* Emergency Officials for the State of Virginia have requested $200,000 from the Department of Homeland Security, for assistance in developing evacuation plans - for pets - in case of a catastrophe in that state.

( Hmmmm: The "practice drills" for this should be interesting! I can hear the announcement now...."Please leave the State immediately for your alternative destinations! DO NOT bring your pets! They have separate alternative routes! )

* Legislation has been introduced in California by pro-environmental legislators, that would ban incandescent light bulbs in favor of the "more efficient, spiral shaped" fluorescent light bulbs.

(That underground rumbling/spinning sound you may have heard near West Orange, NJ ... that was Thomas Edison.)

* Jermaine Jackson told the BBC recently that Michael Jackson is considering a conversion to Islam! Jermaine, a Muslim who lives in Bahrain, had his brother living with him for a while after Michael fled the United States. "Michael, I feel needs to become a Muslim because I think it's a great protection for him from all the things that he's been attacked for - which are false. There's a strength and protection there," Jermaine told the BBC Asian reporter from his home.)

(I'm torn on this one.... On the one hand I worry about Michael's fair skin in that dry arid place! On the other hand I'm thinking about what's running through the minds of the mullah's in Bahrain ...."Oh great - a gloved pedophile, just what Islam needs!)

Quem Deus vult perdere, prius dementat