Sunday, June 17, 2012

What They Owe

    (As I begin to write this piece, I wonder how long it will take before some of my liberal friends write back saying it wasn't Obama's fault! I'll let you know.)
    Most everyone knows by this time that my daughter Kara recently had 3 beautiful babies! Yup...triplets! That means I'm a grandfather of three little critters, and that my father-in-law is a great grandfather! To me that's truly amazing. Already one of my favorite pictures is of the newborn Cooper triplets, my daughter, her mother, and great-grandpa Richard all seated on our sofa smiling!!! Really a wonderful picture.
    While listening to the radio the other day I had to pull off the road to make sure I heard correctly....... (now, don't get me wrong, I know and believe that there is no country better for my grandchildren to have been born into than The United States of America. Not Europe, not South America or Africa, not Asia, not Australia nor either of the Poles. Not my parents' homeland of Sweden, or Susan's homeland of China, or ANY other country around the globe. It's just a fact - there are more blessings and freedoms bestowed upon a newborn SIMPLY by being born within our borders than anywhere else on the planet! And for that I am truly grateful to God that I and my grandchildren are American!)
   But what made me drive off the road, what made me cringe, was this ... my newborn grandbabies, who just turned 4 months old last Sunday, each have a price on their heads! Each of them owes $50,000 to the American government if it was paid immediately. By the time they grow to attend school it will be much more. By the time they leave school  I can't begin to imagine what they will owe the government - and that doesn't include any annual income tax they may have levied against them in the meantime!  
   There's something indecent about 3 small newborn children not yet able to control his or her bowels, but still managing to spend $150,000!! And this amount doesn't have anything to do with the childbirth or the hospital bills - those bills haven't arrived in the mail yet! But these little "crapper magicians" have already spent more in 4 months, than I ever made in my best salary year!!!   
    How is this possible you may ask? Well in fact it's not only my grandchildren that "owe" our government this much, it's each of us American's. All 330,000,000 plus American citizens. Each of us owes over $50,000 of the American National Debt.  Which currently is more than $15.7 trillion dollars. Here, look at this..... $ 15,700,000,000,000.00. That's $15.7 trillion bucks. 15 followed by 12 zero's. Even an ignoramus like me can figure out that's an AWFUL, AWFUL lot of debt!
   Where did it come from? Well, contrary to what I'd like to tell you, Barrack Hussein & Michelle Obama DIDN'T spend all of it! 
    Between 1789 and the end of 2008 the combined National Debt for our country was $6.3 trillion dollars. That's what debt our country had accumulated in 219 years. Money spent, that "WE" as a people owed to other countries or institutions that backed our spending since we became a nation. Over 6,000,000,000,000 dollars. 

    The truly remarkable part about this little economic lesson, is that in less than 4 years as our President, Barrack Hussein Obama has outspent everyone who came before him in our country's 219 year history COMBINED!  The Obama SPENDING machine currently exceeds $6.5 trillion dollars!! Consequently, you, me, your children, my children and grandchildren, your parents, each and every American "owes" $50,000 of that National Debt. Maybe I should say "owns" instead of "owes." But it amounts to the same thing. Our country, our home is SINKING under the weight of out-of-control SPENDING. 
    If this were our home, our house, we'd just say, "OK no more spending unless we have the cash in our pocket." And maybe we'd throw in a DAMMIT! 
  But CONGRESS and The PRESIDENT think this is "their" house, their sandbox! Regardless of what all the economic indicators - and common sense I might add - are telling them, they just keep on spending. And unfortunately, you only have to tune into the nightly news to hear Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Obamma and Kruggman telling you that "it's those damn Republicans that won't let us spend any more money to get more teachers and policemen! They keep blocking us!"  I just have one question ... how much more do you want to spend Barrack? Hells bells, how much more CAN you spend?? 
    The bottom line is this folks ... my four month old grandchildren have as much right to a "sound" financial future as I can afford them. Their future shouldn't be jeopardized by criminally indecent profligate spending by a President who has PROVEN to not only lack a grasp of economics, but lacks also any will to STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY!!!! 
  Throw him and his minions out in November!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The "Song" of my Dad's coin

