Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Couple of short thoughts....regarding so many things!! (Orignally posted 7/6/2010)

  • Have you noticed that our illustrious PRESS hasn't even come close to "foaming at the mouth"  like they would have if a Republican was in office. 
  • BTW - a couple of months ago I promised to tell you all where I fell on the Nolan Chart survey of political beliefs. (I somewhat surprised myself on this one!) After answering the 10 questions my "star" positioning was on the outer edge of the green Libertarian quadrant - almost exactly between the uppermost point and the Conservative red line. I would have thought I'd have been more closely aligned with the conservative side of things, but there's no mistaking my Libertarian leanings!
  • I was listening to "The Wilcow Majority" on my Sirius radio while driving in Upstate New York last week, when host Andrew Wilcow said something that I couldn't let go of for a few days afterward! It was his description - his summary - of how the OBAMA regime is taking care of this country. What he said was this...."In Obama's America the needs of the recipients, outweigh the rights of the providers!"  He's damn right in my estimation - and unfortunately, come January of next year, when the first of the new taxations start to appear EVERYONE is going to see exactly what he means. He also ends each segment of his show by saying, "We are right - they are wrong - and that's all there is to it!" Tune in some time! 
  • It is my observation, that Obama has done more to inflame the hostility between the races than he's done to cool it!! It is my observation that Obama is purposely and knowingly fanning hostilities between Whites, Latinos & Blacks ... as well as doing the same between supporters of Israel and all Arabic and Muslim nations.  
  • In addition, his rabid SOCIALISM has almost become FASCISM as it relates to his drive to control multiple industries and companies. Banks, stock markets, insurance companies, housing, health insurance, energy... Jesus, what's next? Did you ever, ever in your craziest dreams envision a day when a sitting American president would take over the auto industry - and tell a company president he's fired????  And because of his actions, the UNIONS are now substantial stock holders in those auto companies!!! My God this is Through the Looking Glass stuff!!
  • When he took over the government on Inauguration Day he called for - and Reid & Pelosi rushed through Congress - his grab of $787 Billion of our tax dollars. It doesn't matter that all of it hasn't been utilized yet; it doesn't matter that he has not told us where all of it has gone. Now he wants another $70 - 80 BILLION more!
Pardon me here for a moment (put your fingers in your children's ears) .... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MARXIST PRESIDENT DOING WITH ALL OUR MONEY????
  • And please tell me if I'm wrong... one of Obama's greatest skills, is his ability to "flit" from one issue to another. Resting only long enough on each issue to maximize how much "his touch" turns the whole thing to SHIT! And then (great Obama descriptor coming up) "blithely" flitting on!!! Last week - BP and the oil spill that he was going to vanquish! This week nothing on oil, but he's off making a speech supporting Illegal Immigrants in Arizona about how he was going to fight for their rights!!!  What a schmuck! Never mind that he refused help from 14 nations re: cleaning up the oil slick! Never mind that Bobby Jindal is still waiting for Obama - bucks! Never mind that he STILL HASN'T TEMPORARILY LIFTED THE JONES ACT - to allow foreign vessels to assist in the cleanup. Now he's off to garner the votes from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by slamming the Governor of Arizona! Who wouldn't have had to sign a new law into effect - it the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT had enforced the CURRENT FEDERAL LAW and protected our southern border!!!!!! 
I'm appalled when I think of all the things this untenured college instructor has changed about our country since he's taken over. I worry that we'll never be able to undue the damage he's done! I listen daily to him and Pelosi and Reid and Shumer, going on and on about what-all they still need to accomplish! FOR WHAT???? Aren't you satisfied with how much you've ruined the country all ready? 
  • If there's one thing WORSE than everything that Obama has done since swearing to ..."preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" to the best of his ability, it is the absolute ineptitude the Republicans have shown in fighting against Obama's plans and actions!!!! I swear to Jesus there is not a set of balls, nor is there a strategic brain between any of the Republicans in Congress! Obama's greatest asset in his bid to get re-elected in 2012, is the inability for the Republicans to uncover any sort of a viable, fire breathing, conservative to challenge this weaker-than-Carter college instructor! And would someone please grab a hold of RNC Chairman Steele and put a muzzle on him!
I have a headache.......Where's my gin and tonic?
Dum Spiro Spero!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!


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