Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fastest way to have an aneurism - the Republican Primaries

    I've been trying to keep my head from exploding during the last 9 months. The only thing harder than watching the republicans try to pick their nominee, has been listening to all of the "wanna be" candidates and pundits telling me why this guy is better, or that guy isn't!! I don't know if it's a fruitless endeavor .... but man has it been painful.  Through this point in early April it looks as though all the "anti-Romney" candidates have been given their 15 minutes, and "that guy named Mitt" still leads the pack.  (Oyy!) 
    Mitt wasn't my first choice. Or my second. I still believe that Newt is the smartest politician in the group. Wait ... Newt is the smartest politician in both parties - but it turns out he's got so many enemies, I think he's unelectable! (The serial philandering didn't help!) Hell, the morning I heard Peter King come out on national radio and state unequivocally that he couldn't support a Newt nomination - I knew Newt was neutered!
    Moving on... I always believed Santorum was legitimately the most conservative of the top three republican candidates - Still do. But man, Rick has stepped in it a few times! And there seems to be almost as many anti-Santorum folks out there, as there are anti-Gingrich folks! But where people just don't like Gingrich - people really seem to hate Rick Santorum. Can't figure this one out, and no one can tell me why they think he's so skeevy.  
    That leaves us with Mitt...... no, wait... let me spend a few seconds on Ron Paul. (thousand one, a thousand two, a thousand three) OK, that's enough. I'm sure Dr. Paul is a good doctor and I think he's a reasonable politician - sort of. I think he should be considered for a position in the cabinet of the next president - probably someone to oversee the Federal Reserve or the Treasury. But the United States can't afford a candidate for president with the foreign policy positions that this guy has. It's just too dangerous to unleash a "Dr. Seuss" foreign policy on the world right now! (But that's just my opinion). 
    Now we come to Mitt. One "t" or two, I don't know. What I do know after the last 9 months is this ..... For Mitt Romney to have been running for the Presidency of the United States for nearly 6 years - SIX YEARS - and have spent all this personal money, and still be such a shitty campaigner, my head aches when I watch this guy!!! It's like watching a wax museum statue come to life!
Don't get me wrong, Mitt Romney on his WORST day will be 10X the President Barack Hussein Obama has ever been!! I can state that unequivocally. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph.... watching this guy try to loosen up is painful!
    Watching Mitt Romney relate to "the common man," is as impossible as watching Barack Obama open his mouth without lying!!! It just ain't gonna happen in this lifetime!!! And, and... as a tiny little needle-to-stick-into-your-brain-every-time-you-look-at-this-guy-as-your-candidate ... you all have to know, that when Mitt Romney ran against Teddy Kennedy (Yuck! I gotta go wash), ROMNEY RAN TO THE LEFT OF KENNEDY! See why my heads about to explode? How can this same guy, now be the guy who conservatives like me are going to support for the party nomination?????? How can this guy now be the choice of people who want to see the socialist scum thrown out of the White House and the Congress?????? I may have to start seeing a shrink!!!!
    How have we come to this????
    For a while I was making the gremlins go away by hoping that Mitt would get really smart and select Marco Rubio (Gov. Florida) as his running mate. But last week Marco said he wouldn't consider joining the ticket. And for me the thought of either the fat Bruce Springsteen lover from New Joisey, or another "Bushy" as V.P. is giving me nightmares!! Can't you just see Chris Christy sucking down a roasted goose with the grease running down his arms and chins as he gavels the Senate to order??    
    See, this is why I'm going crazy.....


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