    When I was a little boy, it was common to hear men "jingling" the change they had in their pockets. Because in the 50's and 60's working men were more apt to have a lot of change in their pockets rather than "folding money." Shave and a haircut - two bits; coffee for a nickel or a dime; double-bubble for a penny; Good Humor ice cream, 10 or 15 cents. 
    I loved the sound of jingling change because it usually meant that my Dad was going to buy me an ice cream or a bag of peanuts. As I got older I always had a fascination with U.S. coins, especially the older coins.  One coin in particular always held my heart, and my imagination. The story goes that the day my father stepped off the boat from Sweden, he managed somehow to get a U.S. silver dollar. He kept it in his pants pocket ever since - it became a "touchstone" for him. I can remember seeing that coin every time my Dad took the change out of his pocket and let me take a dime or a quarter. Over the course of his working life that coin had lost all of it's markings. By the time my Dad reached his 80's, as a collectible it was only worth the weight of the silver it assayed at. But in my eyes, and in my father's heart it was worth more than gold! It marked his landing, his beginning in "the land of opportunity and freedom." A country where everything and anything was possible - if you worked hard enough. Then came the day when it "passed" to me, and I too carried it in my pocket... every day. 
    I can remember placing that silver "disc" on the tip of my finger while young Kara and Kris watched expectantly, and striking it on its edge with my ring. It would "peel" like a bell and my kids would clap and be amazed! A little passing on of magic - just as my Dad had amazed me with the same "trick!" 
   Today, I hope my daughter still carries it with her always as a good luck charm, and her touchstone. Something she can amaze her triplets with as they grow older. I'm sure the "ring" it produces is still strong, and clear ... and still represents the unshakable foundations and dreams of all the grandfather's and great grandfather's that helped build this country!!!
   Which brings me to my point .....    
    I still have a fascination with American coins. At the end of every day I put all of my coins, and all of my "singles" in a can on my dresser. Over the years it's become my "Christmas Club" stash. Everyone who knows me knows I've been troubled by the "direction" our country has been driven during these last few years, eh, last 20 or so years.  A steady erosion of the history and underpinnings which every country MUST maintain in order to motivate and encourage its people to move FORWARD. Let's just leave it my opinion, the erosion has accelerated 100 fold during the last 3 years. I don't know entirely what must be done, but I do know that accelerated spending will only hasten the end. 
    Think about just one small change.... it used to be that American coinage could "SING"  loud and clear and strong throughout the country and the world! There was something cheerful about hearing your change jingle in your pocket. Today, if you shake a handful of U.S. coins together you hear the unmistakable sound of "clacking!"  No ringing - no song. It's the same worthless sound of the tokens we used to get as kids when we went to a carnival in the summer. As kids we loved those tokens ... but we soon found out that they were worthless outside the carnival! We'd been tricked into thinking that clacking tokens meant something. Once the carnival left town, all that we had left was the CLACK!  
    I hate that sound! For me it exemplifies everything that OUR COUNTRY has been turned into. Everything that WE have been turned into. Everything that we have been tricked into believing! The Republicans are no better than the Democrats on this. It's not "party's" - it's POLITICIANS in general!  As a working group, they just don't know how NOT to spend! Look at them in Washington or in your State Capital...WE'RE GOING BROKE!  And the politicians just keep on spending!!
    In deference to my good friend Rich, trust me buddy - I know my side is as much to blame as yours, but when your side is led by 2 Millionaire Nobel Prize winners screaming that we should be spending more money as a way to get out from under - HOLY SHIT we are in deep trouble!! Not for nothing, but Krugman, Obama and their entire Keynesian enclave can blow it out their collective bilge bags! CONTINUED SPENDING IS ONLY GOING TO CRIPPLE MY GRANDCHILDREN! And increasing the TAXES ON PEOPLE WHO ALREADY PAY FOR 75% OF THE TAXES IN THIS COUNTRY IS JUST INSANITY! Especially when 47% of the people in this country pay NO TAXES!!! ZERO, NADA, BUBKISS!!  BUBKISS!!! And they still want more!!!!!!! 
    Every time I hear Obama spew his racial divisiveness, I hear CLACK!  Every time I hear him say "Wall Street, the oil companies, and the richest among us have to do more," I hear CLACK!  Banks are still touting "no interest mortgages - everyone qualifies"... CLACK!  Obama's health care program is 2700 pages long and amounts to 14 more taxes leveled on each American worker, CLACK!  National 
Debt ADDED by President Obama in less than one term .... $6.5 TTTRILLION dollars, CLACK, CLACK, CLACK!!!!
    Somewhere someone tricked us into believing that the more you spend, the faster you'll get out of debt. At some point we all got used to the idea that "I'll just use this card one time for this one purchase." Instead we should have heard CLACK!  Come on, be real - we're not kids anymore. We shouldn't have been this gullible. WE KNOW BETTER! Or at least we should have! If you only have $10 bucks in your wallet and your kids need shoes, you better find a side job to pay for those shoes! How many of you were brought up hearing, "You can only afford what you have cash money to buy!!" Hey the people running the Carnival only took cold hard cash didn't they? You couldn't pay on credit! Well, nothing has changed.....but yet again EVERYTHING has changed.
    Today we have OBAMA telling crowds of adoring zombies that "it is the right of every American to go to college and own a home." WRONG MORONS! It is the DREAM of every American to go to college and own a home. Nobody promised anyone a college education! It is the right of every American to go to public school until they have finished high school or reach the age where they decide to stop schooling. If you earned good enough grades and could afford it  you could apply to go to college - there was no guarantee-period! Nobody promised anyone a house! You don't have the right to a house - you earn it. It is the right of every American to have a place to live that they can afford. After you finish schooling you find a job and then a place to live - usually a small apartment. You work to pay rent and save money to make a down payment and own a house with a bank. You earn the right to own a home through hard work after you've saved enough to qualify for a mortgage!!
    There used to be a time when American coins "sang" with the promise of the dreams they represented.
    You could "recollect" your dream by simply putting your hand in your pocket and listen to the joyful sound.
    The certainty was, that you could realize your dream through hard work. That was the reality we all lived with.
    Today's coins can't "sing." Because they're not based in reality. They're carnival knock-offs.
    The "dreams" they represent are as fake as the "carnival barkers" that sell them to us.
    "You can have something for nothing" - "Someone else should pay for your home, your car, your education."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fastest way to have an aneurism - the Republican Primaries

