Sunday, June 17, 2012

What They Owe

    (As I begin to write this piece, I wonder how long it will take before some of my liberal friends write back saying it wasn't Obama's fault! I'll let you know.)
    Most everyone knows by this time that my daughter Kara recently had 3 beautiful babies! Yup...triplets! That means I'm a grandfather of three little critters, and that my father-in-law is a great grandfather! To me that's truly amazing. Already one of my favorite pictures is of the newborn Cooper triplets, my daughter, her mother, and great-grandpa Richard all seated on our sofa smiling!!! Really a wonderful picture.
    While listening to the radio the other day I had to pull off the road to make sure I heard correctly....... (now, don't get me wrong, I know and believe that there is no country better for my grandchildren to have been born into than The United States of America. Not Europe, not South America or Africa, not Asia, not Australia nor either of the Poles. Not my parents' homeland of Sweden, or Susan's homeland of China, or ANY other country around the globe. It's just a fact - there are more blessings and freedoms bestowed upon a newborn SIMPLY by being born within our borders than anywhere else on the planet! And for that I am truly grateful to God that I and my grandchildren are American!)
   But what made me drive off the road, what made me cringe, was this ... my newborn grandbabies, who just turned 4 months old last Sunday, each have a price on their heads! Each of them owes $50,000 to the American government if it was paid immediately. By the time they grow to attend school it will be much more. By the time they leave school  I can't begin to imagine what they will owe the government - and that doesn't include any annual income tax they may have levied against them in the meantime!  
   There's something indecent about 3 small newborn children not yet able to control his or her bowels, but still managing to spend $150,000!! And this amount doesn't have anything to do with the childbirth or the hospital bills - those bills haven't arrived in the mail yet! But these little "crapper magicians" have already spent more in 4 months, than I ever made in my best salary year!!!   
    How is this possible you may ask? Well in fact it's not only my grandchildren that "owe" our government this much, it's each of us American's. All 330,000,000 plus American citizens. Each of us owes over $50,000 of the American National Debt.  Which currently is more than $15.7 trillion dollars. Here, look at this..... $ 15,700,000,000,000.00. That's $15.7 trillion bucks. 15 followed by 12 zero's. Even an ignoramus like me can figure out that's an AWFUL, AWFUL lot of debt!
   Where did it come from? Well, contrary to what I'd like to tell you, Barrack Hussein & Michelle Obama DIDN'T spend all of it! 
    Between 1789 and the end of 2008 the combined National Debt for our country was $6.3 trillion dollars. That's what debt our country had accumulated in 219 years. Money spent, that "WE" as a people owed to other countries or institutions that backed our spending since we became a nation. Over 6,000,000,000,000 dollars. 

    The truly remarkable part about this little economic lesson, is that in less than 4 years as our President, Barrack Hussein Obama has outspent everyone who came before him in our country's 219 year history COMBINED!  The Obama SPENDING machine currently exceeds $6.5 trillion dollars!! Consequently, you, me, your children, my children and grandchildren, your parents, each and every American "owes" $50,000 of that National Debt. Maybe I should say "owns" instead of "owes." But it amounts to the same thing. Our country, our home is SINKING under the weight of out-of-control SPENDING. 
    If this were our home, our house, we'd just say, "OK no more spending unless we have the cash in our pocket." And maybe we'd throw in a DAMMIT! 
  But CONGRESS and The PRESIDENT think this is "their" house, their sandbox! Regardless of what all the economic indicators - and common sense I might add - are telling them, they just keep on spending. And unfortunately, you only have to tune into the nightly news to hear Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Obamma and Kruggman telling you that "it's those damn Republicans that won't let us spend any more money to get more teachers and policemen! They keep blocking us!"  I just have one question ... how much more do you want to spend Barrack? Hells bells, how much more CAN you spend?? 
    The bottom line is this folks ... my four month old grandchildren have as much right to a "sound" financial future as I can afford them. Their future shouldn't be jeopardized by criminally indecent profligate spending by a President who has PROVEN to not only lack a grasp of economics, but lacks also any will to STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY!!!! 
  Throw him and his minions out in November!



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