    I've been trying to keep my head from exploding during the last 9 months. The only thing harder than watching the republicans try to pick their nominee, has been listening to all of the "wanna be" candidates and pundits telling me why this guy is better, or that guy isn't!! I don't know if it's a fruitless endeavor .... but man has it been painful.  Through this point in early April it looks as though all the "anti-Romney" candidates have been given their 15 minutes, and "that guy named Mitt" still leads the pack.  (Oyy!) 
    Mitt wasn't my first choice. Or my second. I still believe that Newt is the smartest politician in the group. Wait ... Newt is the smartest politician in both parties - but it turns out he's got so many enemies, I think he's unelectable! (The serial philandering didn't help!) Hell, the morning I heard Peter King come out on national radio and state unequivocally that he couldn't support a Newt nomination - I knew Newt was neutered!
    Moving on... I always believed Santorum was legitimately the most conservative of the top three republican candidates - Still do. But man, Rick has stepped in it a few times! And there seems to be almost as many anti-Santorum folks out there, as there are anti-Gingrich folks! But where people just don't like Gingrich - people really seem to hate Rick Santorum. Can't figure this one out, and no one can tell me why they think he's so skeevy.  
    That leaves us with Mitt...... no, wait... let me spend a few seconds on Ron Paul. (thousand one, a thousand two, a thousand three) OK, that's enough. I'm sure Dr. Paul is a good doctor and I think he's a reasonable politician - sort of. I think he should be considered for a position in the cabinet of the next president - probably someone to oversee the Federal Reserve or the Treasury. But the United States can't afford a candidate for president with the foreign policy positions that this guy has. It's just too dangerous to unleash a "Dr. Seuss" foreign policy on the world right now! (But that's just my opinion). 
    Now we come to Mitt. One "t" or two, I don't know. What I do know after the last 9 months is this ..... For Mitt Romney to have been running for the Presidency of the United States for nearly 6 years - SIX YEARS - and have spent all this personal money, and still be such a shitty campaigner, my head aches when I watch this guy!!! It's like watching a wax museum statue come to life!
Don't get me wrong, Mitt Romney on his WORST day will be 10X the President Barack Hussein Obama has ever been!! I can state that unequivocally. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph.... watching this guy try to loosen up is painful!
    Watching Mitt Romney relate to "the common man," is as impossible as watching Barack Obama open his mouth without lying!!! It just ain't gonna happen in this lifetime!!! And, and... as a tiny little needle-to-stick-into-your-brain-every-time-you-look-at-this-guy-as-your-candidate ... you all have to know, that when Mitt Romney ran against Teddy Kennedy (Yuck! I gotta go wash), ROMNEY RAN TO THE LEFT OF KENNEDY! See why my heads about to explode? How can this same guy, now be the guy who conservatives like me are going to support for the party nomination?????? How can this guy now be the choice of people who want to see the socialist scum thrown out of the White House and the Congress?????? I may have to start seeing a shrink!!!!
    How have we come to this????
    For a while I was making the gremlins go away by hoping that Mitt would get really smart and select Marco Rubio (Gov. Florida) as his running mate. But last week Marco said he wouldn't consider joining the ticket. And for me the thought of either the fat Bruce Springsteen lover from New Joisey, or another "Bushy" as V.P. is giving me nightmares!! Can't you just see Chris Christy sucking down a roasted goose with the grease running down his arms and chins as he gavels the Senate to order??    
    See, this is why I'm going crazy.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I want to make sure everyone understand how really simple this is .....
  • The United States government SPENDS over $300 BILLION DOLLARS every MONTH.
  • The United States government BORROWS $140 BILLION DOLLARS every MONTH to pay for that spending.  
(Think of it this way ... I spend $300 dollars a month drinking & carousing with my buddies. But in order to pay for it, I don't tell my wife, I simply "borrow" $140 each month from my "local banker,"  Nicky "three fingers" Muldoon. So here's the main question ... after years of continuous borrowing, how much longer do you think the head offices of Muldoon, Chang, Wang, and O'Rooney  are going to allow borrowing without repayment ???? )
Keeping in mind the two bullet points above .....
The House and Senate just a week ago struck a budget deal with President "Money-burns-a-hole-in-my-pocket" Obama. 
Standing at the podium with our feckless** Hope & Change Master were, equally as feckless House Speaker Boehner, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and of course Minority House Leader Stretch. All five of these lying bastards looked into the camera's as they spoke to the American public and basically they said the following .......
  • After working so hard for so long we can barely stand, we are proud to announce to the American people that we have reached an agreement on a budget that will cut an estimated $7 billion in spending. (Unsaid....We don't know how long it will take before you figure out that we are still spending on average about $4 billion dollars a day, so we want to get off this stage quickly!) 
  • And while we're standing here telling you that the Republicans and the Tea Party forced the Democrats into accepting this tough bare-boned budget, the bottom line is that we just gave President "Money-burns-a-hole-in-my-pocket" Obama, an additional $2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS of "pocket change" in the disguise of a "debt-ceiling increase."  
  • Now, President "Money-burns-a-hole-in-my-pocket" Obama has to get out of town quickly on a much needed vacation to Martha's Vineyard where he'll stay at a well guarded Democrat donor's mansion, and we will all go back to our home state's where we will hopefully hide-in-a-hole and none of you lousy press bastards or sniveling little tax payers will find us.
  • And by the time Congress reconvenes in a month or so, President "Money-burns-a-hole-in-my-pocket" Obama will have collected an additional $100 million for "The Never-Ending Campaign" and all you taxpayers will have forgotten that we fucked you**  yet again. 
** feckless
1.feckless - not fit to assume responsibility
irresponsible - showing lack of care for consequences; "behaved like an irresponsible idiot"; "hasty and irresponsible action"
2.feckless - generally incompetent and ineffectual; "feckless attempts to repair the plumbing"; "inept handling of the account"
incompetent - not qualified or suited for a purpose; "an incompetent secret service"; "the filming was hopeless incompetent"
** fucked you
1. fucked you - the good warm feeling politicians get every time they smile at taxpayers / voters and know you don't have a clue how badly they have been screwing you.
2. fucked you - SYN. "BOHICA - bend over, here it comes again." The feeling taxpayers / voters get every time a politician moves their lips.
3. fucked you -  N. disease contracted by politicians and people in power. Earliest known infection Judas Iscariot. Latest known infection, House Speaker Boehner, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and of course President Barrack Hussein Obama and Minority House Leader Stretch. Disease is always fatal, personally and professionally - disease is highly communicable.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


    I got to thinking this week ..... (yeah, I know that's always a problem!)  I started thinking that on one subject I'm agreeing with President Obama and the Democrats!
    Scary huh?  Well, here it is.
    During this week or in the last ten days, the President has been speaking almost daily concerning the debt ceiling & taxes. In each case he's maligned the Republicans, repeating his oft-time used slogan of "shared sacrifices." We've all heard this campaign speech before haven't we? It goes something like this...."And now even at this late date, those dastardly Republicans are blocking all of My efforts to help the American people by not letting Me raise taxes on those rich millionaires and billionaires that contribute to their party! Come on, that's not right!! We all need to show some more shared sacrifice! They can afford it! They've got millions and billions!"  Basically what he's selling is ...."Rich" Americans aren't paying enough in taxes.  
    This week the President even sent out his aging lap-dogs to spout the party line. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi got back into the act, screaming "shared sacrifices!" Even the President's walking life insurance policy, Vice President Biden, reprised his campaign slogan of "getting more skin in the game" and added his own "shared sacrifices" harangue.
    And amazingly, undeniably, and unapologetically - I agree!!!!  
    Mr. President. Mr. Vice President. Senate Majority Leader Reid. Former Speaker of the House Pelosi ..... I agree with all of you, and I'm ready to have my taxes increased 
    I agree that there is a severe need for increased "SHARED SACRIFICES" across this nation from sea to shining sea! And I want you to raise my taxes - just as soon as you can guarantee for me the following has taken place ........... 
  • Guarantee for me that General Electric Co. who currently pays $0.00 in taxes will immediately share the sacrifice and pay taxes. Starting from when you took office.
  • Guarantee for me that General Electric Co. Chairman Jeffrey Immelt who you tapped as your head economic advisor, shares the sacrifice and pays his fair share of Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • Guarantee for me that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has repaid all of his unpaid Social Security and Medicare taxes, and is currently sharing the sacrifice by paying all of his Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • Guarantee for me that all of your Cabinet Members and CZARS, as well as the Distinguished Members of Congress and their Staff members are  A L L  sharing the sacrifice by paying all of their Federal, State and Local taxes. (i.e.: Hon. Charlie Rangel)
This should be no problem for you to verify Mr. President. You have increased the size of the Federal bureaucracy and the IRS to such a degree that you should be able to verify this simple information in milliseconds.  And I have just one more request Mr. President ......... 
  • Guarantee for me that the 47% to 50% of American wage earners who currently pay $0.00 in taxes will share the sacrifice and pay at least 15% in taxes. No, too much? How bout 12%? 10%?
  • Guarantee for me that the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens that I'm currently paying for will begin to share the sacrifice and pay 15% of their earnings in taxes.
If you do that for me Mr. President I will gladly hand you my personal check for any tax increase you want to impose on me.
If you can't guarantee these things for me Mr. President - KEEP YOUR STINKING HANDS OFF MY EARNINGS!!!
There are millions & millions of American citizens Mr. President, who feel the same way as I do. We may be part of the Tea Party movement, or not - many more of us are just fed up with being the "DOOR MAT" for people who do not "share the sacrifice!" Not even by as much as 10%!
Mr. President, we are not extremists or terrorists like we've been called this week! We are proud Americans who for too long have paid & paid & paid!! And our reward has been getting screwed by politicians who don't represent or listen to us, and getting laughed at by lazy people who expect us to pay for their life choices!
Mr. President, we don't want it to come to conflict, but we will not shrink from it. We will fight you at the ballot boxes and we demonstrate against you in the streets. Neither you nor an unlistening & uncaring Congress will defeat us! None of you in Washington nor in the State capitals will be allowed to ruin our country with your reckless governance. WE HAVE HAD IT!!!
Election 2012 starts NOW!!!!
We did not elect a RULING CLASS and we will not live under one!   YOU SERVE US !!!  
DUM SPIRO SPERO!!!  ("while I breathe, I hope")
SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!  ("thus always to tyrants")

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Forwarding a "Letter To The President"

This was sent to me this morning.
Seems like a great idea! I don't use face book but I will post it on my "Avenue of Rememberence" blog site.

PLEASE read and forward to all your e-mail contacts, and post on your Face-book page if you have one... This is getting serious
 Dear Mr. President,
     I heard you say you will not guarantee SS checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised.  
     Why is it, that "the scare" always has to do with SS, Medicare, & our Soldiers pay?  Why not stop your pay, the pay of your staff, and the staff of the first lady, or Congress to save money for our country?  
     Why always threaten Seniors, Soldiers, & the needy as examples?  
     Take the money from those of you who take no risks - but take all the benefits from us!!!  All of you who don't even take part in the same plans as the millions of people you're suppose "to serve" do!  
     Instead of threatening to withhold Social Security, VA and disability payments of people who really need the money....Lets "STOP PAYMENT" on the paychecks of all those executive branch, house & senate members, then see how fast you can solve the debt crisis!!!
     Come experience our daily reality for a change!!!
 Thank you...

An American Citizen

If you agree repost this & keep it going across the whole USA.


A long time friend sent me a list recently that I felt compelled to reformat & update. Similar lists have been around for a while, but this one has a whole new dimension since Obama undertook his "Socialization of America" campaign.  The funny thing about it is that it is nowhere near complete! I can think of at least 6 more reason without too much trouble. Let's have some fun...add any "reasons" you can come up with and let's keep passing this around.

**********          **********          **********          ***********          **********          **********

When friends, coworker's, or family members have trouble explaining why they vote Democrat, please hand them this list….
Allow them to select as many reasons as they need to explain why, from the "TOP 13 Reasons I Vote Democrat"...

13. I Vote Democrat…
because I believe there is only one bad form of government - and that is the American capitalist system.

12. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are criminal, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't.

11. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe bigger centralized government supported by powerful public sector unions, will do a better job of spending the money I earn - than me and my family will.
10. I Vote Democrat...
because the Freedom of Speech is fine as long as it is defined by the Press, the Democrats, the Unions, and the environmentalists.

9. I Vote Democrat...
because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers, thieves and drug runners.

8. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe that the same people, who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday, can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if we all don't start driving a Prius – IMMEDIATELY! 

7. I Vote Democrat...
because I'm not concerned about millions of babies being aborted - as long as we keep all death row inmates alive and their civil rights protected.

6. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe illegal aliens have a right to immediate citizenship, free health care, free education, free housing, and my Social Security benefits.

5. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their investors. They need to break even and give the rest to the government for redistribution as Democrats see fit.

4. I Vote Democrat...
because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some group who would never get their agendas passed otherwise. And European justice is just so much 'wiser' than our justice system - don't you agree?

3. I Vote Democrat...
because I think that it's smarter to pay billions to people who hate us for their oil, than it is to drill for our own oil because it might harm some beetle, gopher, fish, or owl.  

2. I Vote Democrat...
because the promise of "HOPE AND CHANGE" (even though we already live in the greatest, most wonderful country in the world), sounds so much more "inclusive & enlightened!"

1. I Vote Democrat...
because my head is so pleasantly planted up my ass; it's unlikely that sunlight or a clear thought will ever be seen or heard!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What do Kennedy & Reagan have in common?

Last week, (why am I writing this? NOBODY ever stops to think & comment!!)
Last week... President Obama... in his midday news conference, said the following..............
"If the American people looked at this, they'd say, boy, some of these decisions are tough, but they don't require us to gut Medicare or Social Security. They don't require us to stop helping young people go to college. They don't require us to stop helping families who've got a disabled child. They don't require us to violate our obligations to our veterans. And they don't require 'job-killing tax cuts.'"

(That's me highlighting the last sentence.) "And they don't require job-killing tax cuts."

Obama just can't get this right. He keeps on saying that cutting taxes is wrong. Cutting taxes kills jobs. He says raising taxes on businesses and successful individuals is right! (And especially you have to raise taxes on those dirty son's of bitches, the millionaires in America! Yeah, all those bastards who have had the ideas and created all those big million dollar businesses while holding us workers down for so long! Yeah, let's run over to where they live and throw them out of their houses and take them over in the name of the people!!!!!!!! Whoa, sorry got a bit carried away with the Dr. Zhivago moment there!) And his friends in the Press keep on letting him get away with it - day after day - month after month. And what happens? Well, even though he PROMISED that unemployment would never rise above 8% IF we let him spend his $787,000,000,000 billion stimulus package, today unemployment stands at 9.2%. Still, his friends in the Press say NOTHING!! And if you factor in under-employment and those Americans who have just stopped looking for a job because it's just too damn depressing - the full, total unemployment rate nearly reaches 20%!!!  

(Here's some PERSPECTIVE .... if you're in a room with 5 other people - one of you is probably out of work!)

But Nobel Laureate's Obama and Paul Kruggggmann keep on telling everyone that SPENDING is the only way to create more jobs and bring down the deficit!!! (Now there's a reason to never believe a Nobel Prize winner!) SPEND, SPEND, SPEND your way out of debt!!! Geez, my daughter would love this analysis! That's right, a Harvard "wiz-kid" says that the more you spend the more you have and the better off you'll be! (Holy shit and I think I'm stupid!) 

As a point of reference only, (because I know that many liberal thinkers believe Ronald Reagan was an old idiot)..... when Ronald Wilson Reagan took office in 1981, the upper most tax rate in America was 70%!  Reagan cut that to 50% in 1982; then he cut it to 38.5% in 1987;  and finally he cut it to 28% in 1998.
What happened????? Well, thanks to that old idiot, that stupid, stupid old cowboy - Unemployment dropped from 9.2% to 5.3% and inflation plummeted from 13.5% to 4%. At the same time, real income for Americans grew by an average $4,000.

[Thanks must be attributed to Mr. Joseph Curl of the Washington Times for these statistics.]

Honestly, getting back to our contrarian President, I don't understand how one guy can be so miserably wrong so consistently, and STILL be lauded as a genius??? His position is indefensible and diametrically opposed to a majority of economists - but he keeps on spewing the lie!  What's more - his position flies in the face of anyone who has ever tried to explain elementary spending to their adolescent children. Worse still - It contradicts ANYTHING every immigrant from the last century learned even before they got off the boat that brought them here! And I'd be doing a disservice to my dear departed mother and father if I didn't scream this out at the top of my lungs - so here goes ...........

But of course as I've told you many, many times in my pieces ...... "PLEASE don't believe me - because I'm an idiot!" Instead, please CLICK on the attached link and watch (no, not Ronald Reagan), but one of the "Gods" of Democratic politics, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as he describes the best way out of a "recession" and back to prosperity for the country. It's less than 2 minutes - please pay particular attention to what he says between 1:26 and 1:44.

So, now I'll ask any of you liberal democrats who may have had the guts to read this essay and watch the Kennedy clip  ..... who are you going to believe? An unmitigated and proven liar - Barrack Hussein Obama as he continues to take you and your families down the road to ruin and communism???? Or will you be true to yourself, and accept in your hearts and minds what you learned since you were a kid? That this country can no longer afford Obama's policies of spending and class warfare? 

Will you believe the results of Reagan's tax cuts - or continue to believe in Obama's spending? (Listen ... "YOU CAN ONLY BUY, WHAT YOU HAVE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET TO BUY!!!!)

Will you believe the results of Kennedy's tax cuts - or continue to believe in Obama's spending? (Listen ... "YOU CAN ONLY BUY, WHAT YOU HAVE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET TO BUY!!!!)

Will you finally believe what your Mama and Papa taught you - or continue to believe in Obama's spending?



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He COULDN'T care Less!

(Originally written and mailed April 17, 2010)   

On Monday night I came home after work anxious to hear President Obama's speech about the budget.
    During the day I had heard that Obama had sent a personal invitation to Congressman Paul Ryan to have him hear the speech from the front row. 
    Imagine my shock when I heard on my drive home Monday evening, that Obama's speech had been made during the afternoon - and that he wouldn't be addressing the entire nation
that evening. While watching the news then on Monday night, I figured out "why" the President had invited Congressman Paul Ryan to attend his speech. Obama did so, so that he could look down from his teleprompters and podium and "personally bitch-slap"  Ryan and other Republicans for even attempting to submit an alternative to what Obama wanted for a budget! And he did so in front of an adoring college audience!!! What a  pathetic coward!
    Oh yeah. Showing the immature "smallness" that has become second nature to our C-I-C, (that would be "our Communist-In-Chief") Obama once again thumbed his nose at ANYONE who dares to suggest something different than what he or Michelle wants to hear! To the rousing cheers of his 18 to 25 year old cult followers, the self-confessed smartest man in America explained, that once again the failed Bush administration has forced Him to come up with a budget.  As always, showing the true extent of His psychosis, our C-I-C gave us no specifics - no plan - no roadmap for how this budget was going to be accomplished. BUT, he assured us that His will, WILL be done!!
    Gosh, there's just nothing better than hearing TYRANNY spoken is such unmistakable terms! (And with all those wonderful "whistled" s'es at the end of his words! Ever notice that? When Obama wants to sound "Fatherly," Presidential, or especially professorial, he whistles the s'es on the end of words. To me it makes him sound like he's got a lisp - but his "handlers" must've told him it sounds good.)
    As I watched a replay and heard some of the adoring comments from students that had heard his pronouncement on Monday, my belief was solidified on a couple of issues.
    With absolute assuredness I can guarantee to all of you reading this - and to your children - and your grand children, that . . . . . . .
  • UNLESS you are an impressionable collegiate student;
  • UNLESS you consider yourself a minority first (and a citizen second);
  • UNLESS you make millions of dollars in the United States annually and don't care how much he raises your taxes to;
  • UNLESS you make your millions in Music, Movies, or Sports;
  • UNLESS you are a dues paying member of any State or Federal Union;
  • UNLESS you are in this country illegally;
  • UNLESS you believe everything you hear on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, or read in the New York or LA Times;
  • UNLESS you believe that OPRAH & OBAMA are the only people who understand & care about you; 
  • UNLESS you believe that America OWES you an education, a job, a house and "free" living for the rest of your life!
    So what does this mean? Literally? In the crudest of terms? Well, sorry to have to say this, but Our C-I-C has determined that if you are white, have worked hard and achieved a moderate amount of success, obeyed the rules and paid your taxes, he doesn't need you to get re-elected. He's not worried. Obama knows that if he can just get college students, Hollywood, union members and minority citizens to vote for him - he's a sure winner.
    And as for the budget....he really doesn't care about that either. What his mind set is now, is to use as much fear mongering and race baiting as he can in order to "loosen up" the purse strings of all his potential supporters. He's announced that he'll NEED a BILLION dollars in order to get re-elected. And so what if he doesn't use it all on the re-election campaign - he and Michelle need a tidy little nest egg to get them started on their lives after the Presidency.
    Dear President Obama - I may have been born at night, just not last night! I can see through you like looking through a pane of glass!      

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dear Readers,
    This updated attachment can't be forgotten or put aside. It has to be continuously passed between all "conscious" Americans every month from now until the next election.
    If this is not uppermost in our minds... the Press, George Soros and his "" minions, and our illicit President will win the next election.
    This must not happen if Our Country is to survive!
    PLEASE pass this around to everyone young and old, at work, in church, at school, at play!!
    Hang it on telephone poles and stuff it in mail boxes. Leave it on the bleachers at Little League games and on the book shelves in libraries.
   We have to get the word out and raise the alarm throughout our Nation!
    It's time to take our country back from the social democrats and the propagandists now ruining it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Angry Old Man

    A week ago I met a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while - and he asked me why I wasn't writing blog posts that often anymore?
    I told him that with driving "all those hours and all those miles" each week, I ended up being awfully tired come Friday - certainly too tired to deal with the failing performance of the second rate college lecturer we currently have sitting in the White House. (We chuckled at that one), but as I walked away I thought more about his question. Why hadn't I been writing? I certainly had a fertile enough field of subjects, given everything that President Obama has "foisted" upon us during his short & ignoble tenure.
    Gradually, I settled on this explanation for my inaction. I'm so angry and so disgusted at what is happening in this country that I'm beyond the point of just writing about some incident.
    Let me set up an easy example for you ..... 
    Liberals tell us that they're fair and open-minded, that they're willing to listen to any idea. All of the major news networks extol the virtues of their own networks as being all inclusive and fair. (And in this I include FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC and the other minor news broadcasters.) The mainstream press tells us that they report everything fairly. All Congressmen & Senators speak about their willingness to embrace by-partisanship. And our Chief Executive spends countless hours hosting dinners and award celebrations, weighing in on NFL litigation, and happenings around the country centered on his support of Union efforts. 
    Here's the example .... What have you heard reported about our brave fighting men and women in Iraq or Afghanistan in the last few months? What backing and support have you heard coming from anywhere concerning the WINNING of THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM?  
    Unfortunately for our men and women fighting overseas, AND FOR THEIR FAMILIES here at home - the President and His Press Corps as well as the major networks have gotten what they wanted. They have managed to relegate the bloody battles and lives of our soldiers to the back pages. In other words, they've gotten us to forget about what we're fighting for. FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the absolute annihilation of our terrorist enemies. While tens of thousands of soldiers are sweating and bleeding in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere - Obama and his minions have gotten us to forget about the military altogether...unless of course we're cutting some more money out of the military budgets!  
     Obama and his ilk want you to care more about children eating too many McDonalds rather than our soldiers being killed by IED's, or picked off by Taliban snipers. They want you to care more about "the Motown sound" rather than about our soldiers sweating and bleeding in Afghanistan. They want you to care more about fat-cat Unionists being granted exemptions from Obama care, rather than than the thousands of U.S. soldiers who have to beg for proper healthcare and service pay. What ever happened to obliterating islamofascist scum in their sleep with a couple bunker busters?
    How do families with children fighting overseas sleep at night knowing that this "Manchurian president" couldn't give a rats ass if they lived or died? This is the same schmuck who didn't care enough to cover his heart at the playing of Our National Anthem. Who until recently eschewed the wearing of an American Flag lapel pin. The same guy who STILL doesn't understand the reasoning behind why American Presidents and American Flags NEVER bow to foreign dignitaries!
    For all the support they're being given, our uniformed fighting men and women, have to realize that they're being hung out to dry by a Commander in Chief who really holds them in distain. Every last one of these brave souls deserves better! And every one of them PLUS their immediate and extended families, should come back to the United States and immediately start fighting against this failed President and any politician who supports even one item on his agenda!
    If the Unionists can demonstrate and hold a state capital building hostage for 8 days - maybe it's time for us "average citizens" on the Right to demonstrate in order to get elected officials to do what we elected them to do!
Dum Spiro Spero
    sic semper tyrannis!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Couple of short thoughts....regarding so many things!! (Orignally posted 7/6/2010)

  • Have you noticed that our illustrious PRESS hasn't even come close to "foaming at the mouth"  like they would have if a Republican was in office. 
  • BTW - a couple of months ago I promised to tell you all where I fell on the Nolan Chart survey of political beliefs. (I somewhat surprised myself on this one!) After answering the 10 questions my "star" positioning was on the outer edge of the green Libertarian quadrant - almost exactly between the uppermost point and the Conservative red line. I would have thought I'd have been more closely aligned with the conservative side of things, but there's no mistaking my Libertarian leanings!
  • I was listening to "The Wilcow Majority" on my Sirius radio while driving in Upstate New York last week, when host Andrew Wilcow said something that I couldn't let go of for a few days afterward! It was his description - his summary - of how the OBAMA regime is taking care of this country. What he said was this...."In Obama's America the needs of the recipients, outweigh the rights of the providers!"  He's damn right in my estimation - and unfortunately, come January of next year, when the first of the new taxations start to appear EVERYONE is going to see exactly what he means. He also ends each segment of his show by saying, "We are right - they are wrong - and that's all there is to it!" Tune in some time! 
  • It is my observation, that Obama has done more to inflame the hostility between the races than he's done to cool it!! It is my observation that Obama is purposely and knowingly fanning hostilities between Whites, Latinos & Blacks ... as well as doing the same between supporters of Israel and all Arabic and Muslim nations.  
  • In addition, his rabid SOCIALISM has almost become FASCISM as it relates to his drive to control multiple industries and companies. Banks, stock markets, insurance companies, housing, health insurance, energy... Jesus, what's next? Did you ever, ever in your craziest dreams envision a day when a sitting American president would take over the auto industry - and tell a company president he's fired????  And because of his actions, the UNIONS are now substantial stock holders in those auto companies!!! My God this is Through the Looking Glass stuff!!
  • When he took over the government on Inauguration Day he called for - and Reid & Pelosi rushed through Congress - his grab of $787 Billion of our tax dollars. It doesn't matter that all of it hasn't been utilized yet; it doesn't matter that he has not told us where all of it has gone. Now he wants another $70 - 80 BILLION more!
Pardon me here for a moment (put your fingers in your children's ears) .... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MARXIST PRESIDENT DOING WITH ALL OUR MONEY????
  • And please tell me if I'm wrong... one of Obama's greatest skills, is his ability to "flit" from one issue to another. Resting only long enough on each issue to maximize how much "his touch" turns the whole thing to SHIT! And then (great Obama descriptor coming up) "blithely" flitting on!!! Last week - BP and the oil spill that he was going to vanquish! This week nothing on oil, but he's off making a speech supporting Illegal Immigrants in Arizona about how he was going to fight for their rights!!!  What a schmuck! Never mind that he refused help from 14 nations re: cleaning up the oil slick! Never mind that Bobby Jindal is still waiting for Obama - bucks! Never mind that he STILL HASN'T TEMPORARILY LIFTED THE JONES ACT - to allow foreign vessels to assist in the cleanup. Now he's off to garner the votes from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by slamming the Governor of Arizona! Who wouldn't have had to sign a new law into effect - it the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT had enforced the CURRENT FEDERAL LAW and protected our southern border!!!!!! 
I'm appalled when I think of all the things this untenured college instructor has changed about our country since he's taken over. I worry that we'll never be able to undue the damage he's done! I listen daily to him and Pelosi and Reid and Shumer, going on and on about what-all they still need to accomplish! FOR WHAT???? Aren't you satisfied with how much you've ruined the country all ready? 
  • If there's one thing WORSE than everything that Obama has done since swearing to ..."preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" to the best of his ability, it is the absolute ineptitude the Republicans have shown in fighting against Obama's plans and actions!!!! I swear to Jesus there is not a set of balls, nor is there a strategic brain between any of the Republicans in Congress! Obama's greatest asset in his bid to get re-elected in 2012, is the inability for the Republicans to uncover any sort of a viable, fire breathing, conservative to challenge this weaker-than-Carter college instructor! And would someone please grab a hold of RNC Chairman Steele and put a muzzle on him!
I have a headache.......Where's my gin and tonic?
Dum Spiro Spero!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!

Are You Still Mad?

Are You Still Mad?
          Are you still mad….or have you forgotten all of the ways this Administration has screwed up your lives? I'm still mad as hell! And I want to keep that fire growing!!
I'm not only mad at the liberal, progressive, subversive democrat/socialists that make up the group that run this country (these are who I truly despise) ….. I'm just as mad – perhaps more so – with any left-leaning, middle-of-the-road "RINO" currently in office or looking for my vote! People like John McCain, whom I'm convinced is a fine person – but is someone who would have governed this country by trying to appease Democrats and adopt their "can't we all just get along" policies. Horseshit to that!
Before I get too far along in this piece let me make one thing perfectly clear …..  Barack Hussein Obama is a lying sack of shit.
This is my personal opinion after watching and listening to him during his reign as our Tsar, oops sorry, President.
What is perhaps worse than lying to the American people before and during his tenure, is Obama's absolute failure to listen  to a majority of his citizens regarding the most pressing policy issues… namely jobs and taxation, socialized medicine, illegal immigration, and the unchecked growth of big government.  "Tone deaf" is too weak a term to describe his actions; "Stone deaf" is probably a better description.  
For me, his "deafness" further illustrates that Obama had a "road map" completely defined before entering the White House. It detailed how he would drive this country into a social democracy during his first term in office. I believe that - if anything - Obama has been shocked that he's been able to be so successful, so quickly. And this has only solidified his resolve, added to his arrogance, and sped up his timetable toward socialization.  And I believe that his plan had been forming well before he decided to run for the Presidency. As calculating as we all believe Hillary is, this guy makes Hillary look like a babe-in-the-woods.
One of his first lies to America came in November of 2004, the day after being elected to the Illinois Senate, when he said he wouldn't be comfortable running on a national ticket unless he had the experience to support such a bid. (There's a tape of this on YouTube you can look at if you're interested.) Only a short time later he must've obviously felt "experienced enough" to run against Hillary Clinton – because he did! Clearly, Mr. Obama was lying then, because he hadn't been in the state senate long enough to find his way to the men's room let alone gain any useful experience!
And then there's the "whopper" he told in order to get everyone to sign off on his "Stimulus Bill!" You remember when he "guaranteed" that if you would just give him just a measly little $787 BILLION unemployment wouldn't go above 8%!!  Remember that?  Ironically, almost immediately after getting what he wanted, unemployment hit 9 and then 10%! After damn near a year spending our money on his failed stimulus, the Obama media is lauding, LAUDING mind you, that unemployment has come all the way down to 9.5%!!  And even socialist driven 60 Minutes  this past Sunday had to report that underemployment had risen to 15.5%!!  But Obama's no fool ….. he doesn't care, he just went back and asked for another $50 BILLION because he wants to stimulate the economy some more!!!  "Dear Mr. Obama….did you know that just a little under 1 out of five Californians are out of work? How about 1 out of every four Nevadans Great job on that stimulus … dumbass".   
Obama keeps having this problem with telling the truth. Remember when he said in a press conference, "the last thing this President wants to do is to run a car company." BINGO! Less than a week later he fired the President of Chrysler and now we have OBAMA MOTORS! LIAR!!!
Obama even lies about his past and the Press never reports on it or hunts down the truth. Obama said he was a Professor of Law at Harvard. Oops sorry Bar, you were a senior lecturer - On Leave. He's also been quoted as saying he was a Constitutional Lawyer at Harvard. Sorry again Barry, senior lecturer On Leave was the highest position you got!
Obama PROMISED that there would be no lobbyists in HIS White House! Oops!!! 17 lobbyist were in there doing business during the first two weeks!!
Obama PROMISED the American people "an Economic Recovery Plan that is free from earmarks and pet-projects!" The Economic Recovery Plan had T H O U S A N D S of earmarks in it! (Just a little more than 8000, to be exact.) And even though the Fawning Mainstream Press didn't cover it too well, Obama was caught on air having to defend it! Way to go Prez.
I guess what I'm fighting with inside me, is my total disbelief at what an embarrassment this guy actually is. Do you remember how all the libs used to make fun of George W. Bush & Sarah Palin? They still do. They LOVE to ridicule Sarah Palin for not having any experience. They still become giddy when they talk about everything this president is going to accomplish while in office. Well, to say he's been an embarrassment to this point, is being too diplomatic. This was the President that was going to have the rest of the world "loving" America again. What a crock!! Now, because of him, the people laughing at us the hardest are those that he's bowed to, and those who's rings he's kissed! The rest of the world is just sitting there as speechless as the rest of us, disbelieving just how weak and ineffective he is! As far as accomplishments ..... how do you gauge backward accomplishments?  
(And here's the "funny joke" that all libs would like us to laugh at … Sarah Palin is so inexperienced, so dumb, she was only the Governor of Alaska. (Alaskan Governor, that's like dog catcher in San Francisco or New York right?) She's such a dope – HAHAHA! - so sttuuuppiiidddd that she brokered a deal where EVERY ALASKAN CITIZEN NOW GETS AN ANNUAL $$$$KICKBACK$$$$ for having oil piped across the Alaskan wilderness! How stupid can you get? Sticks in your craw doesn't it liberals???)  
What the liberal progressives have gotten us by their election of Barack Obama, is a second-rate college lecturer, who surrounded himself in the White House with other academics. He made them his Cabinet officials, and his "Tsars." Not one of his cabinet members ever, E-VER, ran a company or created a job! Not one – not EVER! (Pause for effect) He even had an avowed Communist in his administration – Van Jones. (One that he was smart enough to get rid of pretty quickly once it came to light). But geez, what kind of bizarre thought process goes into bringing an avowed Communist into the American executive branch of government??? And they said Sarah Palin was a joke????
               Holy Crap! Right now I'd take a pocket full of Sarah Palin's stupid pipeline "moo-laa" instead of the taxes that are coming down from Obama this coming January!!!
               Wouldn't you? VOTE for a Stupid Republican on Tuesday!!!!
Sic Semper Tyrannis!